My Hockey Alpha chapter 235 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 235

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 235: Return Together


Enzo and I had to return to the werewolf realm only minutes after we buried

his father.

We didn’t have time to rest or regroup, or to even gather fresh supplies. No

matter how badly I just wanted to lie down in my bed for hours or take a hot

shower to ease the soreness in my muscles, I knew that we needed to leave

as soon as possible. There was a possibility that Selena and the witch were

already hot on our trails, as we had spent so much time that morning taking

care of Richard’s funeral. I didn’t know how long Luke’s hex would last; it could

have been wearing off at that exact moment, for all I knew — which meant

that Selena could easily open a portal at any second and kill all of us.

Except for me, of course. She couldn’t kill me, and she knew that; but she

would make sure to make me suffer.

There was no way to stop Selena if we didn’t act quickly. Already, I imagined

that she was probably fuming, and would likely find a way to get her revenge if

we didn’t hurry. But my friends were exhausted, and I didn’t want to put them

in any more danger than they already had been that night.

“We can go with you,” Matt said, stepping forward from the rest of the group

despite the fact that he looked just as battered and exhausted as everyone

else. “I will go, at least.”

Enzo shook his head.

“You guys need to stay here and protect the town,” Enzo said firmly. Even

amidst his grief, he was the perfect picture of a strong and powerful Alpha. I

thought back to the way that he was at the beginning of the semester, and

how different he had been. All of us had been so different then… But was it for

better or for worse? Did everything that we experienced bring us together and

cause us to mature, or did it only hollow out our insides and make us cold and

pessimistic? At this point, I couldn’t even tell. I felt too numb in preparation for

my upcoming fight with Selena to feel anything. It was like I was an outsider

watching myself from far away. Just a puppet being yanked around by the

strings of fate.

Matt frowned and furrowed his brow. “You expect us to just let you two go

alone? Selena is crazy!”

“We’re going with you,” Lori said firmly. When I looked at her, she was

swaying slightly in her spot from obvious exhaustion, but her eyes burned

brightly despite of it. Then, Jessica chimed in as well, her voice high and shaky. “We won’t let you


“As your Alpha, I command it,” Enzo suddenly interrupted. His voice was even

more stern now, and it boomed across the forest clearing. Even the morning

birds that sang around us went silent for a few moments. But then he softened

a bit, and I felt his shoulders slump slightly beside me. He looked at Matt then

and addressed him firmly. “You’re my Beta. I need you here, protecting the

rest of our pack.”

Finally, after some consideration, Matt nodded and stuck his hands in his

pockets. Meanwhile, Lori and Jessica stood off to the side and stared at us

with a combination of shock and sadness. I could tell that they knew that Enzo

and I had to go, but at the same time they wanted us to stay here.

I wondered if I would see my friends again, or if this would be the last time I

would ever see them. I didn’t even know if I should tell them that there was a

chance that I wouldn’t come back… Maybe it was best, I thought to myself, if

I let them go on thinking that I would return at some point. Maybe if I said a

real goodbye now, it would only make it all too real for me.

I decided to keep my fate to myself — although whether it was for my friends’

sake or my own sake was a mystery to me.

“What do you want us to do while you’re gone?” Luke asked, always the stoic

one. His face was drawn; being an undead meant that he didn’t need much

sleep or rest, but it didn’t mean that the entire experience didn’t make him

utterly exhausted. And yet, even in his exhaustion, he still needed some sort of

order to keep himself busy.

Enzo looked down at me. I swallowed. My throat felt cracked and dry from

the scream that escaped my lips earlier — the strange scream that created a

shockwave that was strong enough to throw both Selena and the witch several

yards away from us. I still didn’t know what that was, or where it came from. It just felt instinctual, like I always knew I could do it somehow. It made me

wonder how many other powers I had, just lying dormant inside of me.

“The antidote,” I said suddenly. “I… I wrote down the recipe. It’s on the

computer in the infirmary. You guys need to make more.”

My friends’ brows furrowed almost in unison. I realized that what I said set off

some red flags; it implied that I wouldn’t be returning anytime soon, if ever. But

none of them said anything, except for Jessica, who nodded and spoke up.

“We’ll take care of it, Nina,” she said quietly.

I managed a weak smile. So did Jessica. Beside her, Lori only stared at me

with that same knowing, solemn stare that she had always been good at.

Suddenly, Matt walked forward. He stopped in front of Enzo and myself and

stared at us both for a few moments before finally reaching out and punching

Enzo’s shoulder with a crooked, cheeky grin.

“See you guys soon,” he said. “Real soon.”

There was something in his eyes, though, when he looked at me, that

indicated that he didn’t fully believe that he would see us soon. However, he

didn’t say anything else. Enzo merely nodded in response, then looked down

at fast update

It was time.

I turned, taking a deep breath, and held my hand out.

The portal opened much faster this time; I had gotten better at it. I didn’t even

need to do the full motion, almost as though the portal was just waiting for me,

as though I could have simply opened it with my mind. I wondered if the portal

would take us directly back into Selena and the witch’s grasp, or if it would

take us somewhere else. I couldn’t decide which outcome I would have

preferred; both would end in the same way. Selena and I would likely kill each other. It didn’t matter where or when it happened. As the swirling, purple

vortex spun in front of us, I took one last look at my friends.

But through the tears in my eyes, I couldn’t see any of them anyway. They

were nothing but a group of shapeless blobs. I swore I heard a sob escape

Jessica’s throat, but I couldn’t be certain whether it was hers or my own.

Enzo’s hand slipped into mine. Together, we stepped into the portal

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