Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 377

Chapter 377 A Sliver Of Hope

Bob initially thought Sophia had kindly allowed him to use the private room for his father-in-law’s birthday because she knew he was an employee at Technology Innovations. However, Cassandra’s explanation sent shivers down his spine.

He fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat when a dish “specially” sent over by Sophia arrived.

Even Bob’s wife, Sabrina, picked up on the oddity of the situation and asked, “What’s wrong? Is this Ms. Yarrow really your colleague?”

Bob had never hated his niece-in-law more than at that very moment. Still, it would not do for him to lose his temper in front of his father-in-law. Eventually, he hissed through gritted teeth, “How can she be my colleague!”

Relieved, Sabrina muttered, “Then why are you so nervous? Cassie’s right. There are plenty of people eager to climb the social ladder! It’s not as if we can’t afford these dishes. Hey, waiter. Take this back. We can afford to order it ourselves!”

Bob panicked at his wife’s words and blurted out, “No, don’t send it back! She isn’t my colleague but a shareholder at my company!”

The smug expressions worn by his dining companions instantly disappeared.

Sabrina paled and sputtered, “O-Oh my goodness! Doesn’t this mean we just offended her?”

Bob eyed his father-in-law cautiously before closing his eyes. “Let me apologize to Ms. Yarrow.”

Cassandra had clearly committed a huge faux pas. Her mother remembered she was still banking on Bob to snag her son a job at Technology Innovations and immediately struck Cassandra furiously. “What’s wrong with your mouth? Why must you say such nasty remarks?”

Cassandra had not expected someone as young as Sophia to be a shareholder at Technology Innovations.

She had been working for a couple of years and believed she was well-versed in the hidden rules of society and the industry. That had emboldened her to act so pompously around Sophia.

After all, things had only been looking up for Technology Innovations since it became publicly listed. Its net worth was poised to triple this year, and as a member of Technology Innovations’ top management, Bob’s salary and status had skyrocketed. Many small and medium business owners were falling over themselves to suck up to Cassandra’s uncle-in-law.

Cassandra had noticed that the purse in Sophia’s hand cost a pretty penny. The man beside Sophia was dressed sharply, and Cassandra immediately assumed Sophia was his mistress. Since the man appeared to be a small business owner, Cassandra could not resist dropping Bob’s name to encourage their brownnosing efforts.

However, Bob’s revelation held another significant implication. Since Technology Innovations went public, eighty percent of the shares were held between two people. One was the founder and director of Technology Innovations, Joshua Lewis. The other was his friend.

Cassandra was suddenly reminded of something else. Just months ago, Jadeborough University organized a talk by outstanding alumni, and it happened to feature a famous woman by the name of Sophia Yarrow.

In the face of all this damning evidence, Cassandra finally realized the enormity of her mistake. Bob could very well lose his job if they did not salvage the situation.

Her uncle-in-law had just joined Technology Innovations last year and had not received any shares in the company. Besides, compared to his peers at the company, Bob only boasted the advantage of experience.

If Sophia had been offended by their actions earlier, it would only be a matter of time before Bob was fired from the company.

Cassandra dared not say a word while her mother lambasted her repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Bob was no stranger to the antics of his brother-in-law’s family. Cassandra’s mom was merely making a show of reprimanding her daughter to protect her son’s future job at Technology Innovations.

Perhaps there was a hint of genuine remorse over her daughter’s actions, but Bob believed the woman was more concerned about her son’s future.

Bob tamped down his anger and ordered, “Come with me, Cassie. Let’s apologize to Ms. Yarrow.”

Cassandra stiffened and blanched. Even her mother’s hands, which had been pummeling her earlier, froze. Cassandra’s mother said, “Bob, Cassie doesn’t even know Ms. Yarrow. It was just a misunderstanding. Surely, it’s enough for you to go alone. You’re top management in the company, after all. As a shareholder, I’m sure she wouldn’t hold this against you.”

In an unusual show of persistence, Bob replied, “I don’t know if Ms. Yarrow will fire me over this incident, but one thing is certain. If we don’t apologize now, Cedric will never set foot in Technology Innovations.”

Bob’s threat worked. Cassandra’s mom did an about-turn and shoved Cassandra, instructing, “Go on! Apologize to Ms. Yarrow! She’ll know you didn’t mean it.”

She sounded so blithe that one had to wonder why she never considered Sophia’s background before swiping the latter’s private room.

Just then, Bob’s father-in-law, who had been silent the whole time, piped up, “Go on, then. Apologize to the lady with your uncle-in-law.”

Cassandra’s father barked impatiently, “What are you waiting for?”

In the end, Cassandra reluctantly left her seat. Bob glanced at her before addressing the waiter, “Where is Ms. Yarrow’s table? Could you show us the way?”

The waiter nodded in acknowledgment and led them out of the private room.

Sophia and Alexander were about to tuck into their meal when Cassandra and Bob approached their table. Sophia arched a brow in interest.

Bob walked up and greeted her politely, “Hello, Ms. Yarrow. My name is Bob Clayton, and this is my niece. I just learned that she said some unpleasant things to you earlier, and I hope you would be kind enough to forgive her ignorance.”

After that, he nudged the young woman beside him and uttered, “Cassie, say sorry to Ms. Yarrow.”

Cassandra observed the ghost of a smirk on Sophia’s face and fumed. Still, now that she was painfully aware of Sophia’s true identity, Cassandra could only swallow her indignance and eke out an apology.

It was clear from her volume and attitude that the apology sorely lacked sincerity.

Sophia merely smiled and replied, “That’s all right. You’re celebrating your father-in-law’s birthday today. Do send my kind regards to him.”

Bob did not know Sophia well, but he was well aware of how superiors were. Hence, his heart sank at her words.

There was nothing left for him to do but nod and apologize for intruding on their meal. Then, he led Cassandra back to their private room.

Needless to say, Bob did not enjoy that meal at all.

After he got home, Bob immediately told Sabrina to distance herself from her brother’s family.

Sabrina replied hesitantly, “But he’s my elder brother—”

Bob cut in agitatedly, “His family sure isn’t treating you like his sister. Do you have any idea who Sophia Yarrow is? Or the man beside her? Did you think I was all that because I’m in Technology Innovations’ top management? One word from Sophia, and I could be sent packing! And that boyfriend of hers. He’s Odyssey’s chairman, Alexander Xenos! No one in Jadeborough will hire me if he even so much as hints at his displeasure toward me!”

His rant continued, “Dear brother? Hmph! All they care about is getting Cedric a cushy job at Technology Innovations. They know the company’s potential and want their son to be a part of it, but they’ve never put themselves in my shoes. Since our marriage, I’ve helped your brother’s family plenty. I pulled strings for Cassandra to get into her current company. Go ahead and help your brother if you want to flush my career prospects in Jadeborough down the drain!”

His words finally sobered his wife, who uttered, “I know what to do.”

Knowing his wife’s personality, Bob decided it was not worth his time to talk more sense into her head. He slipped off his jacket and stalked into the bedroom.

I might be able to save my reputation in Jadeborough if I resign tomorrow.

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