Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 73

After having a brief discussion on the company’s annual dinner with Katherine, Sophia left and drove straight to Golden Sun.

Golden Sun was a restaurant that was opened two years ago. They only served ninety-nine tables a day. It would close once they sold out their goodies, and while the food tasted average, the price was exorbitant.

Despite that, Golden Sun was so popular that it took the customers two years to get a table there.

The Queen family indeed had a great reputation since Megan was able to skip the wait and make a reservation over there.

Sophia was dressed in a modest outfit that day. The bag she was carrying was a customized Arterius bag that Katherine grabbed for Sophia’s birthday last year. Arterius only had fifty customization slots every year, which were offered to their global consumers. Each bag was one-of-a-kind, so it was naturally impossible to find another one on the market.

Katherine knew Sophia well. Hence, she deliberately hid the logo with a uniquely designed pattern. One would not be able to see the logo without looking at it closely.

The black bag was simple. The initials of Sophia’s name had been engraved on the buckle part. Other than that, it looked just like an unbranded bag that was bought from a website for a few hundred bucks.

The attendant at the entrance welcomed a huge number of guests a day, so he could tell their social status based on what they wore.

Hence, when the attendant saw Sophia, he raised his hand to stop her at the door despite wearing a smile on his face. “Miss, we can’t let you in if you haven’t made a reservation yet.

Sophia glanced at him nonchalantly. “Megan.”

Without a doubt, Megan had quite a reputation over there. As soon as Sophia said the name, the attendant’s expression instantly changed. “You must be Ms. Yarrow. Please forgive me for being ignorant. Ms. Queen has been waiting for you in the private room.”

Sophia was still smiling, but the smile on her face had faltered slightly. “Please lead the way.”

Megan, that’s just impressive. Before I walk through the door, you’ve already asked someone to show me your authority.

What happened earlier was stamped on Sophia’s memory.

“This way, Ms. Yarrow.”

There were so many distinguished guests visiting Golden Sun every day. It was almost impossible that the attendant would be so mindless and stop her by judging her ordinary outfit.

However, his expression changed right after she mentioned Megan’s name.

Evidently, it had specifically been ordered by Megan.


A faint smile played around Sophia’s lips. Shortly after, she was led to the door of the private room.

The attendant halted his steps. “Ms. Queen, Ms. Yarrow’s here.”

Sophia shot him a glance. Not rushing to go inside, she asked, “How much is your monthly salary?”

Feeling confused, the attendant thought about what Megan had told him earlier and answered, “More than six thousand.”

Sophia continued to ask, “How much did Megan give you?”

The attendant’s face turned pale when he heard that. It seemed that Sophia had already figured out that he deliberately stopped her at the entrance to show her how powerful Megan was.

Sophia stared at him and let out a giggle. “Don’t do such a stupid thing again.”

After speaking, she pushed the door open and walked inside.

The face of the attendant at the door flushed with embarrassment as he heard Sophia’s words.

Standing motionlessly at the door to the private room, the attendant watched Sophia leave in a daze.

As soon as Sophia walked past the screen, she saw Thalia and Megan at the table. She then raised her brows. “Ms. Queen, I thought you wouldn’t want to let others know about your family matters.”

Megan let out a snort. “Well, Tally is not an outsider.”

Without saying anything, Sophia took a seat.

As soon as she sat down, Thalia moved the menu over. Just when Sophia thought Thalia had finally realized her mistake after being detained for a few days, Megan suddenly uttered, “Usually, one has to wait for at least two years to get a table here. Luckily, my brother knows the owner of this restaurant, so we can skip the wait and make a reservation today. Ms. Yarrow, I think you haven’t tried the food here before. You can give it a try today. After all, it’s not expensive.”

Sophia couldn’t help letting out a chuckle. Megan, who looked utterly arrogant a second ago, froze upon hearing Sophia’s laughter. “What’re you laughing at?”

“Nothing! Ms. Queen, I appreciate you being so thoughtful.”

After speaking, Sophia took the menu. “Ms. Queen, you’re right that I’ve never tried the food here before. The dishes look quite delectable. I think you won’t mind if I order a few more dishes, will you?”

Megan looked unfazed. “Of course not. I’m not short of money, anyway.”

As she spoke, Megan and Thalia exchanged glances. “Thalia and I are already sick of eating the food here. Ms. Yarrow, please don’t mind us. Just order whatever you like.”

Sophia looked up at the two of them. “I won’t hold back then.”

Thalia sneered. “Yeah, don’t feel shy. Meg is generous, my dear sister-in-law. Oops! I’m sorry. It’s ex-sister-in-law.”

Sophia’s hand holding the menu trembled a little. After that, she tapped her index finger on the table several times before calling the waiter over to take the order.

“Ms. Yarrow, are you ready to order? Do you want me to ask the waiter to recommend some dishes for you? After all, this is your first time coming here. There’re a lot of signature dishes here.”

Megan pretended to be nice, but the way she and Thalia looked at Sophia was as if they were watching the show unfold.

“It’s fine. There’re descriptions on the menu.”

Just then, the waiter walked in. Sophia flipped the menu to the first page. “I’ll have clam chowder, seared scallops, stuffed salmon, bacon-wrapped chicken, and mushroom risotto.”

Out of the five dishes, none of them was simple and cheap.

Megan and Thalia exchanged looks again. Their eyes were filled with disdain.

The waiter then asked Sophia if she had finished ordering. With a smile, Sophia uttered, “Add three more desserts.”

After speaking, she took a glance at Thalia and Megan. “Would you like anything else?”

Thalia pointed at the menu. “Add one more of this, then.”

Megan also added one more dish. Just when she thought Sophia had finished ordering, Sophia continued, “Oh yeah! My friends haven’t had lunch yet. It isn’t easy to have a meal here. Ms. Queen, do you mind me packing them some food?”

Megan almost rolled her eyes at her. “Why not? Like you, I guess your friends also haven’t tried the food here before. Since you are here, I suppose you shouldn’t waste the chance.”

Sophia smiled. “I’ll thank you on behalf of my friends.”

As she spoke, Sophia waved at the waiter and whispered, “Could you help me pack these three dishes and the soup? Oh yeah! I need fifty packs. Please ask someone to put them in the trunk of my car after packing. Here’s the car key.”

The waiter was taken aback. “Miss, don’t you think it’s a little too much.”

“I have a lot of friends.”

Megan and Thalia kept chatting, unaware of what Sophia had ordered the waiter to pack.

After the waiter left, Megan finally dived into the main subject. “Ms. Yarrow, the reason I asked you over today is to talk about the vase at my house.”

Sophia nodded. “I know. Do you have something on your mind, then?”

“Sophia, we won’t harp on the fact that you have broken our antique vase since you are Tally’s ex-sister-in-law, but I can’t fathom why you asked someone to send thirty thousand over as compensation. What exactly does that mean?”

Sophia took a sip of coffee. Although the food was unremarkable, the coffee there was worth a try.

She looked up at Megan. “Ms. Queen, what do you make of that?”

“What do I make of that? I think you mean to insult my family. Do you think my family is short of your thirty thousand compensation? My dad bought the vase for more than three million. Just forget about it if you can’t afford to pay for it. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous to ask someone to send the thirty thousand over?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

Staring back at Megan, Sophia replied nonchalantly, “I just paid according to how much the vase is worth. Is that ridiculous?”

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