Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 75

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 75
Levi scoffed.
“What the fuck is he talking about?” He questioned as he turned to Kiara but she
just sighed then turned to Zane with a glare.
“Zane, I don’t know what you’re up to but you’re not coming with us. Levi and I
are going on a date and that doesn’t include you” He tilted his head at her.
“Well you might want to stay at home then because no one is going to let you in
their restaurant without my permission” Kiara’s eyes widened.

“Don’t tell me you…”
“I had you both banned from every restaurant and the only way to change that is
if I come along” Kiara was speechless.
“Oh come on, you of all people should know how petty I can get, Kiara. Are we
going on this date or not?” Before Kiara could say anything else, Levi came
forward and stood in front of her while glaring at Zane.
“I don’t know what your plan is but she’s with me now and I’m not going to let you
come in between us. We mustn’t have our date in a restaurant, there are other
places to have a date” Zane tilted his head then chuckled.
“Hmm you must think so lowly of me, Levi but there’s something you should know
in case Kiara hasn’t informed you yet but I rule this country, everything and
everyone is under my control and when I say you can’t have a date without me, I
just didn’t mean restaurants but anywhere within the country” Levi glared at him
as he clenched his fist.
“You!..” Kiara grabbed Levi’s hand then shook her head at him.
“Don’t argue with him because he has a comeback for everything” She muttered
then turned to Zane and saw he had a smirk on his face.
“We don’t have to give in to what he wants, Kiara. I can fly us out of the country
right away and we can have our date then” Levi uttered as he stared Down at
her but she shook his head.
“If he wants to go on a date with us then he can but we are not going to run
away and we are going to have our date like he isn’t even there, alright?” Levi
stared into her eyes then let out a sigh before nodding then he turned to Zane
who had a bored expression on his face.

“Are we leaving or not?” He questioned but before they could say anything, he
climbed into his car and banged the door after him. How dare they hold each
other in front of him? He was already losing his temper and they hadn’t even
begun the date yet.
He sighed as he watched them say something to each other. It seemed like Kiara
was trying to reassure a worried looking Levi making Zane scoff.
Levi should be worried because he was going to get his girl back no matter what.
He watched as they both walked over to Levi’s car then Levi opened up the door
for Kiara and she smiled at him before getting into the car.
Zane wanted nothing more than to punch the smile off Levi’s face as he walked
around and entered into the driver’s seat. That was supposed to be him and
Kiara and not her with that idiot.
He sighed then took a deep breath before following behind them as they drove
out of the building.
When they got to a restaurant Levi had apparently made a reservation at, Kiara
sighed. It was one of Zane’s restaurants.
“Is something wrong?” Levi questioned when he heard her sigh.
“Us coming here just fed into his ego. Prepare to hear him gloat” She muttered
then climbed out of the car, leaving Levi confused.
Levi climbed out of the car at the same time Zane packed his car next to theirs.
He climbed out of the car with a grin on his face which made Kiara roll her eyes.
“Damn, liking my restaurant and my girl? You have fine taste man, I’ll give you
that” Zane uttered as he rested against his car.

“I’m not your girl and I’m sure he just picked any restaurant and really didn’t think
too much about it” Kiara retorted but Levi just kept quiet. He had heard this was
the best restaurant in the country and that was why he had picked it.
He couldn’t help but groan inwardly. Why was Zane always one step ahead of
Kiara smiled when the smile slipped off Zane’s face but then she gasped when
Zane suddenly leaned in so close that their nose was almost touching.
“Too bad, my love because if I remember correctly, you and I were the ones who
brought this restaurant to where it is today. Hell, this restaurant is even in your
name and I’m sure that’s why pretty boy over there wasn’t able to detect that it
belonged to us and you’re my girl, you always have been and always will be. I
know you’re hurt and I know it’s going to take a lot of time till you learn to give
me a chance but you’re my girl and that’s never going to change” She stared into
his eyes with a frown but before she could say anything, Levi pushed her gently
behind him and stood in front of her.
“You claim you love her yet, every time she’s with you, she’s either sad or angry.
What kind of love is that?” Zane raised an eyebrow.
“I wasn’t talking to you so get out of my way” But Levi stood his ground then held
onto Kiara’s hand tightly.
“She’s my girl and my date even if it’s for the night and I’d appreciate it if you let
us be together and stop trying to butt in” They both stared into each other’s
eyes, the other refusing to back down.
“Guys, please let’s not do this” Kiara murmured from behind drawing Zane’s
attention to her.

“If Kiara wants me to leave then I’ll leave and won’t bother you both for the night
anymore” He stared into her eyes and she sighed inwardly before taking her
fingers through her hair.
“Go home, Zane. It’s getting late” Zane scowled when he saw the smile on Levi’s
face as soon as Kiara said that. Who gave him the right to smile?
“You want me to leave?” Zane questioned like he hadn’t heard her correctly and
she nodded.
“Yes, I want you to leave. I want to enjoy my night with Levi without you
breathing down our necks” Zane scoffed as he straightened up then he folded his
“Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not going anywhere. You’re going to
have your date with me and enjoy it. Are you coming in or not?”

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