I Am The Luna chapter 21 moonlight muse

  1. A Visit


It’s pretty late in the evening when I finally head home.

I had gone to Valerie’s apartment again, but there was nothing more to find other than what the squad had already learned. I took her phone from them, in hopes she’d have Zaia’s new number in there, but there is nothing

I wonder if she has another phone and ask the team to bring me all her devices, but there is no sign of a second phone. I’m sure they stayed in contact, but even Jai is not sure on how Valerie didn’t tell him much more than what he already knew.

Checking her emails also doesn’t bring anything, but there are emails of a conversation with a doctor regarding the poison and Zaia’s blood, something I d******d copies of

I unlock the front door to the mansion, and step inside, pulling open the buttons of my shirt, as I lean against the door and stare down the hall.

The memory of Zaia running down this hall in a rush, looking graceful and sexy all at once as she flings her arms around my neck, kisses me and helps me out of my jacket, returns with a vengeance

Zaia is everything, beautiful, strong, confident, pure and sexy.

I miss her… miss her touch; her smile…. the taste of her….

An image of her naked fills my mind, and I close my eyes.

Not now… I groan internally.

It’s been over four months since I’ve had sex… since she left.

The dreams only make it harder and masturbating to her memories is nowhere near the real thing.

I did this… I admit I deserve this.

Pushing myself away from the wall, I head upstairs, passing our old

bedroom. I pause and stare at the door

I can’t bring myself to go in there.

Is there any remnant of her scent left behind?

Opening the door, I’m instantly I’m hit with a powerful wave of nostalgia. Making me unable to enter

“Well, look who decided to return.” Dad’s crisp voice makes me turn to him.

I frown slightly and tilt my head.

“I’ve been busy with what’s been going on,” I say quietly

I don’t want to argue with him. Closing the door, I move past him when he calls



I don’t respond, waiting for him to continue

“This pack is going to the dogs. Fix it or give up your title”

I frown. He’s forgetting I’m the one

who made this pack better

“I think you got used to the level that I raised this pack to. We’re only returning to how it was when you were Alpha.” I reply harshly.

Not waiting for a reply, I walk away.


I don’t have time for his crap.

“Do not turn your back on me, Sebastian.” He warns menacingly

“No… but I am the Alpha now, and you better not disrespect me.” I snarl, my eyes flashing as I turn and glare at him.

“I made you Alpha.” He hisses.

“You made me nothing! A fool can be given the title of a king, and unless he proves he is worthy to be called king, he will forever remain a fool. I’m acknowledged as the Alpha for what I have achieved. As for the shit I’ve messed up, I know what I’m doing, and I don’t need to answer to you or anyone “I growl, trying to calm the rising storm within me.

Only Zaia. Because she’s the one I wronged.

Our eyes meet, both of us raging with anger and before this gets out of hand, I turn and storm down the hall, having

had enough of his crap.

I enter the guest room where I’ve been staying and head straight to the bathroom and pull open the cabinet. Grabbing the pill bottle, I unscrew it and pour some pills into my hands before putting the bottle back.

I’ll have these checked.

Hearing a knock on the bedroom door, I quickly slip the pills into my pocket before I go to answer it.

I will fix this, Zaia, I promise.

A week has passed since that day, and things are still extremely tense at home

The results of the pills came back positive. Each one contained a high level of Ashbane.

The results, combined with the tension, brought me to the decision that I will leave the mansion and move elsewhere.

I now stare up at the gates to the entrance of the Whispering Mountain Pack. After not being able to reach either Atticus or Zaia via phone or email, I decided to come here in person.

I told no one of my visit, save Jai, not wanting it to somehow get to the person watching me and also not knowing who I can trust.

I sigh, leaning against my car as I wait for Atticus. The guard is watching me like a hawk. He has called Atticus and surprisingly Atticus has agreed to come meet the

chose to go to the eastern side of his pack, the private property is entirely blocked off, and no one can enter but it’s easier for me to reach Atticus on this side rather than try to enter the pack and be apprehended by security. This way I’m not on his pack territory, just the borders

Several more minutes pass when I hear the sound of footsteps and the door opens and Atticus steps out

“Give us some time alone,” he murmurs to his guard.

The man bows before walking away and Atticus turns his gaze on me

“Well, well, well… look what we have here? I’m appalled at your brazen behaviour, Sebastian King When I specifically told you, you aren’t allowed anywhere near my pack, yet you show up at my door…” his voice is sharp, his eyes ice-cold.

“I came alone and I’m here to talk, not to argue ” I reply, my eyes flickering from my wolves to my own as I try to control my emotions.

“And that is the only reason you are alive. I don’t need Zaia getting upset with your presence,” he says, his voice lower

“I want to talk to her, it’s why I’m here,” I reply as I cross my arms.

He frowns slightly and sighs heavily

“When will you accept that she’s moved on?” he asks, “and haven’t you? So why are you still trying to hurt her, unless, of course, you don’t really care for the woman on your arms.”

Is he implying that it’s an act?

“This is about my kids. I know those babies are mine, no matter if you or she deny that.”

“And here I am seeing them as mine, really… Sebastian, even if somehow you are the father, she doesn’t want anything to do with you.”


They are mine

And I will never tolerate this man to

ever be a father figure to my children. Just the thought makes my blood boil.

My eyes flash as I push myself away from the car, closing the gap between us, wanting to punch his face.

“Call Zaia,” I growl.

He shakes his head. “Fine, I’ll go ask her if she’s willing to talk to you, rest assured, I know she won’t accept you back, but you have to promise me one thing.”

“What?” I almost snarl.

“After this talk, if she doesn’t want anything to do with you, you will leave her alone and walk away. For good?”

I clench my jaw

No because I will keep trying


He nods and takes his phone out and dials a number I can hear it ring but there’s no answer

I lean over and look down at the screen, ZAIA…

“Don’t trust me?” He snaps, shoving me back, but I refuse to back off

I don’t trust him at all.

“Just making sure,” I growl.

“Pathetic” He mutters as the phone goes to the answering machine.

“Try again,” I growl.

But before he can reply, a message comes through.

ZAIA. I’m sorry, it’s just so loud here 1 didn’t hear your call. Is everything ok,


“Let her enjoy herself ” He mutters.

It’s not that I don’t want her to be happy. Has she really moved on with him?

ATTICUS I’m sorry to bother you, it’s just Sebastian King is here, and he wants to have a word with you one last time

“And tell her that I have something important to tell her regarding Valerie,” I say, frowning.

ZAIA. Well, I don’t want to talk to him. We had our last talk the last time he was here. I don’t want to ruin my day, send him away Atticus.

ATTICUS: I understand, and no one can force you. He said there’s something he wants to tell you about your friend Valerie

ZAIA: you can pass a message on to him?

I frown. What do I do? She’s obviously angry

ATTICUS Tell me and I’ll pass it on

“She doesn’t want to talk to you. Sebastian,” he states the obvious,

making my irritation rise

I snatch the phone from him and hit

the call button again. This time it’s picked up I can hear the loud sound of talking and laughing in the background.

“Zala, listen to me.”


She hung up.

I stare down at the phone before Atticus takes his phone back, his eyes blazing

anything to do with you. Leave

“Enough! You rejected her and divorced her! She doesn’t want Sebastian or there will be war and this time, I fucking mean it!” His anger makes his voice tremble, and I stare

down at the phone in his hand.

No come on, just one meeting Zaia I’ll tell you everything

“Tell her Valerie was attacked, and she’s in a coma. If not for me, tell her to at least come visit her friend,” I say quietly.

He shakes his head and types

something, and I pray it’s enough. She wouldn’t refuse her friend. The

phone vibrates and Atticus holds it up. to me.

“Here’s your answer. Now go.”

I stare down at the screen.

ATTICUS: Your friend Valerie was attacked, and she’s currently in a coma. He wants you to visit her

ZAIA. I didn’t think he could fall so low …send him away Atticus, I’m tired of him. Please don’t text again, I’m busy. I’ll wait for you tonight. Take care, handsome.

My heart clenches and I feel defeated.

In this cage-like pack, I’ve lost her….


The last word of the text burns in my head.

She really has moved on…

I turn away and get into my car.

Call me selfish, call me fucking arrogant or whatever you want, but this is not the end.

I will find a way to reach you Zaia, because you are my Luna.a

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