Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 58

When Samuel called Alexander, the latter was having a meeting.

Once he saw who the caller was, Alexander rejected the call without hesitation. Even though he’s already in his thirties, Samuel is still as childish as before. He will call me even for the most trivial matter.

However, Samuel was persistent as he continued to call again and again. He would not stop calling until Alexander answered his call.

Consequently, Alexander’s countenance fell. He then swept a cold glance at Felix. The latter felt shivers running down his spine and thought something had gone wrong with the new proposal. At once, he asked cautiously, “I-Is there a problem, Mr. Xenos?”

Alexander picked up his phone and uttered, “Stop the meeting for a moment. I have to answer a call.”

Hearing that, Felix heaved a sigh of relief and gestured to the others to put the meeting on pause.

The enormous conference room fell into silence instantly. In the meantime, Alexander walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window with the phone in his hand. “Do you not want that sports car?”

A few days ago, a limited edition sports car in Alexander’s garage caught Samuel’s eyes. As a result, he kept coming over to Alexander’s company after working hours to pester Alexander like an unwanted piece of gum.

Annoyed by his incessant irking, Alexander promised to ask someone to transfer the car to him. It was only then that Samuel stopped doing his shameless actions.

At the moment, Alexander was suppressing his anger. He had prepared to say he would retrieve the car as soon as Samuel opened his mouth before hanging up the phone. I have to let him witness my fury.

Yet, Alexander did not merely boil with rage upon hearing Samuel’s words.

“What? Repeat what you just said.”

“I’m at the sales center of Eden Residences! Sophia is purchasing a house with her boyfriend!”

Alexander thought he had misheard Samuel at first but confirmed what he heard was right that second time.

In a flash, his body froze, and his expressionless face was getting colder. “When did she have a boyfriend?”

He tried his best to remain clear-headed, but he had almost crushed his newly-bought phone barehanded, proving his effort was not too successful.

“It’s that guy! Joshua Lewis from Technology Innovations!”

At the same time, Samuel, who was providing Alexander with information, turned sideways instinctively and had his back facing Joshua and Sophia when he saw them walking out.

Sophia glanced at Samuel indifferently and was unbothered. She then averted her gaze and looked toward Joshua. “What’s next? Buying a ring?”

Admittedly, she thought her presence was needless on that day. Joshua already has ideas in his mind, but he still wants me to come along. He’s showing off his affection for his partner before me straightforwardly! Argh. I should’ve picked my friends carefully.

Joshua kept the housing contract and nodded in response to Sophia’s question. “Yup.”

As soon as he heard those utterances, Samuel became stunned. He told Alexander, “T-They’re going to purchase a ring now. Alex, I’m warning you. If you play cool again, prepare to immerse yourself in alcohol while embracing me and weeping.”

“Help me follow them and see where they’re going!” Alexander’s face had further darkened at that point.

“How about you?”

Before Samuel received an answer, the call had already disconnected.

Samuel glanced down at his phone and had a thought. People can’t be too scummy indeed!

Meanwhile, concerning Sophia’s relationship with Joshua and Katherine, they had known each other since childhood. Back then, Joshua was quite taciturn and always had a cold appearance. Conversely, Katherine had an entirely different personality. Hence, Sophia had never imagined they would end up being together.

During the early stages of that relationship, Sophia put a damper on Katherine’s spirits by reminding her that Joshua was not a suitable boyfriend candidate due to his personality and that they would not even have had a friendship if not for her efforts.

Since Joshua was too frigid and greatly influenced by his parents, Sophia was worried he would commit domestic violence at one point.

Much to her surprise, Katherine was still in good shape after all those years. Joshua’s conduct toward Katherine was also antithetically different from how he treated others.

On top of that, Joshua had prepared everything for their imminent marriage.

He told Sophia to choose the style of the ring with him, but in the end, the chosen ring was also specially designed according to Katherine’s ring size and preference.

Sophia only needed a single glance to tell that the ring was custom-made by Joshua for Katherine. She flashed a half-smile at Joshua and questioned, “Did you bring me out today to trigger me intentionally?”

“Nope.” Joshua tilted his head and looked at Sophia before proceeding, “Kath doesn’t have any family members left, but she has always treated you like her younger sister. I know what your concern is. I brought you along today to tell you that you don’t have to worry, because I have her here in my heart. If I mistreat her someday, feel free to take her away from me.”

Those words startled Sophia for a moment. She then chuckled while staring at him. “Despite saying that many magniloquent words, your true purpose is displaying your love for Katherine before me.”

Upon hearing that sentence, Joshua also giggled. Shortly afterward, he received the packaged ring from the salesperson and asked Sophia, “Lunch together?”

In response, Sophia shook her head while smiling. “If we have a meal together, I’m afraid this surprise will lose its effect in all likelihood.”

Even though the paparazzi marking her had decreased during that period, someone might still be out there observing her.

The current Joshua was different compared to before. In addition to that, they had not only gone to the sales center but also picked rings. If they ate together, others might label Sophia as Joshua’s girlfriend anew.

“Let me send you home, then.”

“It’s okay. I want to stroll around for a while.”

Without making any further comment, Joshua nodded and left.

Following his departure from the shop, Sophia turned around and looked at the salesperson. “Are there rings for singles?”

The salesperson was shocked to hear that question, as she probably did not expect a beautiful woman like Sophia to be single.

Nevertheless, she returned to her senses at once when she remembered that the ring Joshua bought earlier was quite expensive. Given that the individual before her was his friend, the salesperson conjectured Sophia to be a generous person as well. She then led Sophia to the side and introduced the rings.

Purchasing a ring was a spontaneous decision of Sophia. Back when she married Alexander, her ring’s design was pretty simplistic. She had no idea who picked it. Regardless, she still wore it as a treasure for three years. A few months before the divorce, she discovered that Alexander’s ring had always been in the cabinet in the room.

If not for the periodic cleaning in the mansion, she suspected that the ring would have already gotten covered in dust.

Those are some worthless memories. I should stop recalling them.

“Take a look at this ring, miss. It’s simple and elegant. The flower above it is a camellia. I think it complements well with your temperament.”

Sophia followed the salesperson’s gaze and saw the diamond on that ring sparkling under the lights. It looks pretty dazzling indeed.

She then noticed that its price was around thirty thousand.

Fortunately, Sophia was wealthy.

Without a tinge of indecisiveness, she paid for the ring with her card.

She also wore the ring on the spot. After leaving the shop, she intended to have lunch at a nearby restaurant.

“You’re so desperate to get married, huh.”

Just then, a familiar male voice sounded. Sophia looked up and saw Alexander standing in front of her with chilliness.

She furrowed her brows and responded, “What does that have to do with you?”

Alexander felt like someone had pierced his heart when he heard those words and had an unbearable feeling. His breath had even gotten stuck in his throat, thus making it hard for him to swallow.

With difficulty, he gulped before questioning, “Aren’t you deeply in love with me?”

Sophia stared at him apathetically and replied, “That was in the past.”

That reply made Alexander freeze for a second. His gaze then fell upon Sophia’s hand. Due to the resplendence of the ring, Alexander did not notice that it was on her pinky.

Staring at the ring, Alexander felt pain in his throbbing temples. “So this is your definition of love? Acting nonchalantly before me and marrying another man when we haven’t even divorced for eight months?”

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