My Hockey Alpha chapter 13 by Werewolf

Chapter 13 Melt the ice


“Why did you run away like that yesterday?” I asked.

Nina and I were standing in the middle of the football field. I knew she was supposed to be working, but I didn’t care. After what I discovered yesterday, I couldn’t sleep all night from thinking about her. I had to talk to her.

Nina’s face turned a little red. She looked cute when she was embarrassed; the red on her cheeks reminded me of what she looked like when she orgasmed.

“My shift was over,” she said. “And besides, you were talking to Lisa.”

My mind flickered back to my conversation with Lisa yesterday afternoon.

“Enzo, I need to talk to you about the party,” she said.

I sighed and turned toward her as I was watching my team run laps for being buffoons. “Can it wait?”

Lisa folded her arms across her chest, pushing her breasts together, and pouted until I finally gave in and walked over to her by the bleachers.

“What is it?”

“As your ex, and the captain of the cheerleading team, I don’t want the party after your match this weekend to have any drama.”

“Oh, so does that mean you’re not going?” I asked, to which Lisa punched me in the arm.

“Of course I’m going, idiot,” she said. ” But I don’t want that Nina girl there. She’s weird. She gives me the heebie- jeebies.”

Chapter 12 Melt the ice

I rolled my eyes and laughed. “You’re being ridiculous. Nina never did anything to you.”

“Well, I think fucking my ex counts as something,” she replied, pouting again.

“Lisa, if you avoided every girl I’ve slept with since our breakup, which was six months ago, mind you, you wouldn’t be able to be in the same room as half the girls in the school.”

Lisa scoffed and stamped her foot angrily. She was clearly not amused by my words.

Just then, she peered around me at something and frowned even deeper. ” What is she doing here?” she said, pointing at someone behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see Nina emerging from the locker room. She was lugging that heavy medical bag; the way she waddled with it was surprisingly cute. I liked how her braids

swayed back and forth with each step.

I looked back at Lisa. “She’s Tiffany’s intern,” I said, shrugging. “What do you expect me to do, get her expelled?”

“That was nothing,” I said to Nina. Just petty bullshit. Besides, why would you care? Are you jealous?”

Nina rolled her eyes and folded her arms. I tried not to look at her breasts as they pushed together, her cleavage sticking out from her sweater.

“You’re just trying to provoke me,” she said. “And no, even though Lisa is gorgeous, I’m not jealous. I could honestly care less if you two got back together. Clearly she wants that.”

Her words didn’t hurt, because I knew they weren’t,true. I could tell that she was jealous deep down.

“Lisa and I dated for a very short

amount of time and broke up months ago. I’m not interested in getting back together with her. You, of all people, should understand how that feels because of your situation with Justin.”

Nina scoffed and turned on her heel to walk back to Tiffany. I caught up in two strides; even though she was walking quickly, I was a lot taller.

“Nina, if you would just give me a chance to prove myself-”

Just then, Nina stopped in her tracks and whirled around to face me, her fists clenched at her sides. “Have you ever even been in a serious relationship?” she snarled. “Or has your whole life been one hookup after the other to fill the void?”

I froze. I didn’t know what to say.

“I guess that’s my answer, then,” she

said, straightening up. “We would be

terrible for each other. If I’m going to Chapter 13 Melt the ice

waste my precious time on love, then it has to be with the right person… not some jock who only sees women as playthings.”

Now that hurt.

It hurt because it was true.

As I speechlessly stood and watched Nina walk away, I was inwardly kicking myself for everything. She was right; we would be horrible for each other because of my past.

Nina returned to her work with Tiffany. I walked away from the football field dejectedly, although I was reluctant to leave in the hopes that she would suddenly change her mind and come running to me.

How had an ordinary human girl made me so interested in her? I’d never felt this way before about anyone, not even the werewolf girls that I used to sleep with in high school. All of that felt like

nothing compared to how I felt about this girl with two braids who I had just met.

There was no way she could be my

mate, either! She was a human!

As I walked away, all I could think

about was kissing Nina, holding her beneath my sheets that night we slept together. The feeling of her soft, slightly tanned skin on my fingertips. It wasn’t tan from the tanning booths and the spray tans like Lisa’s was; it was natural because of her heritage, and made her dark hair and dark eyes all the more beautiful.

Her skills in bed had been green, but it

didn’t matter. The way she passionately moved her hips beneath me, wrapping her legs around me and kissing my neck while I thrust into her, made me feel like I would explode.

Even now, although it had been nearly

a week since we’d slept together, I could still feel her warmth wrapped around my cock.

I had to have her again.

But it seemed like there was no way she would give me another chance if I didn’t clean up my act.

If I wanted her to be with me, I would have to stop all of the one night stands. I’d have to show that I was passionate about the right things, and not using women like meat to relieve my stress and placate my werewolf urges.

I still didn’t fully understand why I was so interested in her, though. Maybe I would get some answers eventually, but for right now, I needed to focus on having her in my bed again.

She would certainly be at my hockey game on Friday night now that she was the doctor’s intern. I had made sure of it by bribing the dean of the medical school to assign her specifically to that internship, and to keep it secret from my father, of course.

I would play so hard at the game that it would make Nina swoon. When I won, my eyes would be on her, seducing her to come to the party afterwards.

And at the party, I would offer her a drink. I would dance with her and make her feel like the sexiest woman on the planet. She wouldn’t be able to resist me after that, because I knew she wanted me deep down.

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