Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 328

It had been a long time since Sophia was this excited. Ever since she started junior high, she became much more mature than her peers. Half a year after her university entrance exam, her parents passed away, and she was forced to grow up even more quickly. After that, she became more and more introverted and collected.

The last time she had been this elated was when she was in elementary school. It was when she spotted a cupcake on the table the moment she came home from school. Even though it was just a cupcake, she was joyous to see it considering her family situation.

Sophia did think about how Alexander might have prepared a birthday present for her, but she never thought that he would come all the way to the Dawson residence to see her.

The butler was about to lock the gate when Sophia reached downstairs, and when he saw her running over, he said, “Ms. Yarrow, it’s late. Where are you going—”

“I’ll just be right at the entrance,” Sophia stated before pulling the gate open and dashing out.

Sophia was rushing the entire way, and even though she skidded to a stop before Alexander, she still bumped into his chest from the inertia.

Alexander reached out to hold her as he lowered his head to look at her. “There’s no need to run. I won’t just leave.”

At that, Sophia turned flustered and asked, “Why did you suddenly come?”

The fireworks were still going on in the background, and when the colorful lights illuminated Sophia’s face, Alexander gulped. Suppressing the rising desire in him, he said, “This is the first time I’m spending your birthday with you.”

During those three years, he had never celebrated her birthday with her. Back then, Sophia was nothing but a stranger who was known as his wife. But now that they were back together again, he was looking forward to spending the rest of his life with her. Exactly twenty-eight years ago, Sophia had come into this world. So how could he not spend the day with her?

Sophia smiled. “Did you prepare those fireworks too?”

As she spoke, she pointed at the noisy fireworks in the sky.

Alexander turned around to glance at it before humming, “Mhm.”

That was not all. He even booked all of the LED screens in Jadeborough as well as the LED signs on all the roofs of the cabs and had them advertise birthday greetings for Sophia.

If not for Perrin’s ongoing distaste for him, Alexander would have booked all of the LED screens in Doveston as well.

“Aren’t you scared that my grandpa would see you?”

Alexander glimpsed at the mansion. “I’m sure he wants you to be happy today too.”

Sophia chuckled. “Thank you.”

Truth be told, Sophia was immensely insecure after her parents passed away. She was only capable of enduring those three years of being married to Alexander because she had always wanted to have a family—to have someone who would be by her side and care for her forever.

Now that Alexander had come to her, Sophia suddenly felt that those three failed years were not too bad after all.

She had gotten everything she had lost in the past.

It was not a holiday that day, yet there were fireworks in the residential area that lasted over ten minutes.

Perrin was about to sleep, initially, but the sounds of the fireworks outside were too noisy for him to do so. Raising his brows, he then went out of the room.

When he reached downstairs, he saw Kylie and Kasper still in the living room. At that, he could not help but ask, “Who’s setting off the fireworks?”

Well, it is Sophia’s birthday today, so the fireworks are getting set off at the right time.

Kylie smiled. “If you walk out to the balcony, you’ll know.”

Kylie had only heard about Alexander; she had never met him before. Still, she was surprised that Alexander would do such a thing for Sophia.

She and Kasper used to be a romantic couple in the past. Although they did not do anything as dramatic as setting off fireworks, they once loved each other in passionate ways before too.

Therefore, Kylie could not help but feel wistful as she recollected her memories of the past.

Meanwhile, in confusion, Perrin walked out to the balcony to figure out what was going on, only to be surprised by Lukas standing there as well.

When Perrin saw Lukas looking down, he scoffed and started, “What’s there to see—”

Midway through his sentence, Perrin noticed a woman and a man at the entrance of the mansion.

He was old, so he did not have good eyesight anymore. The distance between the balcony and the entrance meant that Perrin could only barely make out the two figures to be a man and a woman.

Why are there a man and a woman standing right outside the house at this hour? And Lukas is just staring at them!

Right then, Perrin realized something. “That’s Sophia?”

Lukas nodded. “Yes.”

Perrin’s expression turned grim immediately. “So the man is Alexander.”

“It is,” Lukas said before turning to Perrin, who was about to head downstairs to get Sophia. “Sophia was running the whole way downstairs just now. She must have been hoping to see him today too.”

At that, Perrin halted in his tracks. After a moment of contemplation, he held himself back.

The grandfather and grandson then stared at the two people downstairs with gloomy looks.

When Perrin saw Sophia about to enter the car with Alexander, he panicked and cried out, “The brat’s trying to kidnap our Sophia!”

Lukas narrowed his eyes, but he still stopped Perrin. “Grandpa, Alexander knows his limits.”

Lukas did not want to speak up for Alexander at all, but the thought of how Sophia had rushed downstairs for Alexander softened his stance.

Ever since Sophia returned to their family, she had been quiet, considerate, and graceful. As her older cousin, Lukas wanted to spoil her. Yet, he did not even know where to start.

It was his first time seeing Sophia so exhilarated throughout these few months. It was as if she was an eighteen-year-old girl who found out that the boy she liked had come to see her. Even though she said nothing about it, he could see the joy on her face.

Furthermore, Alexander knew that the Dawsons did not quite like him, and so he had to know that Perrin would be even more irked by him if he came so suddenly.

Despite that, he still came to meet Sophia on her birthday as a surprise.

For that, despite how Lukas did not like Alexander, the former held himself back.

Sophia must be happy.

Despite Perrin’s reluctance, he had to admit that Lukas was right.

After those two days of interacting, although Perrin was biased against Alexander, he had to say that Alexander was indeed a capable man.

Of course, he was not going to forget what Alexander had done to his precious granddaughter.

With a scoff, Perrin said, “If he doesn’t bring Sophia back tonight, I’m going to break his legs myself tomorrow.”

Lukas’ brows twitched when he heard that. “Don’t worry. I’ll be breaking his hands before you can break his legs.”

“Alexander’s an evil brat with wicked intentions!”

Lukas inclined his head in agreement, “Yes.”

The duo continued to stand on the balcony and watched as the car drove off. A beat later, Lukas looked away and said, “It’s getting late, Grandpa. You should rest now.”

A pause later, he added, “Don’t worry. I’ll only go to bed after Sophia’s back.”

Perrin huffed again. “You can’t sleep until Sophia’s back.”

“Leave this to me.”

Perrin glanced in the direction where the car went before reluctantly looking away and going back into the house.

The butler then helped Perrin into his room. As Kylie stared at Perrin’s retreating figure, she smiled and said, “It looks like Dad still doesn’t like Alexander.”

Kasper patted the back of her hand. “Be at ease. Alexander isn’t a simple man.”

Kylie gave Kasper a glance. “I just feel bad that Sophia’s in between them.”

“Dad feels bad for Sophia too.”

The married couple chatted as they returned to their room. Soon, Lukas was the only one left in the living room.

It was a long night, and he went to sit on the couch before closing his eyes. All of a sudden, he thought about the woman who had run into his arms many years ago.

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