My Hockey Alpha chapter 131 by Werewolf 

#Chapter 131: Part of the Team


We decided to go to the sports bar in town to celebrate Enzo’s victory. I walked along with the rest of the team, but trailed behind with Lori, Jessica, and Luke, who had also all decided to come. All we were missing in our friend group was James; if only I knew where he was and could trust that his intentions were good.

“I have to ask,” Jessica said quietly as we walked behind the rest of the group, Enzo?” “What’s going on with you and

I felt myself blush and I shrugged, not wanting to go into detail on the specifics of our relationship. How could I possibly explain that I was falling madly in love with a boy who was engaged to be wed to a mystery woman?

So, instead, I shook my head.”

Nothing’s going on,” I said. “We’re just friends, as always.”

Lori scoffed. “Yeah, sure,” she said in a mocking, but not unfriendly, tone of voice. “I see how you two look at each other.”

I only blushed harder. Lori and Jessica didn’t pry again.

When we arrived at the bar, it was dimly lit and packed to the brim. A local band was playing live music, and as the team walked in, some of the regulars who had watched the game on the TV pounced on them to congratulate them on their victory.

Once everyone settled down enough, we found a table in the corner and all squeezed in together. Some of the team mingled, but Enzo, Matt, Lori, Jessica, Luke, and I all stayed together.

“I’m buying us a round,” Enzo said, emanating an attractive amount of confidence as he gestured for the bartender to bring us a round. The team cheered, and I couldn’t help but smile. For once, it felt like we were just a bunch of college students celebrating a hockey victory. I decided, then and there, that I wouldn’t think about anything else tonight. Just for tonight, I would pretend that we were normal

college kids leading a normal, happy


The bartender brought us our beers. Enzo picked up his glass and held it up to make a toast.

“To our last game as a team,” he said. “For now, at least.”

As he said this, the table fell silent. I

realized that I hadn’t quite considered yet that he would be assigned a new team soon for the last game, which had to be composed of all werewolves. As I looked over at Matt’s face, as well as the others, I couldn’t help but feel sorry that they couldn’t play together. Enzo was an amazing hockey player and he was strong as a werewolf, but I couldn’t imagine him without his team. To me, they were like a package deal. I only wished that I could do something to help in some way.

Finally, Matt picked up his glass. Much to my surprise, he was looking at me.

“And,” he said, adding onto Enzo’s toast, “to Nina. For being the best team doctor anyone could ask for, and for always being here for us.”

I blushed. Enzo, smiling, instinctively put his arm around me, which only made me blush harder and stare down at the table in disbelief.

“To Nina,” he said.

“To Nina!” Lori, Jessica, and Luke chimed in.

I continued to blush down at the table, so Lori grabbed my hand and shoved my beer glass into it. I couldn’t help but laugh along with everyone else

after that, and I drank to the toast. As we drank, however, there was no denying the fact that Enzo’s arm was still around my shoulders… And it remained there for the rest of the night.

Soon, the drinks began to flow and the entire team was drunk. Maybe it was just the alcohol, but I began to flirt shamelessly with Enzo. I felt my hand press against his leg as we sat together, and he didn’t resist my touch. If anything, it made him move closer to me.

As the night went on, things between us intensified. We eventually got up and danced to the live music, our bodies pressed up against each other. We drank more and more, until we were both tipsy and giggly.

Without any warning, Enzo suddenly leaned in to kiss me in the crowd, his lips soft and warm against mine as we danced. I responded eagerly, my hands reaching up to tangle in his hair. We broke apart for air, grinning at each other in excitement.

“Let’s get out of here,” I said, my voice low and seductive. Maybe I wasn’t thinking straight — but I didn’t care.

Enzo nodded eagerly, and we stumbled out of the bar together, barely able to keep our hands off each other. We walked through the streets, laughing and joking, until we finally made it to my dorm.

Enzo walked me to my door, our arms wrapped around each other. We kissed again, longer and more fervently than before. Enzo was just about to say goodnight when I grabbed his hand, pulling him inside.

The apartment was dark and quiet, but the tension between us was palpable. We kissed again, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. For a moment, there was no arranged marriage. There

was no Edward, or James, or Richard.

There was no Ronan. For a moment, it was as if we had just met again. Enzo picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him, kissing and sucking on his neck as he carried me to my room.. Once we were inside, he laid me down on the bed and pressed his body against mine.

But then, he paused. He looked down at me, and I saw now that his red eyes were looking at me in such a way that I knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Is this a bad idea?” I asked, my quivering voice barely above a whisper.

Enzo slowly nodded his head, never breaking eye contact with me, but he didn’t move away from me.

“It is a bad idea,” he whispered, “but I don’t care.”

He stood and grabbed the hem of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head to reveal his chiseled abs and chest muscles. He then unbuttoned his pants in front of me, sliding them down as his erection strained against his underwear.

Seeing him like this, with the moonlight shining through the window as he stood in front of me looking like a god, instantly made my panties wet. I couldn’t resist him anymore and grabbed his hand, pulling him down to me. As our lips locked together and our tongues began exploring each other’s mouths, everything else fell away again. Maybe it really was the alcohol, but as his scent filled my senses, I knew I wouldn’t have been able to resist anyway.

Enzo slid his hand down my panties, but something came over me and I grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand away as I flipped him over onto his back. He looked up at me with a shocked expression on his face while I began kissing his neck and chest, slowly working my way down until I reached his groin. I tugged on his boxers and pulled them down to reveal his cock, which throbbed visibly in the moonlight.

I shot Enzo one last, lustful look before taking his cock in my hand and sliding it into my mouth. I heard him moan as I worked my tongue around it,

familiarizing myself with its shape and size until I felt comfortable enough to start moving my head up and down. His hand made its way up to the back of my head as I pleasured him, his fingers tangling in my hair in a way that made my body tingle. 3

I came up for air, and as I did, Enzo grabbed me by the waist and threw me down onto the bed, sliding my panties off with an unexpected urgency before positioning himself between my legs.

He paused. “Are you okay with this?” he whispered, leaning close to me and kissing my ear. I nodded, too enchanted by his body to speak, and let out a loud moan as I felt him push himself into me.

He started thrusting into me, slowly at first, then began picking up speed. With each pump, his groin rubbed against my clit. In combination with the heavenly feeling of fullness inside of me as his well-endowed member thrust back and forth, I felt myself getting closer to orgasm. My moans went from soft and timid to loud and strained, as if I would burst at any moment.

I dug my nails into Enzo’s back and looked into his eyes as he worked himself into me.

“Go on,” he said, his curly hair hanging down into his red eyes as he hunched over me. “Come,”

As if his permission flipped some sort of switch, I felt my body erupt into a million different sensations of pleasure. I arched my back and felt my eyes roll into the back of my head as Enzo continued thrusting, this time faster and harder, which only added to the feeling.

Just as I finished, Enzo wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up onto his lap. I grabbed his neck and began twisting my hips on him, getting faster and faster until his muffled moans turned into a low, animalistic growl that only fueled me to work harder.

The moon came out from behind a cloud, illuminating us once more and as it did, Enzo let out another growl and dug his fingers into my hips, pulling himself deeper as he finished.

I collapsed onto him, our bodies pressed together in a sweating, panting heap. His shaking hands rubbed up and down on my waist as he gently kissed my neck with what little strength he had left. 2

Maybe this was a mistake brought on by the alcohol… but at that moment, neither of us cared.

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