My Hockey Alpha chapter 160 by Werewolf

wonopter fou Rogow Aller

#Chapter 160: Rogue Killer


The last thing I saw before the portal closed entirely was the image of Selena grabbing my father from behind and holding a knife to his throat. Her eyes, red with fury, were burned into my psyche. I lunged forward in a desperate attempt to somehow reach back through and pull my father to safety, but it was too late; the portal was already closed.

I was alone.

It took a few minutes to realize where I was exactly, but I finally came to the realization that I was just outside of town, just a few feet away from the road.

The road, which normally had at least two or three cars on it at any given time despite how quiet the town of Mountainview normally was, was now dead silent. The eeriness of it all made me shudder, but I had to push forward. If I didn’t save the town and save Nina, my dad putting himself in danger for me would be entirely in vain.

As I walked toward the town, I kept mulling over Selena’s actions in my mind. I was certain that she wouldn’t go so far as to kill anyone, especially not my father. Sure, she would threaten him or throw a tantrum, but killing the Alpha of the Fullmoons wouldn’t put her in the best position with her own father, and besides – I didn’t think that she really had the capacity to kill anyone, anyway. If she did, she would have just killed Nina before rather than going through all of the trouble of setting up a strange little magical prison for Nina.

In my eyes, Selena was just a scared, spoiled little girl. Maybe I was wrong in thinking this, but telling myself that my father would be okay kept me going, and that was the most important thing.

Eventually, I came to the town. It was equally as lifeless as the road, with abandoned cars scattered throughout the streets. There was trash and debris everywhere from the mad dash of people trying to get away from the rogues. Thankfully, I didn’t see any bodies yet, which was a relief. My best guess was that the Crescents really only wanted to turn people into rogues to add more numbers to their army, not kill them. And thankfully, rogues could be cured thanks to Tiffany’s antidote.

Not only would saving the town ensure that my father’s consequences for helping me wouldn’t be in vain, but it would also ensure that Tiffany’s horrible death wouldn’t be in vain. By using the antidote to save the town, her legacy would live on… But first, I had to find Nina, and then the antidote.

Night was beginning to fall as I walked, which meant that rogues would be coming out of their hiding spots soon to roam around. I hoped that Nina was safely hidden away somewhere, but 1 couldn’t be sure. I couldn’t pick up her scent, either, so I was at a loss as to where she was.

Suddenly, as I was walking down the street, I saw someone ahead of me come out of a house with a shotgun in their hands. I quickly crouched behind a nearby car before they saw me, then peered around the side of the car and watched closely.

It was James.

He had a dark, grim expression on his face and seemed to be marching down the street with purpose, headed away from me. Maybe he knew something about where Nina was? But as I considered calling out to him, I remembered the letter that Nina and I found as well as his sickening presentation at the symposium, and it reminded me that I couldn’t be entirely trusting of him. For all I knew, there were silver bullets in that gun. At the very least, however, I could follow him to see where he was going.

I quietly followed at a distance, darting behind cars and trees and staying low, as the sky darkened above. James kept walking forward with purpose, clutching his shotgun confidently.

Suddenly, I saw the form of a rogue ahead of him. It was meandering along, not even noticing his presence at first.. James could have easily run and hid from the rogue and waited until it passed by, but he didn’t.

Without so much as a moment of hesitation, he raised his gun and shot at the rogue. He hit it right in the head, killing it instantly.

I guessed, then, that I was right. James was indiscriminately killing rogues on sight without any concern for the fact that these were innocent people who didn’t ask for any of this. It made my blood boil, and without giving it another thought, I quickly ran out from behind the car and sprinted up behind James.

He swung around, his eyes wide, but I managed to tackle him and knock the shotgun out of his hands before he could get his bearings. The gun went sliding across the pavement; James tried to reach for it, but I put my knee on his arm and pinned him down as I sat on top of him. I could feel my eyes glowing and my fangs protruding as I raised my fist to punch him. What was even worse was the fact that he didn’t even seem scared. He was grinning up at me, as though I was only proving a point to him. But then, suddenly, I felt hands on my arms and felt someone lifting me off of James as I growled and yelled obscenities.

“Enzo! Chill!” a familiar voice said.

I spun around, my eyes widening as I saw none other than Matt standing there. We stood there in disbelief for a moment before both letting out a sigh of relief and hugging tightly. Matt slapped my back heartily as he hugged me, then pulled away.

“I’m so glad we found you,” he said. ” We were really worried.”

I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see James being lifted off of the ground by the rest of the hockey team. He struggled, but without his gun, he was defenseless as they restrained him.

“You monsters are gonna get what you deserve,” he snarled, glaring up at me through his eyebrows as the team tied his hands behind his back.

“Where is Nina?” I asked, storming up to James as he struggled against the rest of my team who were, thankfully, all accounted for.

James only chuckled. “I shot that bitch

yesterday,” he said, causing my heart

to leap into my throat. “I doubt she

made it.”

“You… Shot Nina?” I growled, my chest heaving with anger. In a fit of rage, 1 pulled my fist back and punched James as hard as I could square in the nose. He was instantly knocked out, and I heard a crunch beneath my fist. When I pulled it away, there was blood pouring out of his now-broken nose, and I didn’t even care how bad it would hurt when he woke up.

No… Nina couldn’t be dead. I would

know if she was; our bond was too

strong. She was my true fated mate- I

was sure of that now – and I was

certain that my wolf would feel it if

something happened to her.

Suddenly, as the team stood in shock at what I just did to James, we heard the distinct sound of raucous howling coming from the direction of the campus the cabins, to be exact.

In that instant, I heard something else:

Nina’s voice, inside my head, calling

for help.

Matt and I didn’t need to speak to know what we had to do. “Take James back to the safehouse,” he said to the team. We’ll meet you there.”

Then, with a single nod to each other, Matt and I shifted and ran off into the night.

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