My Hockey Alpha chapter 140 by Werewolf

#Chapter 140: Run


As I ran across the field toward the line of trees, my heart pounded in my chest. Meanwhile, Enzo’s last words echoed in my head.

“Run as fast as you can, and come back here safely, Nina Harper.”

Those words repeated over and over again in my mind, willing my legs to push me faster, willing my heart to pump harder. The line of trees rapidly approached, and finally, I was out of the open without being seen. I could still hear the sounds of people screaming on campus, but it had died down considerably already, there was no doubt in my mind that most of the students, including my friends, had been turned into rogues.

I crashed through the trees, swiveling my head this way and that as I kept a lookout for rogues. As I ran, I felt my

wolf slowly begin to wake up, and I begged her to help me run faster Somehow, she delivered. I felt her power surge through me, pushing me faster and giving me the agility to leap over exposed roots, fallen trees, and large rocks. With fewer leaves on the trees now, I could already see some of the rooftops of the town coming into view.

Suddenly, I heard something. I turned my head toward the sound, and felt my heart leap into my chest as I saw a rogue barreling toward me through the trees. I cursed, pushing myself faster, and weaved around trees to slow the rogue down — but it was no use I was fast, but the rogue was faster and even more agile, and soon I could practically feel its breath on the back of my neck.

Was this really a suicide mission? Was I going to die out here?

Just then, something collided with the rogue’s side and sent it rolling across the forest floor with a yelp. I took in a sharp breath and looked over my shoulder, still running, to see a big, black wolf attacking the rogue. When it looked up at me and I saw its eyes, I immediately recognized it as Matt. But I didn’t have time to stay back and thank him, I had to get to town, and I was almost there. As I pushed myself harder, I heard him scuffle with the rogue a yowl echoed through the forest then… Silence. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was Matt or the rogue who went silent, but judging from the fact that the rogue was no longer coming after me, I was fairly certain that Matt was victorious.

Finally, I made it to town. The streets were empty when I arrived; tables, chairs, and trash cans were strewn about, and the road was covered with the black marks of tire treads from people screeching away in their cars. I cursed to myself, looking around wildly, and stepped out into the street to cross to the cafe where Tiffany said she would be that day, when I suddenly heard the sound of more screeching tires headed straight for me. I jerked my head up before shrieking and stumbling backwards as a pink Jeep came barreling down the street.

The Jeep came to a screeching halt, and the window rolled down. Inside, Tiffany sat in the drivers’ seat. I felt a wave of relief wash over me.

“Get in!” she yelled. I nodded and ran over to the car, jumping in. She hit the gas and started to drive away, but then I saw Matt running toward us, waving his arms, and I yelled out for her to stop. She hit the brakes — Matt got in

and then we took off again.

“Where is everyone?” she asked frantically as she sped down the road.

Dack 10 campus. Matt paned neavily ш the back seat, and when I turned around, he had blood down the front of his shirt. It wasn’t his blood, though. It was the rogue’s.

“They’re in the hockey arena,” I said. “ We managed to get a couple dozen students in.”

Tiffany nodded solemnly. “Good. Is anyone hurt?”

“I’m not sure,” I replied. “One student turned into a rogue right after we let him in. They’re shifting just minutes after being bitten. Enzo and I managed to lock him in the supply closet, but–”

“Don’t worry,” Tiffany interrupted. We all lurched to the right as she took a sharp left turn. “I’ve been working on something. Hold on.”

We came around the final bend in the road that led to the campus. Before I could ask what she meant when she said she’d been working on something. Tiffany pushed down all the way on the gas pedal and sent us barreling across the athletic field in a cloud of dust and clods of dirt and grass. As we drove, I looked out the window and saw dozens of rogues lifting their heads and running toward the car A few of them threw their heads back and howled, which made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, but the car was thankfully too fast for them to keep up.

“Where’s the rest of the team?” I asked


“They scattered,” he said, still panting. “Several of them went to see who they could find and get into the dorms, but the others. I don’t know. They got scared.”

“Thank you for saving me,” I said “I would’ve died.”

Matt didn’t answer, I knew that he was still processing the situation. To save me, he’d had to kill someone else. Someone who didn’t sign up for any of this.

“When I stop the car, you guys run in, okay?” Tiffany said as we approached the back of the hockey arena. “Matt, reach into the back there grab my medical bag.”

“Roger that,” Matt replied as he grabbed the bag.

Tiffany brought the Jeep to a screeching halt. Then, all at once, we flung the doors open and bolted for the arena. As though Enzo was standing there waiting for us the entire time, the door suddenly swung open and he ushered us in, slamming it shut behind us and sliding the deadbolt through Tiffany didn’t say a word — she only stormed off toward the supply closet, its doors rattling from the trapped

rogue clawing at it Matt shot Enzo a somber nod before running after her

I turned to look at Enzo. His face was drawn with relief, and without a word, he pulled me into a tight hug. I felt my adrenaline start to drain away, leaving me feeling empty and weak, and I relaxed into his arms.

“You did good,” he murmured, pressing his lips against my forehead and making me shiver. I was too exhausted to speak, but we didn’t have time; we had to help Tiffany. She was crouched on the floor by the supply closet and was rifling through her medical bag. Enzo and I pulled away. from each other, both of our faces red, and jogged over to her just as she finished filling a syringe with a strange, blue liquid.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s an antidote I haven’t come up with a name for it yet,” Tiffany said,

flicking the side of the syringe “The working title is Were-B-Gone, but that’s just silly Now… On the count of three, Matt and Nina, I want you to open the doors. Enzo, can you restrain the rogue?” Enzo nodded. “Good,” she continued. “I’m going to inject it with this, and it should cure it entirely.”

I was skeptical about this strange antidote, but I knew I just had to trust Tiffany Without a word, Matt and I got in our places on either side of the doors. Enzo readied himself to restrain the rogue, and then Tiffany began to count down

“Three Two One!”

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