I Am The Luna chapter 33 moonlight muse

I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse Chapter 33

A Restless Night


There’s sadness and regret in her eyes

before she looks down, taking her phone.

back from me.

There’s no way to explain the pain in my


Ashbane or not, I fucked it all up.

I should have been there when she was pregnant and going through heartbreak when she was poisoned, when she was in labour, for my pups, but I couldn’t be.

So many years have passed and despite my every chance to find the one behind it, he’s slipped out of my grasp, to the point when he realised I was onto him, he’d threaten

Mainly, it was in the form of trying to harm Zaia as a warning.
I had to tread carefully, and I really have

been, but the stealthy approach has made

the process slower. However, I have found clues and no matter how many times he

escapes my grasp, he won’t be able to do so


She passes the phone back to me. “You can scroll through.”

My heart races as I stare down at the image

of Zaia in a hospital bed, she looks tired yet breathtaking as she holds the babies to her

breasts, clearly just having given birth.

There’s more… them in their first outfits…

them in their Moses baskets…, their name plaques… There are many, and with each passing image, I can see how they grow. Zion is a mini-me, and seeing that really makes me feel even more emotional, and

Sia, she’s a mini-Zaia, even if her hair and

eyes are not the same colour.

My kids are beautiful. Our kids.

There are a few random pictures between, of a hot drink or some scenery, but most of the gallery is of the children.

There’s the occasional precious shot of Zaia, and each time I can’t help but admire her breathtaking beauty. Not wanting her to take the phone back, I continued to skim through the photos of our children.

It’s like I’m watching them in slow motion, like a reel going through the years.

I click on the video, where the kids are

playing with slime and laughing.

“Give me some Mommy!”

“Sia! Look at mine.”

The emotions become too much, and I place the phone down and stand up/

My throat is dry and although I want to say something, I can’t.

I walk to the bathroom and shut the door

behind me. Leaning against it, I close my


I have nothing.

She was my everything, and I lost her and

our two treasures too…

I can’t face her, not like this. I squeeze my

eyes shut, taking a deep breath. Trying to steady my racing heart.

It’s a few minutes later when she knocks on

the door.


“I’ll be out soon,” I say, my voice coming

out rougher than I meant it to.


I hear her move away from the door and I massage my temples.

How do I justify to myself that I deserve

another chance? After I rejected her and

pretended to like someone else, to protect her, I was ready to let her go. I let her go, and

she built herself up, so why do I think I should try to win her back?

Why am I falling weak now?

I stare at the tiny window with the frosted glass, staring at the flowers in the glass. The rain is hammering against it violently; the sound soothing to the story within my own


It’s a good while later. I’m not sure how long I have been in here, when I finally bravely step back into the bedroom.

The light is off, and the bed is empty. I look sharply at the floor where she had placed the

towels on the ground, fast asleep with one of the pillows from the bed.

I frown as I silently walk over to her. She’s asleep. I can hear the steady rhythm of her heartbeat. I crouch down beside her, my

heart clenching when I notice the teardrop

at the corner of her eye.

I keep hurting you.

Slowly I slip my hands under her, ever so slowly, ready to move her to bed, when her eyes fly open.

She slams me back onto the floor. My head hits the corner of the wall, sending pain rushing through my head.

She then pins me to the ground straddling me, one hand tight around my neck. She raises her other hand, her claws coming out.

Surprise flashes through me as I stare at her.

Her eyes flicker from orange back to

amethyst and she relaxes, letting out a

breath of relief.

Big mistake.

Her pussy is now pressed against my lower abdomen and the feel of it sends pleasure south, awakening the dormant beast within


“What were you doing?” she asks, releasing

my throat. She sits back, looking the vision.

of perfection. Raising her hand, she brushes

her hair back as she scans the room as if

trying to remember where we are.

“Trying to move you to the bed. You should move… unless you want me to take you.” I growl.

She swallows hard, jumping off me quickly. Her gaze dips to the tent in my towel, which is still tucked in firmly and I stand up.

“You…” she begins with a glare. “Dirty-”

“Hey, you are the one who pressed your pussy right on me,” I growl, making her cheeks turn a bright shade of pink.

“I did not! I thought you were an attacker! I nh!” I clamp my hand over her mouth, placing the other finger on my lips.

“Hush, you don’t want to disturb anyone, do you?” I ask huskily.

Her heart is thumping as she slowly nods, and I let go of her. I’m about to turn away

when she speaks.

“Dirty dog.”

I tilt my head, giving her a murderous glare,

but she’s standing there, fists clenched, cheeks flushed and a pout on her plump lips looking cute as hell.

“Well, you used to enjoy riding this dirty dog.” I taunt, before I open my towel cockily, giving her a full-on view of my hard -on, making her eyes widen before she

covers her face. Gasping in mortification. 3

I chuckle, wrapping my towel around myself once more, trying not to admire how her bare legs look so inviting…

“No need to be shy. If memory serves, you are anything but shy and you did get pretty down and dirty yourself… I remember exactly how you played and took this cock.”

“Sebastian!” She growls, pushing me. “You are a shameless pig!”

“Pig, dog… the list of insults sure is growing,” I say, frowning as she storms to

the bed.

“You wanted to give me the bed, then fine! Sleep on the floor.” She retorts as she gets

33 A Restless Nigh

into the bed.

She always did hate being disturbed when sleeping. I smirk and drop to the floor.

Although I was planning to sleep beside her, I can’t. I wouldn’t be able to sleep and all I’d

be able to think about is the way she looks in

that shirt. The way her breasts press against

the fabric, the outline of her nipples…

Focus Sebastian. I internally groan as I lay

back and place my arms under my head,

closing my eyes.


Sleep didn’t come so easily, with the thunder outside and the emotions I feel, spending time with her… seeing our kids… it’s a lot…


I frown as I crack my eyes open, feeling extremely cold and clammy. My body is aching, and I have a pounding headache.

I look into the eyes of none other than Zaia

before I glance around.

“What is it?” I ask, my voice sounding rough.

“You’re shivering… and you’re burning up …” She murmurs, touching my forehead. Her hand feels cool, and I welcome the

touch. “Get up, get on the bed.”

“I’m fine, you sleep.” I groan.

“Don’t argue with me. Get up.” She says, standing up, and it takes all my self-control not to stare at her sexy legs as she holds a

hand out to me.

I get up on my own and only then do I realise I really feel fucking bad.


I stagger to the bed and I’m about to lie down when she quickly puts the pillow down

for me.

“Here’s some water from last night. Drink it

if you need to.” She says placing the bottle

down in the covered bag that contains the

wraps I never ate.

I can’t help but smile. Maybe it’s good I got

ill… if it meant her looking after me.

My head is pounding, and I feel her getting

into the bed behind me as she pulls the sheet over us, bringing memories of the past to the forefront of my mind.

Love is painful… beautiful, irreplaceable, but

with it the pain you are ready to let the other

person inflict on you is deadly…

I’m truly sorry Zaia…

She’s tossing and turning, and I slowly turn

onto my back and look at her. Her eyes meet

mine and I roll onto my side to face her.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” I ask quietly.

She shakes her head, placing her hand under

her cheek.

I observe her, my beautiful little vixen…

“He proposed to you… you didn’t agree.” I

say, taking her hand in mine and staring at her ring finger.

She tugs free and looks down. “How did you know?” she asks.

“I saw you both at the fountain that night,’ I admit hoarsely.


She nods in understanding. “I’ve never liked him that way.” She says quietly.

“Mm… after Valerie went into a coma, I

visited his pack. I think it was about a week

or less later. He apparently called you to ask

if you would come to see me when I pleaded to have one word with you.” I begin, remembering the emotions I felt back then.

She’s frowning as she listens to me.

“It was your name on the screen when she showed me the messages… You didn’t want to see me, although I told him your friend was in hospital. I know you both wanted me

gone, but did he really never mention that to you?” I ask quietly.

There is disappointment in her eyes, and I regret disappointing her, knowing they were


“No, but I want to ask him, and I will. I mean, he doesn’t know we met, but I can say I went to see Valerie and Jai mentioned it to me. I consider him my friend…” she sighs, turning her back to me. “Men really are disappointing…” she murmurs, hurt clear in

her voice….

The following morning, I woke to find her missing from the bed. She had’stepped out of the bathroom shortly after, fully dressed, but there was something wrong. She is far more closed off and silent, not looking me in

the eye and clearly in a hurry to leave.

I took a quick shower, feeling a bit better despite my body aching, and when I stepped out of the shower, she’s not here.

“Zaia?” I call, scanning the room.

I pull open the closet.

Her clothes are gone too.

What the fuck?

I stride over to the dresser, about to grab my

phone, when I see the money and small card

that sits on the dresser.

It’s written in her writing, and I can’t help

but stare at it.

My share of the cost for the room and food, thank you. I will be in touch regarding other

matters. Good day – Z

She left… 1

I turn, striding to the window and stare out,

scanning the parking lot, but the car is gone.

A sudden emptiness fills me inside and I

shake my head, scoffing lightly.

What did I expect… that after last night, I may somehow have a chance? 1

Once again, she just left.

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