Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 72

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 72
Daniel sighed as he walked up to Zane who was seated at the bar counter with
“Zane, what the fuck are you doing?” Daniel questioned and Liam sighed.
“I’ve tried stopping him for the last two hours but to no avail. He’s not even
listening to me” Suddenly Zane groaned.
“If only I had listened to her, I had… I had trusted her, I would have been the
happiest man on earth right now but my poor stupid choices are what made me

like this. I was such a fool” He muttered to himself then chugged down the glass
of Whiskey.
“We all make poor stupid choices…. Yours may have been more stupid but it’s
nothing that can’t be fixed. You just have to get your ass up and get your girl
back” Daniel advised but Zane let out a sigh.
“What exactly can I do? Everytime I look at her, all I remember is when she cried
and begged me to listen to her but I… I didn’t and then she lost… she lost our
child because of me” Zane held onto his heart as it suddenly began to ache
again. No one understood how much pain he was in at the moment. He was
holding on to a thin thread of his sanity.
“Well I did try to tell you multiple times that you were making the wrong decision”
Liam glared at Daniel.
“Now is not the time for that. He couldn’t have known because the pictures were
real but not in the sense he thought. If anything, Kiara was violated by her sister”
Zane squeezed his eyes shut as he immediately thought of how Kiara had been
drugged and placed in between two men who were practically molesting her in
the video. How hadn’t he seen that she was asleep?
“Where is Samantha? I need to kill her, that’s the only way I can feel better at
the moment” Daniel sighed.
“She has gone into hiding. I don’t know how she found out we know the whole
story but she did” Zane turned to Daniel and grabbed him by the neck.
“I don’t care if you checked the whole earth for her, I just want her found. Even if
you have to lure her out then do just that. She loves her family right? Then
capture her family and if she doesn’t come out, kill them” Zane uttered
menacingly then pushed Daniel away before turning back to his Alcohol.

“There’s a little flaw in your plan. Her parents are Kiara’s parents as well” Zane
“They were hardly ever parents to Kiara and would always favor Samantha over
her. I doubt she doesn’t even know how they’re doing so if they die, she still
won’t know” Daniel sighed.
“Still… I don’t think it’s a good idea to kill her parents. I’ll find another way to lure
out Samantha” Zane didn’t reply and just drank his Alcohol.
“Are you really going to drink all this alcohol? If you do that, you might die” Zane
didn’t reply to Liam and just kept chugging down the glass.
“By the time you’re done with that glass, Levi would have stolen your girl from
you” Zane’s hand froze mid air then he turned to Liam with red eyes.
“What?” Liam nodded.
“Heather told me that Levi asked Kiara out on a date and she’s yet to give him an
answer but Heather is sure Kiara will agree” Zane’s eyes widened.
“You speak with Heather?” Daniel suddenly asked and Liam turned to him with a
“Ever since she left, we have been chatting and calling each other” Liam uttered
with a smile then turned back to Zane at the same time Daniel frowned.
“Levi is trying to make a move on her?” Zane questioned softly and Liam nodded.
“Well he has been trying to make a move on her for quite a while now but you
were in the picture” Zane frowned.
“Am I not in the picture anymore?” Liam shrugged.

“Only you can place yourself in that picture if you fight for her” Zane sighed then
turned back to his glass of whiskey.
“What if she’s better with him? He hasn’t hurt her as badly as I have. He can
treat her well and….”
“But can he treat her better than you? Yes, you make bad mistakes but are you
just going to sit here and wallow in your misery? She loves you and she always
will. All you have to do now is show her that you’d change and you will never let
her go” Zane turned to Daniel as soon as he said that then nodded.
“Okay, I’m going to get my woman back” They both grinned at him.
“Now that’s what I’m talking about. I’ve got to use the restroom. You both wait
here” Liam uttered then immediately ran away. As soon as he was gone, Daniel
sat down on his seat and grabbed his phone.
“What are you doing?” Zane questioned with furrowed eyebrows.
“Just shut up and drink your alcohol” Daniel muttered as he scrolled through
Liam’s and Heather’s chat. The first thing he noticed was how freely she spoke
with Liam. They spoke to each other like an old couple that was far away from
each other but still loved each other dearly which made him frown.
He kept back the phone and stood up with a frown. Liam was all smiles when he
walked back to them.
“Shall we go?” Zane nodded then stood up from the chair but immediately fell to
the ground as his legs wobbled.
“Whoa! Am I disabled? I probably deserve that as well” Daniel and Liam rolled
their eyes then helped a drunken Zane up from the ground.

“Is carrying him to go see her like this the best idea? He’s a sloppy mess” Liam
whispered to Daniel.
“No, we are taking him home but let’s just make him think he’s going to meet her
so we can leave” Daniel whispered back.
“I love her so much, Kiara I love you!” They both groaned as everyone turned to
them. This was going to be a long night

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