Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies by Sherri Roman Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Let’s Divorce 

“Ah… Slower…!” The woman pleaded in the dimly lit room, gripping the man’s strong back. 

Her moans of pleasure only fueled his eagerness as he moved back and forth with intensity. Their heavy breaths mingled together, igniting a fiercer passion within each other. 


Their wild movements knocked over the lamp on the bedside table. The orange light turned on and lit up the room. 

Still struggling to catch his breath, Joe Smith looked at Mia White with a mocking gaze. 

“I can’t believe you’re this desperate. Drugging me just to get me to touch you? Well, are you satisfied now?” 

With a smirk, he changed his angle and continued with his hard thrusts, taking her pleasure to new heights. 

A single tear slipped down her check as she struggled to speak, “I didn’t…” 

His eyes darkened upon seeing her cry, pushing him to move even faster, and with a few more thrusts they both reached climax. 

Letting out a low growl, Joe released Mia, still shaking from aftershocks, lost in a daze. He headed towards the bathroom, leaving her to lie motionless on the bed. It took her some time to gather her strength and slowly dress herself. 

Her gaze fell upon the nightstand drawer, and she bit her lip. 

Three years ago, when the White Group was facing a financial crisis, her parents drugged her and sent her to Joe’s bed to secure an alliance with the Smith family. 

Joe believed that it was all Mia’s scheme to get closer to him, and despised her from the start. And more than that, he never loved her because he treasured someone else. 

Wendy Swan. 

Wendy had saved his life. He was incredibly grateful, and wanted to marry her. But due to certain family obligations and business contracts, he was forced to marry Mia instead. 

Despite his hatred, Mia cared and loved him in every way, even though the high society of Atlanta all mocked and looked down on her for it. 

But she didn’t care about their opinions. She never complained once, continuing to tolerate everything Joe did that proved how much he hated her. 

But today, she decided… she couldn’t take it anymore. 

She was pregnant. 

Joe and Mia had made a deal not to have children. Or more accurately, Joe didn’t want her to have his child. 

She took out the papers from the bedside table drawer. 

Joe emerged from his bath, a deep scowl on his face. He tossed a small box of pills Mia. 

“Take it.” 

Mia read the label on the box, “emergency contraceptive,” and felt a wave of disappointment wash over her. 

Her hesitation irritated him, and he scoffed, “We’ll not have kids. Mia. Quit dreaming.” 

Mia threw the pills aside, her expression devoid of emotion. 

“I don’t need them. I won’t get pregnant this time. And… I have something to tell you.” 

Tear streaks were still visible on her face, shimmering under the light. 

Despite his coldness to her, Joe couldn’t deny the pang in his chest, seeing her tears. 

But he pushed the strange feeling aside. “Go ahead. How much do you want this time?” 

“I’m tired. I want a divorce.” 

Joe’s eyes widened in disbelief. Anxiety washed over him, and he clenched his fists tight. “So now you’re playing hard to gel, huh? How much does your family want this time?” 

Wordlessly, Mia pushed the document towards him, the two-centimeter scar on her slender arm standing out. Her expression remained terrifyingly calm. 

Joe nonchalantly picked up the document, “The White family finally realized you’re useless. They must be planning to exchange you for money…” 

Right away, the words “Divorce Agreement” came into his view. 

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