Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 46

Before entering the private room, Alexander abruptly halted in his tracks and turned around to look at Felix, who followed right after him. “Why did Tobias get in touch with her?”

Naturally, Felix understood who he was referring to by “her.”

However, he did not have a single clue as to why Sophia would have a meal with Tobias.

“This… I’m not too sure as well.”

Alexander creased his brows into an evident frown. He eyed his secretary with dissatisfaction and ordered, “Look into it.”

With a shudder, Felix replied, “Yes, sir.”

Without another word, Alexander pushed open the door of the private room and strode in.

Sophia had a pair of sunglasses on as she walked out of the hotel. Her car was parked in the open-air parking lot right at the entrance.

As she pulled open the car door, Yvonne, who stood right behind her, stared at her with lips that quivered as though she wanted to say something.

Sophia took off her sunglasses and smiled at Yvonne. “Are you worried that Alexander will investigate me?”

The latter nodded. “If he wants to do so, we might not be able to conceal it from him.”

Sophia raised her brows and remarked, “Don’t worry. He won’t.”

At that, she put on her sunglasses once more and got into the car. “Thank you for today. I’ll head home first.”

Yvonne took a step to the side and watched as Sophia’s red sports car gradually drove away until it finally disappeared into the horizon.

Pursing her lips, she turned around and glanced at the hotel. For some reason, she had a premonition that things would go south.

Frankly, there was totally zero need for Yvonne to be so concerned. Sophia did not intentionally hide her identity, to begin with, and she had even tried to find the opportunity to clarify the assets that she owned to Alexander.

If he wanted to know the truth, he could just let Felix look into the matter anytime.

Now that they were divorced, Sophia felt that Alexander would all the more not do so.

She had always thought that she understood him quite well. Nevertheless, she was proven wrong this time.

The woman had just gotten up from her afternoon nap when Yvonne called to inform her that Felix had already called her to inquire about Tobias and, of course, for more information about Sophia.

Sophia turned her head to the window to glance at the hot, bright sun. She lifted a hand to rub her temples in order to make herself more awake. “Hide it from him for now.”

“Very well, Ms. Yarrow.”

As soon as Sophia hung up, she received an express parcel. It was the evening gown that Katherine had prepared for her.

Receiving a pretty dress made Sophia rather happy.

Alexander’s mood was not as good in comparison.

It did not take long for Felix to investigate the matter between Tobias and Sophia.

However, he never knew that she was actually Suny’s secretary.

When Felix finished reporting his findings, Alexander’s expression was quite grim. The secretary had a strong hunch about what his employer was thinking about.

After a moment of hesitation, Felix could not resist blurting, “Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow isn’t actually that incapable.”

Sophia was the top achiever of the state in the university entrance exam back then, allowing her to study finance at a prestigious university. From primary school to high school, she was basically the top student in the entire grade every year.

This was the information Felix had dug up about Sophia after she and Alexander divorced and when he felt that she was not that terrible.

Felix did not even need to utilize his connections for this. All he did was go online and enter her name in the search bar, and he could find records of Sophia’s past glory.

To be honest, other than the fact that Sophia’s family was not as influential as Alexander’s, she could totally match up to him.

Felix felt that saying Sophia “isn’t actually that incapable” did not do her justice.

Upon hearing his secretary’s words, Alexander scoffed and snapped, “Indeed, she’s very capable at stating her terms!”

You’re just being absolutely biased!

Of course, Felix did not have the courage to retort Alexander’s words, so he could only timidly add, “Mr. Xenos, perhaps you could try Googling Ms. Yarrow.”

Alexander eyed him coldly. “Why should I Google her?”

Is she that amazing?

Felix felt a chill go down his spine. He did not dare to say anything more and cooked up an excuse to depart from the office, leaving Alexander alone inside.

Seated on the chair, Alexander somehow keyed in Sophia Yarrow in the Google search bar.

After doing so, he regretted it immediately. However, before he could close the webpage, he saw a familiar yet strange photo.

Furrowing his brows, the man could not resist the urge to click on the photo.

It was a photo of Sophia when she was fifteen years old. She was the only contestant from Jadeborough to receive the first-tier prize in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Nevertheless, that was not important. Alexander stared at the young Sophia in the photo and felt that she seemed rather familiar.

Half an hour later, Alexander was looking at the gates of Sophia’s mansion with complicated emotions.

Honestly, he did not know why he came. When he saw Sophia’s photo when she was fifteen, he got into his car and drove there straight away.

Now that he was at the entrance of her mansion, he realized how impulsive his actions were.

Alexander glanced at the mansion outside his car window and took a cigarette out of a cigarette box at the side.

Sophia was taking out the trash through the front door when she saw Alexander’s car. She raised her brows, stood at the entrance, and threw him a glance through the windshield.

Alexander put out his cigarette, pushed open the car door, stepped out of the car, and made his way toward her.

Sophia had just turned around after throwing the trash into the bin when she heard him ask, “Have we met in the past?”

Sophia looked at him for two seconds and answered flatly, “No.”

He looks like a smart man, but the questions he asks are dumb.

“You came to Jadeborough when you were fifteen to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad.”

“What’s wrong with that? Do you think that I do not have the right to join such a competition, Mr. Xenos?”

After their divorce, every word that Sophia uttered to him was laced with animosity, causing him inexplicable heartache.

He pursed his lips. “I saw a photo of you receiving the award. I remember seeing you before.”

That took Sophia by surprise for once. However, she regained her senses shortly. “So? If you remember that, why did you have to come and ask me about it?”

After Sophia finished her words, she turned around, closed the gate, and returned to her mansion without sparing him a single glance.

Alexander’s face tensed up as he watched her walk away.

They had met before in his memory, but he could not recall when they met.

Not only did Sophia refuse to talk about it, but she even seemed to loathe him for bringing up this incident.

Alexander lowered his gaze, took out his phone, and dialed Felix’s number.

Sophia had just entered the mansion for a short while when she heard the sound of the car engine roaring from outside. She got onto the balcony and observed the black car gradually driving away.

Alexander had left.

Sophia’s lips curled as she recalled Alexander’s words just now.

Is he only asking me this now? It’s been so long. Well, too bad. Even if he does remember what happened, it won’t be of any use to him. I won’t make the same mistake twice.

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