My Hockey Alpha chapter 11 by Werewolf

Chapter 11: Team Doctor


The next morning was my first day at my new internship. I woke up feeling both nervous and excited for what was to come. Hopefully I wouldn’t have to interact with the hockey team too much.

It was raining and chilly, so I wore something warm. I put on my usual skinny jeans, a knit sweater that I thought would be appropriate for work, comfortable boots to keep my feet and ankles dry and my leather jacket. I pulled my hair into my two long braids and was ready to go.

I was supposed to meet Tiffany in her office, but when I arrived, she wasn’t there. There was a note on the desk.

“Sorry to say this, but there was indeed an injury on the hockey team already. Meet me at the arena -Tiffany”

Chapter 11 Team Doctor

I groaned and made my way to the hockey arena. Why did it feel like the universe just wanted me to be miserable lately? Why couldn’t I have just stayed in Tiffany’s office today and dealt with paperwork?

When I entered the arena, the whole team was already there in their full gear. They were circled around someone on the floor — two people, actually. Tiffany and one of the team members.

The team member was on the floor, groaning and holding his ankle while Tiffany prodded at it.

“Yep, looks like you rolled your ankle nice and good,” I could hear her say as I approached.

Several heads jerked up when they heard me coming. Enzo and Justin both looked at me; Justin seemed confused, while Enzo seemed somewhat pleased.

Chapter 11 Tearn Doctor

Tiffany looked up and smiled. “Oh, Nina!” she said, pointing to her medical bag on the bench. “Can you grab the ace bandages?”

I nervously walked over to her bag and rifled through it until I found the ace bandages, trying my best to ignore Justin and Enzo’s eyes on me, then handed the roll to Tiffany.

“Everyone, if you don’t know already, this is Nina,” she said as she wrapped the hockey player’s ankle. “She’s my intern this semester.”

When Tiffany was finished, she stood and helped the hockey player stand. He couldn’t put weight on his ankle and had to stand on one foot.

“Ooh, you’re gonna be out of commission for a bit,” she said, cringing at the sight of his ankle. ” Tony, will you help me bring Matt to the infirmary? Nina, I’ll be back soon so

we can do physicals.”

I felt sick when Tiffany told me that not only would she be leaving me alone here, but that we would also be spending more time with the hockey team. Was this a plan of hers to get me to face my fears? I felt almost betrayed.

Tiffany and the other two hockey players left the arena, leaving me alone with the rest of the team.

“Alright,” Enzo said nonchalantly, clearly not wanting to draw attention, ” let’s get back to practice.”

The team went to get back on the ice, with Enzo leading, but Justin stayed. His eyes were fixed on me as he clenched and unclenched his fists.

“Justin, c’mon,” Enzo called, stepping out onto the ice and skating in a backwards circle. “What’re you doing?”

“You know, Nina,” Justin said loudly Chapter It Team Doctor

enough for the whole team to hear, “I tried apologizing to you. I know what I did was fucked up, but you have to understand that it was a mistake.”

I felt my heart catch in my throat as the entire team stopped and gathered near us.

“Justin, now is not the time,” I said. ” And I told you, I’m not interested.”

“I loved you, Nina,” Justin said. He was still raising his voice. It almost felt like he wanted to make a scene. “I’m sorry I messed up. Please take me back.”

I bit my lip as I felt the entire team’s eyes on me, waiting for my response.

“You guys are dating?” one teammate said.

“We broke up,” I replied, but no one seemed to be listening as the team erupted into a chorus of gossip. I heard snippets of “I told you so” and “She Chapter Team Doctor

should feel lucky” coming from the din.

I looked away from Justin and over to the group. At the back stood Enzo. He looked at me sternly, his eyebrows knit. I could see the pain on his face, but he hid it from the other players.

“That’s enough!” Enzo said loudly. The entire group went silent and turned to look at their captain, but he was only glaring at me. Without breaking eye contact, he said: “Let’s train.”

The day went by far too slowly. While the team practiced, Tiffany and I pulled out the players one by one for their physicals in the locker rooms. Justin gave me puppy dog eyes throughout his whole physical, practically begging for me to forgive him.

Finally, the last person to examine was none other than Enzo.

He sat down on the bench in front of me, removing his shirt for the Chapter 1 Team Doctor

examination. His muscles were tight and pronounced from how hard he was practicing, and as I stood nearby while Tiffany examined him, I could smell the sweet odors of his sweat emanating from his body. It felt a lot like the night we hooked up — like his scent was a pheromone.

Enzo avoided eye contact the whole time. I could tell he was upset by what Justin said.

Halfway through the examination, while the team was practicing, there was the sound of people colliding on the ice and someone yelling out in pain out in the arena.

Tiffany groaned and handed me her stethoscope. “Finish this,” she said. ” I’ll go make sure no one is dying. These boys have a death wish, I swear.”

Enzo and I were completely alone in the

locker room.Chapter II: Team Doctor

I sheepishly put the stethoscope in my ears and walked up to Enzo. I put it on his chest and started listening to his heartbeat, which was strong and steady.

“So he’s the reason why you rejected

me, huh?” Enzo said quietly.

I pulled the stethoscope away and looked at Enzo. I was speechless.

“We broke up Friday night and I have no intention of getting back together,” I replied finally.

Enzo scoffed. “So I was just a tool for you to piss him off, is that it? Is that why you went to the bar on Friday night? To find some meat to make your ex jealous?”

I sighed and stood, crossing over to the row of lockers as I exasperatedly rubbed my forehead with my hand. ” When will we stop talking about that night?” I said, turning to face him. ” It’s not like one night stands areChapter It Team Doctor

anything new to you.’ ”

Just then, Enzo’s eyes flashed red like the night we slept together. He suddenly stood and stormed over to me, blocking me against the wall with his huge body and placing his hand on the wall above me as he leaned over me. I was afraid at first, but the smell of his sweat and the feeling of his warmth emanating out to me made me feel unintentionally aroused.

My heart was racing, but not from fear.

Enzo leaned down to kiss me…

The lights went out and cast us in complete darkness.

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