My Hockey Alpha chapter 215 by Werewolf

Chapter 215: Unfinished Business


When I saw Selena grab Enzo and pull him out of the locker rooms, I instantly knew that she had brainwashed him again; and she was going to take him away to the werewolf realm once more.

I couldn’t lose Enzo again, so even though I knew that Selena could easily kill me now if she wanted to, especially without my wolf here to lend me some power, I decided to go after them.

I kept a bit of a distance as they made their way across the athletic field, not wanting Selena to see me. And as I followed, I prayed that Luke had managed to put his hex on Selena already so she wouldn’t be able to open a portal again. But seeing as how suddenly they were leaving, only a few hours after I had last seen Luke, I wasn’t sure if he had put the hex on her yet.

Eventually they entered into the forest. I paused before I entered behind them, biting my lip for a moment as I considered my options. I decided then to circle around, so I gave myself a wide berth around them and quietly snuck Into the dark and cold forest.

As I walked, I kept them within earshot. I could hear Selena talking angrily,

followed by the occasional word or two from Enzo. However, I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying – but I could only imagine that she was fuming and berating him, seeing as how she clearly noticed that her spell on him had been broken earlier.

While I followed, I decided to slip out my phone and send a quick text to the pack. If things went poorly, I would need the help of my friends to overpower Selena. I was no match for her, and neither was Enzo in his current state. For all I knew, she fully had him back in her grasp once more and would make him fight against mé

like he was her pawn in some sick game of chess. For all I knew, she knew that I

was following them right now and was

already planning something.

“Everyone, come to the forest behind the hockey arena RIGHT NOW,” my text read. “Found Selena and Enzo. I think she’s trying to leave with him again. HURRY and follow the jogging trail in the woods.”

I hit send once I was done frantically typing and immediately slipped my phone back into my pocket, not wanting to waste any more time waiting for a response. I needed to be fully focused on keeping Selena and Enzo close so I could stop them before it was too late.

Finally, Selena and Enzo seemed to stop. I could see them up ahead in a small clearing, so I ducked down even lower behind the trees and stuck to the shadows as I circled around to get behind Selena, where she wouldn’t be able to see me. Although I wondered if I should make myself known to Enzo to help him come out of the fog that Selena put him in, I still wasn’t sure if he would point me out to her and reveal my position, so I decided to stay fully hidden from both of them.

“We’re going home, Enzo,” Selena said with her hands on her hips. “You’ve been very bad. We can’t come here anymore. And it’s such a shame, too, because I was having a bit of fun.”

Enzo looked confused, and kept blinking rapidly as though he was

trying to wrap his head around it. ” What are you talking about?” he asked. “What did I do?”

Selena scoffed. I decided to take this opportunity while they were talking to move forward a little and slowly close in on them; I wasn’t sure if Enzo saw me while I quickly darted forward to the next tree closer to the clearing, but he didn’t say anything. “Selena,” he said, sounding somewhat panicked now after a long silence,” what’s going on? Who’s Nina?”

My eyes widened. So he did remember me, at least a little bit; at the very least, He remembered my name and that I existed. He didn’t sound trusting of Selena, either. I wondered as I watched the puzzled look on his face from afar and the way that his eyes kept quickly shifting over to where I stood if he did see me, and if it was helping him to keep control of his own mind.

“Don’t you dare say her name!” Selena snarled. “If you don’t stop thinking about her, I’ll… I’ll kill her!”

Enzo’s eyes went wide with what looked like confusion. My own eyes went wide with fear. I didn’t know if I truly believed that Selena had the capacity within her to kill anyone, but she had proven time and time again that she would go to any lengths to keep me out of the picture.

Selena sounded like she was crying, which caused Enzo to stare at her intensely. I decided to move forward again, and now I was right on the edge of the clearing. In just a few seconds, if I ran fast enough, I thought that I could tackle her.

Suddenly, as I moved, Enzo’s eyes snapped up again and widened a little more. I knew he saw me now. I froze, expecting him to tell Selena I was here, but he didn’t; in fact, he seemed to flash with recognition as he saw me, and his face became serious..

“Fuck,” Selena growled. “I’ll say it again: forget her.”

Enzo began to blink rapidly again. His eyes took on that same foggy appearance as before. “What’s going on?” he asked, sounding confused. I cursed under my breath and bit my lip, slipping back behind the tree and out of sight. Selena’s magic was too powerful; there was no way he could get a full grasp on his mind when she was standing in front of him.

“Oh, nothing,” Selena replied in a sing- song voice that made me want to retch.

“I just want to go home now.”

Then, as if Selena was satisfied with her work, she turned to the side and reached out with two fingers. She moved her fingers in a circular motion as she tried to open a portal, but nothing happened.

I almost jumped for joy. As it turned out, Luke had in fact managed to put a hex on her; but there was still no knowing as to how long that hex would last. He only mentioned that it would work for a short time, which meant that there was a possibility she could open a portal any minute. Not only that, but my friends weren’t here yet. I quickly slipped out my phone and let out a tiny sigh of relief to see that they were on their way, but I still needed to buy some time.

“What the…” Selena murmured, shaking out her hand and trying again. And yet, once again, nothing happened. Selena’s face turned a vibrant shade of angry red. She cursed under her breath and tried once more, but for a third time, the portal wouldn’t open.

As I watched her try and try again, I still wasn’t sure what to do. Enzo seemed completely dazed by her at this point, and I was worried that he would attack me at her orders if I ran out and confronted her. I also had no way of knowing what sort of magic or other abilities she would use on me; for all I knew, she could even shift and kill me in her wolf form, or maybe she had a weapon.

But when I saw the sparks of a portal finally begin to flicker on the tips of her fingers as the hex began to wear off, I knew that I needed to stop her.

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