Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 123

After that, they all walked back into the room and Zane helped Kiara lay back
down on the bed.
“Do you feel better, my love?” He questioned as he caressed her hair and she
“Yes I do. I think my injuries are starting to heal” She murmured and he nodded
before placing a kiss on her lips.
“Daniel, have you gotten any lead on the monster?” Daniel shook his head then
let out a sigh.
“For some reason that monster has refused to attack. There has been no sign of
it and it’s almost beginning to seem like we all just imagined it” Zane nodded.

“We’ll get it soon, I’m sure of it. That monster cannot stay quiet for too long”
Then he turned back to Kiara and grabbed her hand.
“I’m sure by tomorrow your wounds must have healed. I’ll have all the little stuff
you had at your house transported to mine because that’s where you’ll be staying
from now on. I need to keep my eyes on you” She nodded, not even trying to
argue. He was right, she would be safe as long as she was with him.
“Zane, can I talk to you for a second?” Zane turned to the voice and furrowed his
eyebrows when he saw Levi. He had totally forgotten about him.
“What is it?”
“I would like to talk to you alone,” Zane frowned.
“I don’t think we have anything to say to each other alone and besides, I trust
everyone here… well maybe except Heather and you” Heather rolled her eyes
but didn’t say anything while Levi sighed.
“Please, I just have to tell you something and it needs to be in private” Zane was
about to refuse but Kiara grabbed onto his hand.
“Just listen to what he has to say first, okay?” Zane turned to her with a frown
then let out a sigh before turning to Levi.
“Fine but make it quick” He muttered then stood up from the bed and walked out
of the room with Levi behind him.
“Wolves have super hearing, right?” Levi questioned as they stood in front of the
hospital room. Zane raised an eyebrow at him.
“Yeah but what does that have to…”
“We need to move further away,” Zane frowned.

Okay what the fuck is going on?” Levi sighed.
“Look, I know you trust everyone inside that room but you can never be too
careful. One of your kind, especially one close to you is working with my father”
Zane’s eyes widened slightly.
“And how can I trust that you are telling the truth?” Levi sighed.
“Think about it. My father’s men invaded your pack a few weeks back and
although they didn’t plan on hurting anyone and just wanted to see how strong
you were, don’t you find it weird that they were able to get in so easily? I don’t
really know how this works but I expected your pack to be guarded with abled
men” Zane frowned.
“It was” He also hadn’t thought about it and he had forgotten to ask as well. He
wasn’t in a good position with Kiara at that moment so she was all he could think
“Well I heard this from my brother, Lucien. They were given an anonymous tip to
go through the back because there was apparently a passageway that wasn’t
guarded by anyone. Not only that but whoever this insider was, he or she also
gave my father Intel on where your pack was located” Zane’s frown deepened.
The possibility of there being a betrayer amongst his most trusted men did cross
his and Daniel’s mind before but they hadn’t done anything to be sure about their
Only a handful of his men knew about the back passage way. No member of his
pack including Kiara even knew about it so that meant… someone was betraying
“Is there anything else I need to know?” Levi stared at him for a while and for the
first time, he could understand why Kiara was so in love with Zane. He didn’t

want to admit it but he and Zane were so different from each other. Zane was
always calm and collective when it came to business. Although anyone could see
that he was not to be messed with,he still held that calm demeanor no matter
what he was feeling inside. Whereas him, his emotions were always shown on
his face, he was weak and was hardly ever calm. He wasn’t a leader like Zane
and he wasn’t sure he could ever be.
“Actually there is something I’d like to ask you” Zane furrowed his eyebrows then
folded his arms.
“What is it?”
“How… How can I become a great leader like you? How can I… how can I be
you?” Zane was taken aback by his words and for a minute, he just stood there
staring at Levi with surprise written all over his face.
The tip of Levi’s ears turned pink as a wave of embarrassment washed over him.
“Forget I said anything” He muttered and was about to walk past Zane when
Zane spoke.
“You can’t be me, Levi” Levi clenched his fist slightly then let out a Chuckle.
“I don’t even know why I asked that. Just… just forget I…”
“Every being in this world is unique in their own way so you should never aspire
to be like someone else because being you is enough” Levi’s eyes widened
slightly then he turned to Zane. He hadn’t expected him to say something like
“But being me is not enough. When you think of a Mafia leader, someone like me
isn’t what you imagine. I’m too weak and soft. I’m not a leader material like you”
Zane smirked.

“Well I am the greatest but that doesn’t mean anything. You being weak or soft
doesn’t mean you’re not going to be a good leader. You just have to rule
according to how you see fit. You have to rule according to how you can. If you
put away self doubt, I can assure you that you’ll turn into the best mafia King
your mafia has ever had. You just have to see that in you before others can see
it. Why don’t you start with me? I can’t see if you’ll be a good leader and I don’t
think you’ll ever become one with the way you handle things” Levi frowned. Didn’t
that sentence just contradict all he had just said?
“Show me just how good of a leader you can be”

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