I Am The Luna chapter 28 moonlight muse

I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse Chapter 28

A Secret Visit


The Moonlight Waterfall Pack.

This pack used to be the home of Valerie’s mother before she met her father. Growing up, although Valerie and I were from different packs, attending the same college brought us together.

Valerie had wanted to get away from everything after her mother’s death, wanting to just be in a new place so she

could heal.

The Moonlight Waterfall Pack is small, and it usually avoids making enemies. It took me over three hours to drive from my pack

to get here.

I’ve come alone, not wanting anyone to know, aside from Mom. Telling her I’ll be back late in the evening.

No one, including my guards, knew I’ll be

leaving the pack territory. I’ve donned a wig and am driving a rental car that I booked in

the name of one of our staff.

I’m now waiting for someone to go collect Jai, as I wait at pack borders.

I have parked my car in the visitors’ parking lot. I’m now waiting by the side of the building where the guard is watching me

with interest.

I sigh heavily, remembering Atticus’ proposal last night.


“Zaia… I know that this is a big step… but I want to ask you… will you, my beautiful, feisty queen, marry me?”

He is down on one knee, holding up a ring with a stunning diamond sparkling under the night sky.

Time seems to slow as I find myself questioning if I ever led him on?

I’m certain I made it clear… 2

I know my smile has faded and I see the glimmer of disappointment in his grey eyes

as I ruin the ray of hope that he held without even saying a word.

“Atticus…” I say, reaching for his hand. I

wrap mine around it.

I see the flash of a camera go off to the side

and suddenly I realise I need to be careful

about how I react. I have just become the CEO, and I can’t let a scandal tarnish my

name so soon. Everyone will be observing

my reactions and decisions going forward.

I can already see the headlines; Zaia Toussaint, the divorcee, rejects an excellent


“Walk me to my car?” I ask him.

He looks up at me and nods before forcing a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes as he

slowly stands up.

“It’s a no, isn’t it.” He states quietly as we fall into step with one another.


“I’m sorry Atticus… I truly am. You have given me so much… despite everything I have gone through, and even when I kept secrets from you, you stayed by my side and supported me. But… I’m not ready for marriage or a relationship.” I whisper

regretfully. 1

Not when I just saw the man who somehow

still has a hold on me. But I also know it’s not the same, it’s just pain that I’m unable to forget, a deep wound that will never heal


“You are simply letting me down slowly. Don’t worry, I won’t break,” he says jokingly, placing his arm around my shoulders and kissing my forehead.

“I’m sorry,” I say, looking up at him. He snaps the ring box shut and slips it into his pocket and deep down I wonder if Sebastian hadn’t shown up, would I have accepted it

for the sake of it?

Atticus is excellent with the kids, and they

love him too. Mom has taken a liking to him. despite how uncertain she had been of him,

to begin with. Also, Dad approved, and even

Atticus’s mom likes me.

Although initially, it boggled my mind how

he could even be interested in a woman who

was pregnant, I can’t deny that after I had the babies, even I noticed the way he’d look at me. The flirting… the teasing… the hunger.

“I’ll still wait for you Zaia… because I swear, you are the Luna I want,” he whispers, cupping my face.

I’m about to speak when he bends down and brushes his lips against mine. My heart thumps and I’m about to pull back, but he

beats me to it.

“I’m going to wait, even if you tell me not



The cold droplets of water that fall on my face make me blink and I look up at the

darkening sky.

A storm is coming…

The weather has been gloomy since early this morning, but it’s clearly going to only

get worse.

The smell of rain is growing in the air and I wrap my arms around myself. I’m wearing a tan-coloured leather jacket, denim skinnies,

with a white fitted tee and tan coloured heels.

“Luna. You finally came.”

My heart skips a beat as I’m brought out of my reminiscing by Jai’s voice.

I haven’t been called that in years…

I turn and although I have a black wig on and I’m wearing a cap and sunglasses, he

still recognised me, probably by my scent.

He looks the same, perhaps a little more rugged, but there’s also a tiredness in his


He’s been here with Valerie all these years. It

must have been so hard.

“Jai… I’m so sorry I wasn’t here,” I whisper, knowing that my absence hurt him, too.

I had called him last night, and he had replied back an hour later asking how soon I wanted to come, but this is regarding

Valerie, and I asked if I could come today. He

agreed, for which I am grateful.

“I wish you were here for her,” he replies quietly, making my heart clench as he wraps his arms around me, pulling me in for a hug.

That is the sad truth. I should have been

here, but I wasn’t.

“Come on… I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you,” he says, moving back and turning away from me, leading me to his red car.

He truly loves her…

He motions to me to get in, opening the passenger door for me before he gets in.

The pack is pretty quiet, much to my relief, and we reach the Scott home soon enough. It’s an ornate home set on a slight hill, and

surrounded by many trees. Jai mentions he also lives with them. He’s been by her side. for the last three years and it only makes


I wish she would wake up and see how much

he’s done for her. That he’s been right here

and deserves a chance. And me, I’m the

worst friend ever.

“It’s so silent. Are the Scotts not in?” I ask.

“No, I made sure they aren’t around as

Sebastian made it clear you being here

should be kept a secret. They’ll be home late


“Sebastian? He knew I will be coming

today?” I ask sharply.

Why did he want it kept a secret?

He curses under his breath and looks at me

apologetically, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Uh, just that you would message me, nothing more. He has his reasons to be

careful Zaia… trust me, he’s only keeping an

eye out for you,” he mutters.

I frown but don’t reply. The urge to ask him why Sebastian even cares is on the tip of my tongue but I don’t say anything further.

“Here.” He says quietly as he slowly pushes open the door to one of the rooms.

My heart thuds as I peer inside. Pale wallpaper that contains sunflowers is the first thing I notice, the steady beep of a

machine loud in the silent room.

The door opens wider and my eyes fall on the hospital bed that sits to the left of the


Valerie is on her side, her back to the door, the bed sheet over her and Jai instantly goes over to the bed, moving her onto her back and putting the bed slightly up.

Being in a coma means she needed constant

care for the last three years of her life. Which would include her body being exercised to keep her body muscles trained, being

cleaned, changed, and fed. Things that can

take up to several hours.

Seeing Jai now made it even clearer how

much he has done for her, and my heart

breaks for the couple before me.

They both loved one another. I just hope that they can still have their happily ever after. 3

I can’t let them pull the plug on her. Not like

this. She deserves a chance to live.

“Val, guess who’s come to see you?” Jai asks as he steps back and motions me forward.

My heart thumps as I slowly make my way over to the bed and I lay my eyes upon my best friend. She’s lost weight, her hair has lost its lustre and in those moments, I feel

my heart crumbling.


“Val…” I whisper as I walk to her side, my vision blurring as I take hold of her limp hand. My heart is breaking at the fact I have

not been by her side, that not once have I

visited her.

Through the intense emotions I’m feeling, I remember the email reply and those that

bounced back…

What is going on?


“Fuck!” Jai’s voice brings me from my thoughts. “There’s brain activity. Look!”

I look up, my heart thumping as I stare at

the bis monitor.

I gasp, even if it’s small, it’s something!

“Val, can you hear me?” I whisper.

“We can’t let them pull the plug,” Jai says quietly and although I’m too overwhelmed

to speak, I agree, wholeheartedly.

“That night….” I place my head in my hands

as I sit beside Valerie. The guilt that eats up

at me is ever-growing, and I wish I could

turn back time and fix this.

It’s almost an hour later and Jai is filling me in on exactly what went down that night. Valerie was attacked on New Year’s three years ago. Right after that ball.

I look up sharply, glancing out of the window as thunder cracks in the sky.

The weather is getting worse; I dislike driving in a storm, especially since I have

had a few chilling experiences over the last

few year.

“I… something isn’t right Jai, I received an email from Valerie following that night…” I say, taking out my phone. I go into my email and find it, a message I’ve stared at

thousands of times.

I pass him my phone, not missing the

concerned look in his eyes when he reads it.

“Fuck… Zaia, I don’t know what this is, but

Seb never would have said that. In fact, he went to the Whispering Mountain Pack to-

“-To let you know that Valerie was critical,

but apparently you didn’t want to believe me. Or so I was told by Payne.”

My heart thuds as I look up at the man standing in the doorway of the room. So lost

in conversation, I didn’t even notice him.

He’s completely drenched by the rain.

His soaking black hair falls in front of his eyes. His wet white shirt is sticking to him, emphasising his incredible abs and his firm


It’s almost see-through, and through it, I

can see the new tattoo that covers the side of

his left flank and his arm.

My gaze dips to the front of his black pants, and I knew it was a mistake. They are soaked through, but I can’t help but notice the

definition of his cock.

My stomach does a flip and my throat suddenly feels dry.

He raises his arm, brushing his wet hair back, and I can’t help but swallow as his

muscles flex.

“Eyes up here.” He says cockily.

Oh fuck, I was shamelessly checking him out

… accidentally!

My cheeks burn in embarrassment before I

turn my attention to Jai, who is snickering,

and I glare at him.

I stand up and send another scathing glare

in Sebastian’s direction.

“Why are you here, Se- Mr King?” I ask sharply as I step away from the bed. “You two planned this, correct? Did you two use Valerie to get me here?”

Jai shakes his head, and my eyes flash dangerously, seeing the guilt in his eyes.

How dare they!

Sebastian walks over to me, tossing his jacket onto the seat where I had just been sitting moments earlier before he takes hold of my chin.

My breath hitches, his proximity and scent


My heart is pounding, but all I can do is stare up at the man who cast me aside and

try to understand the look in those brilliant

blue eyes of his.

“I’m here to do something I should have

done three years ago. There was no way for me to get you alone, Zaia… I’m sorry it’s taken me so long, but I need you to listen to


He’s cold, but the heat between us is

overpowering the cold.

I open my mouth to refuse him, but he presses his thumb to my lips, making my

core clench with desire.

“Hush, Little Fox, I want you to listen.” He whispers that name, and I almost can’t refuse him… that is until the idiot opens his mouth again. “Be a good girl for me?” 3

My eyes narrow and I push him away from

me, raising my hand. I’m unable to stop myself from slapping him across his damn


“Don’t you dare touch me!’

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