Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 54

Katherine fled after saying the wrong thing, leaving Sophia to deal with Stephen alone.

Stephen actually did not mind that. “My family’s constantly abroad. So, we hired someone to clean it regularly. Maybe that person thought we weren’t returning anymore and didn’t put much effort into maintaining it.”

Sophia nodded understandingly. “No wonder your internet got cut off that day.”

Hearing that, Stephen suddenly smiled. “Did you think I was a criminal during that time?”

Sophia looked at him and took a sip of her juice, shaking her head. “No.”

She just did not like strangers entering her territory, despite Stephen being her neighbor.

Stephen did not question further since Sophia seemed to not have a strong desire to engage in a conversation. Her personality differed completely from Katherine’s. Sophia did not like social activities, nor did she like making friends.

“I’ll take a seat over there.” With that, Sophia brought her glass of juice and walked over to the couch to take a seat.

Katherine did not have many good friends, yet many people attended the event that day. Most of them knew Sophia, but she did not know them. Katherine had informed the guests that Sophia did not like socializing. Hence, no one disturbed her as she sat there.

Mason and Howard were a little late to the party. Noticing Sophia sitting on one side, Mason gave Katherine the gift and walked over. “Sophia, you’re quite early.”

Sophia cast him a glance. “Not really. I just arrived ten minutes before you.”

Mason handed her another glass of juice. “You must be quite busy at the end of the year, right?”

Sophia raised a brow and smiled. “Not really. What’s up? What do you have in mind this time?”

Mason rubbed his nose awkwardly. “Katherine told me you bought a yacht.”

Thinking he wanted to head out to sea, Sophia said, “The weather’s quite cold. I doubt you’ll want to swim in the ocean even if you head out to sea.”

Knowing Sophia had misunderstood, Mason quickly explained, “No, that’s not what I meant. It’s this new music video of mine. I’d like to borrow your yacht for the filming.”

Sophia narrowed her eyes at him. “The keys aren’t with me. Here, I’ll give you a contact number. You can contact him when you need to use it.”

With that, she pulled out her phone and searched for Xavier’s phone number before showing it to Mason.

He quickly made a note of the phone number. “Thank you, Sophia!”

Sophia put away her phone and said, “Katherine really does know how to use her resources.”

To cut the cost of filming a music video, Katherine decided to use Sophia’s newly bought yacht, which had never been used.

“Katherine’s doing this to cut down the company’s expenditures.”

Sophia snorted. “Fine. There, this matter’s settled. You should go along and have fun.”

Mason knew Sophia did not like being disturbed. Thus, he said something nice and got up to leave.

At that moment, all the guests had almost arrived. Katherine instructed someone to bring the cake out to get ready for the cake-cutting ceremony.

Just as Sophia had gotten up and walked over, Katherine pulled her over. “Soph, come here quickly. Hurry! Let me have some of your fortunes rub off on me. I hope to earn a tenth of your earnings in this new year.”

Sophia could not help but laugh. “Nonsense.”

Katherine did not agree with her words. “Hmph, Who knows? Maybe I can’t even earn a tenth of your earnings.”

Everyone who came that day was on close terms with Katherine. At the same time, they knew Sophia was someone rich. Though they were curious about the meaning of Katherine’s words, they were sensible enough not to ask about it.

Soon, the lights in the hall were turned off. The candles on the three-layered cake shone brightly while the crowd stood around and sang a birthday song for Katherine. After that, she made a wish, blew the candles out, and cut the cake.

Joshua then turned on the lights again, and Katherine gave out pieces of cake to everyone on the spot.

As the massive screen was playing a song, Sophia held the plate of cake with her head lowered, taking small bites out of it.

Right then, someone picked up the microphone and started singing a song for Katherine on the small stage. It made the atmosphere jolly.

When Sophia had eaten half of her slice of cake, Katherine suddenly ran to her. “Soph, can you sing me a song?”

Sophia placed the remaining half of her cake on the side of the counter. “What do you want to listen to?”

“I’m fine with any song as long as you’re the one singing.”

Sophia raised her eyebrow and flashed her a smile. “Okay. I’ll listen to you since it’s your birthday today.”

Acting like a gangster, Katherine whistled and grabbed another microphone while going up the stage with Sophia. “Everyone, look over here! My talented friend Sophia is going to sing me a song. Please show her your support and stop whatever you’re doing. Let’s appreciate her good singing skills!”

Her words made Sophia’s face flush.

Sophia lifted her head and shot Katherine a glare before bringing over a high stool and sitting on it. The former picked a song in another language—I Have Nothing. She then returned to her seat and adjusted the height of the microphone.

As a romantic prelude came from the speakers, Sophia raised her gaze with her pretty eyes and smiled. “Share my life. Take me for what I am. Because I’ll never change all my colors for you. Take my love; I’ll never ask for too much.Just all that you are and everything that you do…

It was a song by Katherine’s favorite singer, Whitney Houston. Coincidentally, Sophia heard it once and found it rather romantic and gentle. Even the lyrics sounded romantic. Thus, she saved it into her playlist.

During her second year at university, Katherine wanted to be a part of the university’s singers, and she convinced Sophia to join. Hence, Sophia practiced that song.

She never had any vocal lessons, but her voice was amazing. During the preliminary round, she became the campus belle right away by just singing the song.

Since she was only joining the competition to keep Katherine company, she pretended to have forgotten the lyrics in the final round by merely standing on the stage and not singing a single word.

Now that Sophia was singing, everyone in the room fell silent instinctively.

Meanwhile, Katherine, who was below the stage, watched Sophia in a daze like a fangirl.

That night, Alexander was invited to the location by Samuel. At first, Alexander had no plans to come. However, Samuel said he had something to tell the former, which was related to Sophia. He just would not tell Alexander through the phone, no matter what. Thus, the latter had no choice but to turn up with an icy expression.

As soon as he entered the place, he heard someone singing in the banquet hall that was not too far away. On top of that, the song was in another language.

The woman’s voice was gentle, and she sang I Have Nothing with great passion.

Alexander could not help but turn over to take a look. From his point of view, he could see Sophia singing on the stage, sitting on a stool, and holding a microphone.

Sophia was dressed in a purple sweater, and her hair was tied to the back, leaving several strands of hair hanging by the side of her ears. As her red lips moved, she exuded incredible gentleness and beauty, as if she was glowing.

Alexander stood there silently, unable to move.

He had never seen that side of Sophia. The charm in her relaxed expression made his heart leap.

At the same time, the audience below the stage looked as though they were in a trance. Clearly, they were captivated by Sophia’s voice.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me. I have nothing, nothing, nothing; If I don’t have you, you; If I don’t have you, oh you.” When Sophia finished, someone in the hall started clapping, leading the others to do the same.

Alexander watched Sophia getting off the stage with a smile on her face. There were no traces of arrogance in it.

After that, he witnessed a handsome man approaching her and saying something into her ear, which made her smile.

Alexander’s face fell instantly.

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