Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 109

Heather grabbed onto his face before he could walk away.
“Listen to me, Daniel said I should give him a chance to show me he loved me
and I just wanted to hear what he had to say so I gave him a chance but I
realized that he’s no good to me. You treat me better and you’re the one I want
to be with now” She grabbed her phone then deleted and blocked Daniel’s
number before turning back to Liam.
“Are you sure? I don’t want my heart to be broken” He muttered and she smiled
while caressing his face.
“I’m with you, aren’t I?” Liam stared into her eyes for a while then smiled before
placing a kiss on her lips.

“Okay, as long as you promise to be with me and only me” She nodded.
“I promise” He wrapped his arms around her and let out a sigh.
“Good” He murmured then kissed the top of her head.
“Dress up so I can take you home. I’ll come back at night to check up on you,
okay?” She frowned. He didn’t trust her and wanted to make sure she wasn’t
going to meet Daniel after being with him and honestly, she didn’t blame him. She
won’t trust herself If she was in his shoes.
She smiled then nodded.
“Okay. Let me go get dressed” She murmured then placed a kiss on his cheek
before walking into the closet. She took a deep breath as she closed the door
behind her then stared up at the ceiling. Why was she feeling this way? She was
making the right choice, wasn’t she? Whatever happens, she couldn’t go back to
Daniel and couldn’t forgive him for falling In love with her best friend while he was
still with her.
She sighed then got dressed in some of Liam’s clothes since she didn’t want to
wear the clothes from the night before. When she walked out from the closet,
Liam’s eyes trailed down her body then he let out a smile.
“You look beautiful in my clothes, Heather. Can you wear them from now on?”
She giggled then walked over to him and placed a kiss on his lips.
“Let’s go?” She questioned when she noticed he was dressed as well. He had
worn the clothes she had seen him in last night.
“Okay” She grabbed her things then walked over to him and he grabbed her
hand then the Keys as they walked out of the room.

After some minutes, Liam’s car finally arrived at Levi’s Villa. She smiled at him
then leaned in to kiss his lips.
“I’ll leave now. Try not to miss me too much” He chuckled.
“That’s going to be hard because I already miss you and you have not even gone
yet” She giggled then told him one final goodbye before climbing out his car and
walking into the Villa.
She was greeted by the guards as usual and the butler smiled when he saw her.
“Miss Heather, it’s so nice to finally see you. We have been missing your
presence around here” She chuckled.
“Well I’ll be staying here more often than you think” She muttered then walked
into the house and was surprised to see Levi seated on the couch when she
walked into the living room.
“You didn’t go to work today? Why? Did something happen?” She questioned as
she sat down on the couch opposite him. She furrowed her eyebrows when he
just kept staring at her.
“Is something wrong? Why do you keep staring at me?” He sighed then ran his
fingers through his hair before placing his elbows on his knees then rested his
head on his hand.
“So when were you going to tell me?” She furrowed her eyebrows. Tell him
“Tell you what exactly?”
“That you’re not human? That you are a wolf” She gasped with her eyes wide.
“What? How…. When…

“Kiara literally changed to a wolf in front of me yesterday so you can’t even deny
it. I can’t believe I’ve been living with a wolf. It still baffles me” She sighed.
“Listen Levi, this wasn’t something we could just tell you because it’s not a simple
matter. Yes, I’m a wolf but that doesn’t change anything” He scoffed.
“It changes a whole lot, Heather. You’re not human, you are.. you’re a monster.
You all are” She frowned.
“I know you are finding it hard to process all this and I can’t comprehend why the
fuck Kiara decided to reveal herself to you but just know that we are still the
sane people you know but if you’re not comfortable with the idea of living with a
wolf then I’ll take my leave but just know that, we are not monsters, we just
happen to be able to change into wolves. I’ll leave you alone now” She stood up
and was about to walk away but he stopped her.
“I can’t believe I’m about to say this but don’t go. I don’t know if I’m ever going to
get used to it but I’m going to try and ignore the fact that you’re a wolf and focus
on the part where you’re my friend” She smiled at him.
“Listen, being friends with a wolf is a good thing. I can’t fight off bad guys for
you” He rolled his eyes.
“Despite you being a wolf, I bet I can still fight better than you” She gasped.
“That’s the most outrageous thing I’ve ever heard” Just then, her phone rang,
interrupting their conversation. She brought out her phone and when she saw the
caller Id, she immediately knew Kiara was calling her because of Levi.
“Is that Kiara?” She turned to Levi as soon as he asked that and she nodded.
“Yeah. I’m sure she wants to warn me about this situation” He sighed.

“Can I talk to her?” Heather nodded then handed him the phone. It had stopped
ringing but Kiara had immediately called back again. He took a deep breath
before receiving it and pressing the phone against his ear.
“Heather? Are you at Levi’s house? I don’t think you should go there because he
knows our identity. I think we should give him space to process it” He sighed.
“It’s me, Kiara” She went silent on the other end making him wonder if she had
hung up.
“Levi, hi” He bit his lower lip.
“Can we meet up? I need to speak with you in person about all that’s going on
right now” She went silent for a while and he assumed Zane was probably telling
her not to agree which made him roll his eyes.
“Of course. Let’s meet up at the pack in 20 mins”…

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