Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 332

Susan and Cherie pondered for a long time before bracing themselves to gift Sophia the present. It was a jewelry set launched by ST under the Starlight series five years ago. Each set consisted of a diamond necklace and a pair of earrings. The design theme for every set revolved around the concept of starlight. Every set had unique patterns, so the accessories were one-of-a-kind. ST had only released eighteen sets to that day, and each set was priced at no less than three million.

Susan had done a background check on Sophia. Although the latter eventually married Alexander, she grew up in an ordinary environment. Women are fond of jewelry and accessories. It is challenging to gift lavish bags as presents, but a diamond necklace will never go wrong. Moreover, an expensive gift could also let Perrin take notice of their generosity toward Sophia.

Needless to say, Susan and Cherie had another reason for doing so. They thought Sophia would still be astonished and delighted to receive a set of diamond accessories even if she didn’t develop a money-grubbing personality from growing up in a humble environment.

The day before, Susan and her family had felt restless after they analyzed and figured out Sophia’s identity. Coincidentally, Alexander hosted a birthday celebration for her with great fanfare. Susan planned to visit Sophia after she learned from her friend that Sophia’s birthday was yesterday. However, before departing, she mulled the situation over. She thought Sophia must’ve wanted to celebrate her birthday with only members of the Dawson family since she had deliberately traveled there from Jadeborough. If Susan had gone there at that time, her presence might even have been disdained. As a result, she postponed her visit to that day.

Sophia slightly curled her lips. “In that case, let me see what’s inside.”

By looking at Susan’s and Cherie’s facial expressions, she could already sense their ulterior motives. Sophia was curious to know what present they had prepared for her for them to feel so confident that she would like it.

The gift was exquisitely packaged. Although Susan’s family wasn’t as rich as the Dawson family, they were still wealthier than most well-off households, so the present must be valuable.

There was no doubt about that.

Sophia unwrapped the gift rather slowly. The others in the living room waited for her to finish removing the wrapping.

Taking in Sophia’s leisurely demeanor, Susan had the urge to help her unbox the present. Still, she had no choice but to gnash her teeth and keep a lid on her agitation because Perrin was sitting nearby.

Sophia couldn’t help but gaze up at Susan when she removed the packaging and saw the customized box of ST’s Starlight series accessories. It seems that I’ve underestimated Susan and her family. This is indeed a pretty generous gift.

Sophia had given a set of jewelry from that series to Katherine. The designer only released three sets per year, and only eighteen sets of jewelry were available globally thus far. In the past, she had had to fork out a significant amount of money too to get the gift for Katherine.

No wonder Susan wants me to open the present.

Sophia looked away and reached out to open the box.

The diamond necklace, dazzling under the sunlight, was indeed eye-catching. Anyone could tell the jewelry set was pricey even at a cursory glance.

Susan and Cherie looked fixedly at Sophia’s expression. However, the latter’s countenance remained unchanged even after the necklace and earrings inside the box were revealed.

Susan was unconvinced by Sophia’s reaction. “Sophia, do you not like this present?”

Sophia glanced at her. “No. They’re very pretty, and I like them very much.”

Her tone was soft, and even though she spoke with sincerity, there wasn’t a hint of elation in her voice. That turn of events largely deviated from Susan and Cherie’s expectations.

Cherie smiled sheepishly. “We didn’t have much time to prepare the gift. I planned to give this jewelry set to Susan when she marries someone. I thought every girl fancies shiny accessories like these, and since it was your birthday yesterday, I brought this over as a present for you. But you don’t seem very fond of these things.”

Sophia closed the box. “That’s so thoughtful of you, Mrs. Dawson. Still, I don’t think I can accept a gift as valuable as this.”

She nudged the box closer to Cherie as she spoke.

Perrin piped up, “Since this is Susan’s wedding gift, it is indeed inappropriate for Sophia to accept this gift.”

Cherie was merely trying to be pretentious. She didn’t expect Sophia to refuse and return her the present.

Susan attempted to salvage the situation. “That’s all right. My mom told me Sophia is more beautiful, so this necklace will look much better on her.” Then, she feigned friendliness and complained to Sophia, “Look, Sophia. My mom is already so fond of you after meeting you twice. I think I’m at risk of losing my position as her daughter!”

Sophia flashed a smile and uttered nonchalantly, “Perhaps Mrs. Dawson simply prefers to be with attractive people.”

The conversation grew stagnant as Susan and Cherie were at a loss for words.

Fortunately, it was lunchtime. The butler stepped forward to remind everyone to have their meal.

Naturally, Susan and her parents were invited to stay back for lunch. The atmosphere around the table was relatively amicable. Susan tried to strike up different topics of conversation with Sophia, but the latter simply replied halfheartedly.

Subsequently, Susan could tell Sophia was unwilling to speak with her further. Only then did she take the hint and stop talking.

Sophia’s flight was at two forty in the afternoon. Lukas sent her to the airport after lunch.

Following Sophia’s departure, Susan and her family felt uncomfortable lingering further at the Dawson residence.

Before they left, Kylie returned them the present they had given Sophia. “Sophia said this gift is too precious. She doesn’t dare to take it. She appreciates your gesture, so please take this present back.”

Susan and Cherie had no choice but to bring the set of jewelry back since Sophia had refused to accept it twice.

On their way home, Susan couldn’t hold it in further as she complained, “Mom, Sophia is too arrogant. She disregarded me even after I humbled myself.”

Cherie was also enraged, but she was more mature and worldly-wise than Susan, ultimately. “You even mentioned so confidently that Sophia would be delighted to receive this jewelry set. I didn’t notice any changes in her expression when she saw the accessories. Her eyes didn’t linger on the gift either. Your pieces of jewelry failed to impress her.”

Susan snorted. “What if she’s putting on a pretense?”

“Let me see you pretend, then?”

Cherie had observed Sophia intently the whole time earlier. During and after Sophia unwrapped the gift, she had truly placed it aside after taking a glance at it.

Espen, who was driving the car, piped up, “I should remind you two that Sophia is still the major shareholder of two companies. Three million may be significant, but she’s not strapped either.”

Espen’s words hit the nail on the head. Susan pursed her lips. Despite feeling vexed, she had to admit Sophia might indeed not lack money.

Cherie sighed. “It seems that Sophia isn’t approachable too.”

She was under the assumption that Sophia, another member of the Dawson family, would be an easier target. Unexpectedly, the latter was just as tricky to handle as the rest of the family.

Sophia wasn’t bothered by Susan and her family. She was more perturbed by how she should disclose to Perrin she was actually a closet tycoon because he had handed her a bank card before she left the house earlier.

He told her the money in the card was her allowance. It was as if Perrin was worried she might have a tough time surviving, as that was already the second time he had provided her with money.

“Lukas, if I tell Granddad directly that I’m very rich, will he be shocked?”

Lukas, who was driving, contemplated briefly after hearing that. “You won’t startle him, but he may feel sorry and dote on you more.”

As people age, their imaginations tend to go wild.


The car gradually came to a stop at a red light ahead. “Instead of worrying about that, you should be thinking about who you’ll bring as your date to attend Grandpa’s birthday banquet that will be held in a fortnight.”

Sophia blushed and turned her head sideways to look at him. “Who are you bringing, then?” Don’t mind me retorting since you brought up such a sensitive topic.

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