Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 6

Samuel glanced at Sophia, who was in a red dress, from a distance and exclaimed, “What the heck!”

Charles, who was beside him, raised his eyebrows when he heard Samuel’s reaction. “What’s wrong?”

“Sophia didn’t ask for a single cent from Alexander.”

Upon hearing his words, Charles burst into laughter. “Who told you that? If she did not ask Alexander for money, how could she possibly afford to pay for everyone’s drinks tonight? I bet the alcohol she had to pay would cost her at least three million. Does Sophia look like she could fork out three million on her own?”

Samuel would not have believed that if it were not for Alexander’s words. “Alexander just told me that over the phone.”

Charles was dumbstruck. “What the heck?”

What the h*ll! Sophia cursed when she saw Alexander’s close friends from afar. She rarely went to a bar, so she did not expect to be so unlucky to bump into his friends.

Katherine noticed that Sophia was lost in her thoughts, so she handed her a glass of cocktail and asked, “What are you thinking about and why the long face? Don’t tell me that you regret your decision to divorce Alexander.”

Sophia rolled her eyes and replied, “The only thing I regret is spending my money like this!”

Even though she was rich, Sophia did not like splurging her money in this manner. Thankfully she only had to go through divorce once. Sophia could not imagine the money she had to spend if she had to celebrate her singlehood after every time she went through a divorce. Even the world’s richest man would shake his head in disapproval at how her money was spent.

When she heard her reply, Katherine clicked her tongue as she sat beside Sophia and nudged her with her shoulder. “So what are you thinking about? Reflecting on your miserable past and feeling relieved that you’re finally free from the marriage?”

Sophia took a sip of her cocktail and realized it was surprisingly delicious, so she took another sip before she responded to Katherine, “Behind you. Look carefully at the guys who are sitting in the booth.”

Feeling puzzled, Katherine turned her head in the direction that was mentioned. She almost spilled her drink when she recognized the men in the booth. “You have the worst luck, Sophia!”

“Say that again.” Sophia sighed as she shrugged.

She was supposed to celebrate her freedom after the divorce, but somehow she felt rather pathetic entertaining herself with a glass of cocktail at the corner of the bar.

Furthermore, Alexander’s two childhood friends were sitting not far from her. Sophia pondered for a while and decided she should do something instead if she did not want to become a laughing stock.

After she downed her cocktail with a single gulp, she stood up and asked, “Shall we dance?”

Raising her eyebrows, Katherine replied, “It’s been a while since we’ve danced, right?”

“Indeed, it’s been a long time.” Sophia smiled.

“Let’s go. We’re going to be the brightest stars of the bar tonight!”

With great enthusiasm, Katherine dragged Sophia to the DJ on the stage and snatched the microphone from him. “Hi everyone, a great evening to all of you! Let me introduce to you a generous and rich friend of mine, Sophia! She will be paying for everyone’s drinks tonight. But that’s not the main point. To celebrate Sophia’s brand new life, we shall bring you an unforgettable performance that will bless your eyes tonight! Come on, let’s get this party started!”

Initially, Sophia felt quite embarrassed by the sudden attention that Katherine had brought on her. However, when she saw Katherine wasn’t feeling the slightest embarrassed despite being a celebrity, she decided to go all out.

Katherine whispered something to the DJ before the lights on the stage suddenly changed. The people who were dancing on the stage instinctively backed away, leaving both Katherine and Sophia standing under the spotlight.

A few dance poles appeared from the ceiling, and when the poles were placed on the stage, Sophia felt dizzy with excitement under the colorful stage lights.

Ever since she married Alexander, she had to contain her hot temper and act like a lady. After acting for such a long time, she had forgotten the kind of woman she truly was.

She had never wanted sympathy and pity from anyone. All she wanted was for everyone to submit to her and treat her as the queen.

When the music started, Sophia shot Katherine a glance. Memories of the two learning the dance moves for Katherine’s talent show contest began to appear in her mind. Back then, she even performed on stage with Katherine for the talent show.

After that, Sophia fell in love with pole dancing. Hence when Katherine signed up for pole dancing classes, she signed up for the course as well.

Despite having no rehearsals, they managed to dance in sync with the chemistry they had developed from their twenty years of friendship and eight years of dance practice.

Beneath the colorful stage lights, the two grabbed a pole each and circled their respective poles. Every step they took was alluring and sexy. Then, the audience went into a frenzy when the two women approached each other and moved their fingers up and down on each other’s arms.

Jonice, who had just ended a phone call, almost fainted when she watched the two women on stage, one in black and the other in red, dancing with their bodies intertwined.

Did Katherine forget that she’s a celebrity?

Almost instantly, Jonice rushed to the side of the stage and shouted, “Katherine, have you lost your mind?”

Katherine, who was a little tipsy from the alcohol, had forgotten that her current status was different from the past. Upon hearing her manager’s enraged roar, she immediately returned to her senses and quickly stopped whatever she was doing.

Meanwhile, Sophia already had her slender legs wrapped around the cool metal and spinning beautifully around the pole, deeply engrossed in her dance performance. Katherine opened her mouth and was about to say something to Sophia when she spotted an uninvited guest among the audience.

Katherine’s brows rose in surprise before deciding to shut her mouth and retreat from the stage quietly without her friend.

Sophia’s red dress was so eye-catching that only a few of the audience noticed Katherine’s sudden retreat from the stage. However, nobody mentioned anything about it since they were captivated by Sophia’s performance.

The moment Alexander entered the bar, he saw the gentle and graceful woman he once knew latched around a metal pole like a snake, swinging around it and dancing to the music.

Her body was so soft and flexible that she could wrap herself around the pole, looking graceful and alluring.

She flipped her long flowy hair against the lights and revealed her beautiful and charming face. Her eyes were both sexy and flirtatious at the same time. She climbed up the pole effortlessly, like a feral cat. Or rather, she looked more like a wild rose blooming in the wild.

She let an undulating wave move through her before arousing the audience’s imagination by swinging her fair and long legs beneath the red dress forward to wrap around the pole.

Sophia slowly slung her body around and down the pole. The motions caused her red dress to fly up enough to reveal her legs beneath. As she brought her feet to the ground, she leaned on the pole and did an ending pose.

Panting slightly, Sophia let go of the pole and was ready to exit the stage when she spotted Alexander staring at her from a distance.

Despite standing at least three meters away from her, she could see the darkened expression of the man in a suit. His eyes were filled with thundering rage.

After casting a quick glimpse at him, Sophia quickly retracted her gaze and got down from the stage.

“That was awesome! Pretty lady, I can be your pole if you need one,” Katherine teased.

Sophia took over the glass of juice from Katherine and lightly flicked her forehead with her fingers. “Don’t think I’m going to forgive you so easily for leaving me alone on stage!”

“My bad! My bad! I’m sorry!”

Katherine had always been a comedic drama queen, yet Jonice chose to create a cold and distant persona for her. Sophia was impressed that she had managed to adhere to the persona after so many years.

“Don’t hug me!” Sophia exclaimed as she pushed Katherine away coldly.

When she realized Katherine was going for a second attempt at hugging her, Sophia quickly told her off in an irritated tone. “I’m all sweaty right now, so don’t come near me!”

Then Katherine smiled, leaned close to her ear, and whispered, “Do you know that Alexander’s here?”

“Of course I do,” Sophia replied as she looked down at the glass of juice in her hands.

“When did you realize he’s here?”

Just as Sophia was about to answer Katherine’s question, a cold male voice sounded from behind. “Step outside. We need to talk.”

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