Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 9

On the day of Bethany’s art exhibition, Sophia spent more than an hour putting on delicate makeup. She styled her long and soft hair into a fishtail braid hanging behind her back, leaving some strands of stray hair framing her face. As for her outfit, she matched her loose apricot silk shirt with an emerald long pencil skirt. Her elegant style looked a little lazy yet sexy at the same time.

When Mason saw Sophia, he couldn’t help but arch his eyebrows and whistle at her. “When are you planning to look for a boyfriend, Soph? Can you issue me a number tag and let me line up first?”

Sophia found Mason’s words funny. “Stop joking around.”

“I’m being serious,” Mason responded.

He took off his sunglasses and lowered his head to look at Sophia, looking very sincere.

Upon hearing that, Sophia was stunned for a moment. She hadn’t thought of starting a new relationship in the meantime, let alone messing around with a young man from her company.

Without responding to Mason, she got on the Maserati.

Mason was unbothered by Sophia’s reaction. The awkwardness from a moment ago soon dissipated as he continued, “Don’t worry, Soph. Katherine has told me everything. I’ll definitely help you seek revenge today!”

Looking at Mason, Sophia heaved a sigh of relief and gave a faint smile. “I’ll be counting on you then.”

“No problem!”

The blue Maserati sped off and soon arrived in front of Bethany’s art gallery. Instantly, people’s attention was drawn to the extravagant car.

Sophia unbuckled her seatbelt and got down from the car in her high heels. After walking to Mason’s side, she held onto his arm and entered the venue.

The security personnel at the entrance stopped them. “Sir, Madam, please show me your invitation card.”

Thus, Sophia took out the invitation from her bag and handed it over to the security personnel. After confirming it, the latter finally allowed them into the place.

Other than Bethany’s artwork, there were also art pieces created by other famous artists, which were specially borrowed for the exhibition that day. Hence, it wasn’t a place that anyone could enter.

Although the White family wasn’t comparable to the Xenos family, it was still a renowned wealthy family in Jadeborough.

Bethany’s art gallery was nearly five hundred square meters, and the rental fee reached almost three million a year, not to mention the luxurious renovation. As soon as she entered, Sophia recognized the chandelier on the ceiling. Designed by an artist from Irushea, that chandelier alone cost more than a million.

Many of the showcases at the venue were moved away to allocate a larger space for the guests to appreciate the art pieces.

Undeniably, Bethany’s art was pretty interesting, even though Sophia couldn’t understand them.

As it was an art exhibition organized by the daughter of the White family, many reporters naturally came to show their support.

Mason had kept his outfit simple that day. He was dressed in a shirt and apricot-colored casual pants. He also had a pair of sunglasses on, hence the reporters didn’t recognize him at once.

Upon reaching the second floor, Sophia immediately saw Bethany from afar. The latter was wearing a graceful floral dress, her long hair trailing down her back. She looked gentle and lovely.

As Alexander hadn’t arrived at the exhibition, Bethany kept on looking downstairs.

When Sophia and Mason walked further ahead, they discovered an open balcony.

There were three parasols on the balcony with chairs and tables under them. A painted wall stood by the side, and surprisingly, complimentary beverages and desserts were placed on a flat surface in the corner of the wall.

Most visitors were inside the venue, so the balcony was peaceful at that moment.

Sophia glanced at Mason. “Shall we sit here for a while?”


Sophia couldn’t really appreciate art as it was too sophisticated for her.

While the people indoors conversed eloquently about famous artists, Sophia and Mason chatted about the recent gossip in the entertainment industry.

Although Sophia wasn’t as interested in the industry’s gossip as Katherine, she didn’t mind listening to it occasionally.

With the juices and cakes on the table and a handsome man in front of her, Sophia felt like she could sit there the entire afternoon.

However, that was simply her wishful thinking. Sophia’s mission for the day was to create trouble for Thalia and the others.

Putting aside the glass of juice in her hand, Sophia looked at Mason and said, “The main character should be here soon. Let’s head in.”

She smiled and picked up her bag as she stood up.

Before Sophia and Mason even entered the venue, Thalia’s surprised voice pierced through the air. “Why are you here?”

Whenever Thalia was in front of Sophia, she felt an inexplicable sense of superiority. However, she would also feel displeased upon seeing the latter’s gorgeous appearance.

Hence, every time she saw Sophia, Thalia couldn’t help but insult the latter with harsh words. It was no exception that day. “Do you know where this is? Is this a place where you can come to, Sophia? Don’t tell me you came here knowing that Alex will appear. You’re not going to beg him to remarry you, are you?”

As Thalia went on, she started to feel more confident about her own reasoning. “Sophia, don’t even dream about remarrying Alex. Go ahead and beg me first if you want to remarry him. Who knows? I might put in a good word for you in front of him. Although he might not agree to it in the end, at least he’ll get to hear you out. What do you think? Isn’t my suggestion wonderful? There aren’t many people here, so you can…”

The only thing on Thalia’s mind when she saw Sophia was to question the latter. Thus, she only noticed there was a man standing beside Sophia after blabbering for a while.

Thalia found him looking vaguely familiar. When she took another look at him, she was utterly stunned to see that it was Mason.

“You… Why are you with Mason?”

Sophia didn’t answer Thalia’s question. Instead, she turned to glance at Mason, who took off his sunglasses and responded, “I’m here to accompany Soph.”

“Oh my gosh! How could y-you two? How!” Thalia exclaimed as she looked at Mason, visibly on the verge of tears.

Sophia remained silent the entire time and looked at Thalia as if she was watching a clown.

After a while, she figured she had seen enough. “Let’s go.”

Thalia was about to lose her mind. She initially thought that the photographs captured by the paparazzi days ago were taken at a certain angle, making Sophia and Mason look intimate. With that in mind, she repeatedly comforted and told herself that there was nothing between Sophia and Mason and that there would never be anything between them.

Yet, Thalia just witnessed her idol standing beside Sophia.

How does she match up to him? She doesn’t deserve him in any way!

“You’re not allowed to leave!” Thalia shouted.

However, nobody paid attention to her. Sophia had reentered the art gallery with Mason following behind her. His lips were curled up slightly as they mumbled to each other smilingly.

Thalia was so enraged that her eyes turned red. Once she came back to her senses, she hurriedly chased after them.

Not long after walking into the gallery, Sophia and Mason ran into Bethany and Alexander. Behind the two was a large group of reporters with cameras on them.

The atmosphere in the space turned tense all of a sudden. After a short while, Bethany broke the silence by saying, “It’s been a long time since we last met, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia nodded. “I came over to take a look since I was bored. The art exhibition is not bad.”

Bethany let out a gasp and seemed a little surprised. “I didn’t expect that you would like my artwork, Ms. Yarrow. It’s my pleasure.”

How pretentious. Sophia simply complimented that Bethany’s art exhibition was decent, yet the latter announced that Sophia liked her artwork. There wasn’t a hint of humbleness in Bethany’s nonchalant tone. Rather, it made people think that she was mocking Sophia for pretending to understand her art.

Raising her eyebrows, Sophia uttered, “I’m not really well-versed about art, but I think this was what Mason studied before debuting.”

She paused momentarily and looked at Mason. “What do you think about Ms. White’s artwork?”

“They are pretty average,” Mason remarked.

Hearing that, Sophia frowned at him and said, “Ms. White is going to chase us out if you speak like this.”

Bethany’s expression turned slightly unpleasant at Mason’s comment. However, she could only force a smile upon hearing Sophia’s words. “Your evaluation is indeed on point, Mr. Queen. I’m definitely not as capable as you.”

Mason didn’t try to be modest at all as he said bluntly, “Yeah. That’s why I made my manager reject your collaboration request previously. I hope that you won’t mind, Ms. White.”

“I… I don’t mind,” Bethany stuttered.

Seeing Bethany’s clenched jaw, Sophia knew it was time to stop. She glanced at Mason and chided, “That’s enough. If I had known you wouldn’t like the exhibition, I wouldn’t have come as well. Let’s go now so we won’t delay Ms. White any further.”

“All right, Soph.”

With that, the two of them turned around and left. Throughout the exchange, Sophia did not even spare a glance at the man beside Bethany.

On the contrary, Alexander’s dark gaze was fixed on Sophia the whole time. The nickname “Soph” sounded piercing and harsh to his ears.

What is their relationship? Why is he calling her in such an intimate way?

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