I Am The Luna chapter 31 moonlight muse

I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse Chapter 31

A Storm


He unbuckles his belt sexily. Slow and


The thin strip of hair that travels from his belly button down past his belt and into his pants makes me swallow hard. His defined V and his abs are all drool-worthy.

He’s watching me with a hunger that I never thought I’d ever see again… One that makes me light-headed, but he’s playing on my emotions. I am not going to throw away everything I built for one taste of heaven

and sin.

I twirl around, turning my back to him as my heart pounds.

“You really lack common courtesy,

Sebastian,” I scold icily as I stare out

through the gaps in the blinds at the violent


The fact that my babies are home alone

without me is making me uneasy. I do need

to return… if I set off-

I gasp when his arm reaches past me, and he

parts the blind, peering out.

“It’s bad.” He murmurs. “We might just have to wait it out.”

“No,” I say, my gaze dipping down before I can stop myself, but he’s put on the


Thank the Goddess!

My cheeks burn at the fact I had a look down.

“Disappointed?” he asks in a husky growl.

I roll my eyes.

“No, keep dreaming,” I reply before I look into those startling blue eyes, becoming serious. “I can’t wait it out. The children are home and with everything I’ve learned, I’m even more scared for them.”

He frowns and glances at the door. “I understand completely, with the Scotts back, perhaps you might have to use the window

to get out…” He says, looking me over.

I tilt my head, rather surprised at how fast he has agreed, but I’m grateful.

I nod, hesitating as I look down.

“Think I could give you my number, so we can keep in touch? We need to figure this out without any secrets. I’ll get a second phone so we can’t be traced.”

He tilts his head as he crosses his arms, leaning against the wall, as his muscles flex.

“Is that even a question? However, I came prepared,” he says before he moves away from the window and walks to the briefcase that’s on the table and takes out a small simple phone. “My number is in there, and just keep it switched off when not using it,” he finishes, holding it out to me.

I nod, my gaze falling to how dangerously low those sweatpants are sitting.

Goddess, does he have to torture me like that?

He coughs, a glint of amusement in his eyes,

and I frown, snatching the phone haughtily

from him.

“This’ll do,” I say.

I’m about to move past him to put the phone into my bag, when he grabs hold of my wrist, tugging me close. I glare up at him, but that amusement in his eyes remains.

“If you want to touch or look, feel free to do so,” he says, pulling my hand against his hard abs.

Oh, goddess…

My heart thuds as I feel his firm skin beneath my fingers. Tingles of pleasure rush through me as he moves my hand slowly lower over the plains of his god-like body.

I can’t deny, no matter how foolish, or an idiot Sebastian is, he is built like a god and one that you would willingly worship.

Focus, Zaia.

That cocky, infuriating yet sexy smirk of his is growing and I think it’s high time I remind him that I am not falling for him.

I soften my expression, pouting slightly as I

slowly toss the phone. He passes me onto

the bed and steps closer. My heart is going crazy and his scent is driving me nuts, I rake my eyes over him and for a moment I’m

distracted by one of the necklaces that hang

around his neck.

A necklace I had purchased for him… years


I look down, letting my hands run down,

precariously close to the band of his

sweatpants. His muscles tènse and I bite my


“Are you enjoying that… Alpha?”

He’s about to reply when he narrows his eyes, a flicker of suspicion in them and I can’t help but smile deviously as I suddenly grab onto a few of the hairs that travel downwards and yank on them hard.

“Fuck!” He hisses, cursing as he tries to keep his voice down as he pulls back.

I cock a brow as I raise my hand level to my

face, looking at the few hairs I managed to pluck between my fingertips.

“Oh dear, I think I was a little rough.” I pout, before I look at him, smirking at the deathly glare he’s giving me.

I let the hair go, dusting my fingers off as I pick up the phone and shove it into my bag.

“Don’t overstep Sebastian… from here on we are simply partners to find out who is behind all of this and why. Aside from that… we are nothing.” I say quietly.

The pain of a broken heart doesn’t vanish overnight, and I am not going to lower my walls to simply be hurt all over again.

He doesn’t reply and I twist my hair back, putting my wig back on.

“I’ve been doing my own research over the years and there are things I’ve discovered. I’ll share this with you at another time… however, my first priority is Valerie. We cannot let her die… can you command the Scotts that as they belong to your pack they must obey and not take her off. I know it’s

unfair, but you know how to be a dick, right?”

“For you, yeah sure. What do you have in mind?” he asks icily, his voice now


The sexual tension between us has almost

fully disappeared, but in its wake, it has left

a painful reminder of the broken bond

between us.

I have to be selfish and protect my own heart first.

“There’s the ancient book of healing that talks of the healing powers of the moon. I know it’s possible lore… but we are

werewolves. Surely there must be some truth in it. I want you to buy me some time whilst I look into it.”

“Got it. Rest assured, I will not allow them to pull the plug.”

“Thank you,” I say quietly as I slip my jacket

“Are you leaving?” he asks.

I nod. “Yes, I need to get back,” I say quietly

as I push the blinds up and slip my shades.

The weather is far worse than I thought. The rain is pouring down so fast that nothing is


I don’t even need my wig, because the amount of rain that is hammering down is intense and no one can see me in this.

If this continues, the roads will become


“I’m coming with you,” he says suddenly.

“We shouldn’t be seen together.” I remind him as I unlatch the window ever so quietly.

“No… but I’m not letting you out there like that,” he replies firmly.

I glance over my shoulder as I shoulder my bag, seeing him pulling out a hoodie and a jacket of Jai’s before he grabs his briefcase and his own jacket.

“Are you serious?” I whisper.

“Yes, I’ll leave Jai a message. We’ll work on Valerie’s family and decide our next course of action.” He says, pulling the hood up and

I have to admit he doesn’t look like himself.

He shoves his clothes and briefcase into a

gym bag and shoulders it.

Sebastian rarely wore hoodies and

sweatpants aside from training and seeing him like this, no one would recognise him, let alone in this rain, anyway.

I lift the window and gasp as the rain hits my face. I quickly climb out and Sebastian is behind me after leaving a quick hote for Jai.

“You didn’t leave a name, right?”

“No,” he says quietly as he jumps out silently and pulls the window shut.

We’re drenched. This time it’s not only him who is soaking wet, and it’s so cold.

“Come on,” he says quietly. Taking hold of my wrist, he breaks into a run, and we head back to where I left my car.

“We are going to be soaked through!” I call to Sebastian.

The wig I’m wearing is already soaked and so is my natural hair. My pants, my shirt, everything is soaked and I’m not looking

forward to getting into the car like this.


“Not much can be done,” he replies quietly. The rest of the ten-minute run to the car passes in silence, and I find myself staring at his back.

I know I told him that going forward we are only partners on this mission or whatever you want to call it, but looking at his back now, I know that is going to be hard. 1

He slows as the entrance building comes into view, and I slowly tug out of his grip.

“I’ll message you when I’m home,” I say, trying not to shiver.

I can only see his lips, but he shakes his head.

“I told you I’m not letting you out there like

this, but I also can’t be seen leaving with you. Get your car, drive out, and once we’re a hundred or so yards from the pack borders, I’ll flag you down.”



“It’s not up for discussion… I let you out there alone once… not again… plus you can’t drive in this weather, Zaia, you know that, he replies quietly. I can barely hear him over the downpour and so I don’t argue.

He isn’t wrong.

“Ok, fine,” I say, as he remains in the shadows, and I hurry back towards my car.

Twenty minutes later, I’m travelling at 5 miles per hour as I try to make out the road ahead of me. The guard at the entrance had advised me I should sit out the storm, but I had politely refused, saying I must get home to my family.

He reluctantly agreed and told me to drive safely before letting me out.

I had half a mind to simply drive away without stopping for Sebastian, but when something bangs on my driver’s side.

window, I slam my foot on the brake, my heart hammering until I realise it’s him.

I pull the window down a little.

“For god’s sake! You scared me!”

“Move over.” He says.

I don’t argue driving in this us extremely difficult at this rate I’ll get home tomorrow or dead.

Unlocking the car doors, I slide into the passenger side. He gets in, and suddenly the place just seems too tight.

To think I got away from him, from the bedroom to now being cooped into this tight car all alone with him for goddess knows how long.

The rain only gets worse, and even with him driving we are travelling slow. The roads are becoming flooded and at times we have to take a detour.

“We need to stop for the night.” He voices. the thought that has crossed my own mind for the last half an hour repeatedly, but I didn’t want to suggest it.

I remain silent, staring at the phone. I had

tried to get in contact with Mom but to no avail. There just isn’t any signal.

“Look… I tried, Zaia. Trust me, this isn’t some sort of plot to get you alone,” he says, staring out into the darkness.

“I know… fine… Let’s stop somewhere.” I say quietly as I clutch my phone/tightly.

“We’ll find a lodge or something. Hopefully, they’ll have a phone or signal so you can call home, alright?” He says, now changing direction as we drive down a path in search of somewhere to stop for the night.

“Ok…” I reply.

I sure hope so.

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