Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 353

Sophia spotted Tyler as soon as she walked out of the restroom.

It seemed that he was waiting specifically for her.

Sophia cast a glance at him and paid him no heed.

“Ms. Yarrow.”

Tyler called out to her, causing her to stop momentarily in her tracks. She inquired, “Mr. Xenos, what’s the matter?”

She was curious as to what he was planning to do.

Tyler smiled. “It’s nothing. I wanted to ask if you’re interested in finding another partner.”

Sophia turned to shoot him a perfunctory smile. “Why don’t you put it in simpler terms? I’m afraid I might misunderstand you.”

Upon hearing that, Tyler presumed that Sophia only coveted Alexander’s wealth and became excited. “Okay, let me make it clear, then! You should know that Alexander is not Zachary’s biological son, and we have the evidence to prove that. When it gets released to the public, you should know better than me what will happen to Alexander!”

Sophia watched him with interest and asked, “So?”

“You’re smart. Alexander will have nothing if he leaves Odyssey. Why would you want to be with him then?”

Sophia nodded as though she understood. “So what you’re saying is I should find a boyfriend with a better prospect?”

Tyler nodded. He was thrilled as he thought that Sophia was on board. “You’re indeed clever. A few sentences were all it took for you to understand this.”

Sophia glanced at him and frowned. “But who do you think would be a better partner for me then? Is it Mr. Schild? Mr. Johnson? Or perhaps Mr. Quail?”

Tyler’s lips twitched when she mentioned a few names but didn’t bring him up. “Why would you choose a difficult option when a much easier one is right in front of you? You might be staring at your potential partner right now.”

“Oh? Are you saying that you’re suitable to be my future partner?”

Sensing something was amiss from Sophia’s tone, Tyler was startled momentarily. “Am I not?”

Sophia was done fooling around. At the thought that Alexander was still waiting for her, she didn’t want to continue the conversation with Tyler anymore.

She sneered. “Then, I suppose you have to search what a prospective partner entails on Google. You don’t seem like a good choice of partner.”

Pausing momentarily, she continued, “Excuse me, but Alexander is still waiting for me, so I’ll take my leave.”

Tyler’s expression turned as cold as ice when he heard Sophia’s words.

He initially thought that Sophia had intentions of leaving Alexander, but it seemed that she was only playing along with him.

Tyler’s face turned red with anger. He was so enraged that even his eyes turned bloodshot.

He gritted his teeth and smacked the railings nearby before leaving in a fit of anger.

When Sophia returned to the restaurant, she noticed Tyler’s girlfriend was posing seductively in an attempt to attract Alexander’s attention.


Sophia curled her lips slightly and walked over to them.

Alexander noticed a familiar scent and turned back to look at her. “You’re back. Let’s go.”

With that, he grabbed her hand.

Sophia flashed him an ambiguous smile. Instead of leaving, she turned to look at Tyler’s girlfriend. “Do you guys know each other?”

Although the woman was afraid of Alexander upon thinking of how he had rejected her just now, she was angrier than anything. Therefore, she answered, “We have met before.”


Alexander didn’t even cast a glance at the woman as he stared at Sophia.

Although they answered the question simultaneously, their answers were different.

Sophia smiled. “This is a problem. This lady says you guys have met before, but you say you don’t know her.”

Alexander pursed his lips. “She was trying to seduce me just now.”

Sophia only wanted to tease Alexander a little. She didn’t expect him to speak the truth so bluntly as there were still people around them. Even though Alexander was not embarrassed, she was.

At that moment, Tyler finally returned to the restaurant. Sophia saw him and called out, “Mr. Xenos.”

Upon hearing Sophia’s voice, Tyler assumed she regretted her previous words, and his tense expression eased a little. “What’s the matter?”

“I believe you need to keep a tighter leash on your girlfriend. She shouldn’t be trying to get my boyfriend’s contact number.”

Sophia’s lips curved into a smile when she said that, but her gaze was cold.

Tyler looked at his girlfriend and got even madder. “Are you still not leaving? You’re just embarrassing yourself!”

The woman didn’t want to give up on Tyler since Alexander had rejected her.

“Tyler, let me explain. Things are not what they seem,” she tried to clarify.

Tyler didn’t bother listening to her and walked off quickly. He was embarrassed that he was tricked by Sophia just now.

After storming out, it was to find his girlfriend flirting with Alexander. No one would be able to let this slide, more so him.

Although he didn’t have feelings for his girlfriend and wanted to break up with her after a while, he was mad that she had cheated on him so blatantly. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. The moment he exited the restaurant, he gave her a tight slap. “Am I not better than Alexander? How dare you try to get with him when I was in the restroom?”

The woman was still trying to act pitifully and shook her head fervently. However, when Tyler gave her another slap, she grew mad. She held her stinging cheek, and a malicious expression spread across her face. “You are worse than Alexander in every way! Do you even see yourself? How are you even comparable to him? At the very least, he was treated as the heir of the Xenos family for more than twenty years. He’s both capable and handsome. You’re just a rich person with the same last name as him. How dare you compare yourself with Alexander just because you’re also a Xenos?”

Then, she turned around and left without another word.

Tyler stood rooted to the ground, his face pale.

Sophia didn’t expect to hear such interesting remarks upon leaving the restaurant. She tilted her head to look at Alexander. “That woman has good taste.”

Alexander simply eyed her briefly, not saying anything in reply. Then, he walked past Tyler while holding Sophia’s hand, completely ignoring the other man.

Tyler’s expression stiffened when he saw Alexander and Sophia. He prepared to start an argument with Alexander, but the latter walked past him without even sparing him a glance.

In an instant, Tyler had nowhere to vent his anger.

It was unbearable!

Compared to him, Alexander and Sophia were in a good mood.

Where did Dillon find such a dumb son? Sophia wondered as she told Alexander about what had happened outside the restroom.

Alexander would reply to her in the beginning. However, he was eerily silent when Sophia finished talking.

Sophia raised her brows. She lifted her head to look at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The moment Sophia finished speaking, Alexander suddenly pinned her to the bed.

Sophia struggled but couldn’t get out of his grasp. They were no more than ten centimeters apart as she stared at him. “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing something I love doing.”

With that, he leaned down to kiss her.

Sophia immediately flushed crimson. Her entire body was burning from the kiss.

Alexander was getting better at his pickup lines. Even though she had started getting used to it, it seemed that his flirting skills were improving faster than she could keep up.

Sophia gripped the bedsheets instinctively as Alexander rained kisses on her.

She couldn’t help but moan, “Alexander…”

Passion glimmered in Alexander’s eyes as he stopped his actions and stared at her. “Relax, Precious.”


The room was quiet save for their heavy breathing.

The moonlight outside the window was bright, seemingly complementing the infinitely romantic atmosphere in the room.

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