My Hockey Alpha chapter 106 by Werewolf

#Chapter 106: Final Fight



The sound of Enzo’s voice, in that moment, was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.

“I’m here, Enzo,” I whispered, keeping my hands on his torn up back as I continued to focus all of my energy on healing him. “I’m here”

“Nina… Stop…”

I opened my eyes and looked over at Enzo with my brow furrowed. Why would he want me to stop healing him? “I know it hurts,” I said reassuringly, ” but I promise I’m almost done”

Suddenly, I realized why Enzo wanted me to stop as I heard the door slide open. I gasped, looking up to see Edward standing in the doorway.

“What the hell is going on here?” he barked, grabbing a large metal, rod- like instrument off of the table by the door “Trying to escape, are we?”

I froze, my hands still pressed into Enzo’s back as I tried to focus myself on continuing to heal him as much as I could. Within a moment, however, Edward flew across the room at me. He raised the metal rod over his head and brought it down, hard, on my hands. I yelped and scrambled away, clutching my throbbing hands against my chest.

Edward raised the metal rod over his head again and stormed after me.

“To think that I’ve been so nice as to keep you alive all this time,” he snarled, “only for you to somehow escape and try to rescue him?”

He brought the rod down again. Somehow, I managed to roll out of the way. I heard Enzo’s chains rattling behind me, but before I could look, I’ felt Edward swiftly kick me on the ribs again, sending me sliding across the floor.

I yelped, then suddenly vomited, from the pain. All I could do was curl up in a fetal position, sobbing, as Edward stormed toward me again. He reached for my hair and grabbed a fistful of it, lifting me from the floor as I tried to pry his hands away.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of the chains again; I heard the sound of the chains breaking.

Something heavy and metallic whipped toward Edward, hitting him hard across the back. He cried out and cursed, dropping me, before his eyes began to glow a bright shade of red. He whipped around to face Enzo, who now stood behind him, his hands curled up into fists at his sides. His back was no longer bleeding, and there was a fury in his eyes that I had never seen before

“You’re a fucking monster,” Enzo growled, advancing on Edward.

Edward only chuckled. He dodged as Enzo tried to whip him with the chains again, then stooped down and picked me up, holding me in front of himself as I squirmed to get free. His hand was clamped firmly around my neck, restricting my breathing while my feet barely touched the floor.

“Go on,” Edward said. “Try to hit me again. You’ll only kill her.”

Enzo’s eyes flickered down to me. Behind the fury, behind the hatred, there was also a deep pain mixed with a profound sense of love.

“Don’t listen to him,” I choked out, clutching Edward’s hands as I tried to pry his thick fingers away from my neck. “H-He won’t…”

Edward’s grip only tightened around my throat. “I will, though. And it’ll be your fault, Enzo. You hear me? When I take her dead body to The Sister, you’ll be in handcuffs beside the coffin. And the funny thing is this: you two lovebirds won’t even be buried together. Isn’t that sad?”

Enzo breathed heavily and bared his teeth, exposing sharp, elongated canines.

“You can’t shift,” Edward said with a dark chuckle “I made sure of that when I injected you with my special concoction. For all I know, you might not ever shift again… Assuming you make it out of here alive.”

I tried to choke out a response. I wanted to tell Enzo that Edward was a liar, but I couldn’t His grip on my throat was too strong, and I could feel my face going purple and my vision beginning to fade.

Edward, noticing this, dropped me I fell to the ground in a gasping heap, clawing at my throbbing neck as the feeling of something being clamped around it continued. From my position on the floor, through my spotty vision, I could see another flash of chains,

followed by the sound of a loud, ear- piercing growl that was so deep it made my chest vibrate.

Then, I saw a flash of dark fur Large paws, bigger than my head, whirled past my face. I saw Enzo being thrown to the ground, pinned beneath those paws.

“Enzo!” I cried, my voice hoarse, my throat burning. I tried to push myself up, but my arms were weak and shook beneath me, finally giving way and sending me back to the floor. I sobbed, reaching for Enzo with a shaking hand as I saw him grapple with the massive wolf, holding back its snapping jaws with nis nands as they slowly inched closer and closer to his throat. I imagined those jaws closing around his throat and biting down. I imagined those long, sharp canine teeth sinking into Enzo’s flesh and tearing out his throat.

As I screamed for him, Enzo’s eyes slid over to me for a split second, although it felt like an eternity as our eyes locked. I sobbed, reaching for him as Edward’s jaws snapped at him….

Suddenly, as though my gaze gave him strength, Enzo gritted his teeth and jerked his arm, whipping the chains up and around Edward’s neck. He grabbed the end of the chain and pulled as hard as he could, causing Edward to yelp in pain and scramble away. Enzo still wasn’t strong enough to hold on, but it was enough to make Edward recoil.

I took my chance, mustering what little strength I had, to scramble to my feet.

Everything moved in slow motion as I ran toward Edward, picking up the metal rod that he had just used to beat me, and jabbed the end of it as hard as I could into his ribs.

Edward recoiled again with another ear -piercing cry of pain. He leaped away, shaking the rod loose from his ribs as a spray of blood splattered on the ground. He then turned on his heel and ran toward me, leaping over me. His front paws collided with me, sending me to the ground, but he wasn’t intending on killing me — he was running.

I fell to the ground, watching as Edward burst through the door, his wolf form knocking the door clean out of the wall. There was the sound of scrambling claws on the tile floor, and then silence as he made his escape.

“Nina!” I heard Enzo’s voice echo in my ears over the sound of my own heartbeat

He ran over to me and rolled me onto my back, his face wrought with worry as he looked down at me

“We did it,” I whispered, a smile spreading across my face.

But Enzo wasn’t smiling. “Hold on,” he said, scooping me up off the floor with his eyes wide as he looked down at my stomach. “We’ve gotta get you to Tiffany.”

“Tiffany…?” I replied, but before Enzo could answer, everything went dark.

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