Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 314

At the end of the day, Samuel’s remark last night had still hit a sore spot with Alexander.

After he said that, his ebony eyes flickered imperceptibly. “I don’t mean to pressure you.”

Sophia adjusted the fork in her hand for a better grip. She sat down before raising her head and training her gaze on him. “I know.”

Then, she paused for a heartbeat before quipping, “If you’re pressuring me, there must be a ring at the very least, no?”

Without anything, I’d never agree to his marriage proposal, even if he were to pressure me into doing so. Katherine is right. The first time I married him, there was no grand proposal or romantic wedding. Everything was just for show, going through the motions. Now that we’ve gotten together again, I don’t want to get married so fast anymore. Nor do I want things to be the same as it was back then when all ceremonies were a mere formality.

Alexander’s Adam’s apple bobbed when he heard those words. Honestly speaking, he understood her meaning. Yet, he still couldn’t resist asking, “You’ll agree if there’s a ring?”

At that, Sophia shot him a sidelong glance. “You wish, Alexander!”

“Of course! It’s my greatest wish.”

In a flash, Sophia’s face flamed. At the same time, she averted her gaze slightly. Staring down at the four dishes in front of her, she changed the subject and complimented, “They look good.”

I just don’t know whether they’ll taste good.

Reality proved that Alexander had an innate talent for cooking.

Neither of them had ever prepared those four dishes. Sophia remembered the time when she first cooked the very same food. It was pretty much a traumatic memory. Conversely, while Alexander’s first attempt right then couldn’t compare to a chef’s cooking, it smelled wonderful and tasted delicious at least.

Oh well, everyone has their own talents. I’m better at making money!

Later, Alexander prepared dinner as well. Although it was only for that weekend, Sophia could imagine that it would certainly be him cooking at home in the future as she stood by the kitchen door and watched him bustle around.

After all, he had never lied to her despite his rather shabby treatment of her in the past.

Following that, Sophia felt that remarrying the man wasn’t all such an unacceptable notion.

Naturally, it all hinged on Alexander successfully convincing her granddad into giving his agreement.

They left home at half past six and arrived at the auction house around seven o’clock.

The auction that night was scheduled to begin at ten past seven. As such, there were already many people seated in the auction hall by then.

Surprisingly, a number of people they knew were in attendance.

Both Kayla and Bethany’s friends were also there. The social circle of socialites in Jadeborough wasn’t all that big, so they would occasionally hang out together in spite of being mere acquaintances in private.

When Sophia and Alexander entered the hall, Kayla and Bethany’s best friends were talking about something or other with their heads lowered.

The instant they lifted their heads and caught sight of the couple, their faces went as black as thunder.

Smiling, Sophia calmly inclined her head at them in greeting.

They were still chatting and laughing earlier, but at that moment, their expressions were utterly grim.

Only when Sophia and Alexander had left did they dip their heads and whisper among themselves. “Have they truly gotten back together?”

“I don’t know either, but that’s the rumor within the circle these days.”

Kayla’s friend gritted her teeth. “It was all because of Sophia that Kay was sent abroad by the Fletcher family!”

Bethany’s friend likewise thought of Bethany. While she had no idea where exactly the latter had gone, she had a hunch that the matter was inextricably linked to Sophia.

Alas, they couldn’t afford to offend Sophia, considering her current status and power.

Bethany’s friend heaved a sigh. “Sophia is no longer the same now. Not only does she have Alexander backing her up, but she’s also no easy prey herself. The crisis that struck the White family’s Expedite is a warning for everyone. We’d best stay away from her.”

Undeniably, she was a pretty sensible one.

It went without saying that Sophia had no inkling of what they were whispering about. Nonetheless, she had no doubt that it wasn’t anything good.

Verily, a lot of people she knew attended the auction that day. Never mind that she had bumped into Kayla and Bethany’s best friends, but she even ran into Megan and Casper.

However, Megan definitely didn’t dare provoke Sophia anymore after the incident back then.

The items at the auction that day were all quite impressive.

But still, Sophia basically took no interest in any of them. Neither did Alexander beside her.

When the final item—the Pegasus carving—appeared, Sophia’s eyes flickered slightly.

Beside her, Alexander gazed down at her. “Do you want it?”

In response, Sophia chuckled. “It’s quite a pretty piece. I just don’t know whether Granddad will like it.”

At the recollection of the calligraphy work and vase Perrin had gifted her a while ago, mirth bubbled within her.

“Then, we’ll just get it first.”

Whether he likes it or not will be another story.

Mulling it over, Sophia felt that the suggestion made sense. “Okay.”

She paused briefly before adding, “I’ll bid for it myself.”

It’s not like I’ve got no money. I’m not going to use his before we’re married, lest those gossipmongers start getting on about me coveting his wealth.

Hearing that, Alexander could only lower the paddle in his hand. “All right, you go ahead, then.”

As he spoke, he put his paddle down and took her right hand.

The starting price for the Pegasus carving was a little over one point two million. Raising her paddle, Sophia upped the bid to one point five million at once. Few people present dared to increase the bidding price.

When Megan heard the auctioneer’s cry, she couldn’t help frowning. “Who offered that price?”

How rich and generous!

The moment she turned back and saw that it was Sophia, her expression changed drastically.

In truth, she had a mission that day. Harold had a hobby of collecting antiques. After the incident with the vase that made him a laughingstock some time ago, he recently heard that the Pegasus carving would be on auction. Hence, he ordered Megan to attend the auction that night and acquire it.

Money wasn’t a concern to Megan since the Queen family could still afford to fork out a million or two.

The fact that Sophia was the person bidding on it, however, plunged her into a dilemma.

Indeed, she didn’t dare provoke Sophia anymore. But on the other hand, Harold instructed her to secure the Pegasus carving at all costs.

Feeling conflicted, she turned to Casper. “Should I raise the paddle, Casper?”

What if Sophia were to misconstrue my action?

Casper cast a look back over his shoulder before answering, “Go ahead. It’ll be fine.”

After all, this is an auction, and everyone can bid.

Within the half a minute in which Megan had been hesitating, someone else had already increased the bid for the Pegasus carving to one point six million.

She then raised the paddle in her hand and put in a bid of one point seven million.

Although the distance between them was somewhat far, and Sophia couldn’t quite see the person who placed a bid, she remembered that Megan and Casper sat in that vicinity.

Hmm, Megan still dares to challenge me? I don’t think so. I was the person who first bid on the Pegasus carving, and since she did the same, it’s probably Harold’s orders for her to get hold of it.

At that thought, Sophia raised the bid to two million straight away.

It wasn’t that she was deliberately competing with Megan, but she felt that the Pegasus carving would make a presentable birthday present. Seeing as she couldn’t find any other suitable gifts at the moment, she had no choice but to procure the Pegasus carving first.

Nevertheless, she had done her research on the value of the Pegasus carving beforehand. Any more than two million would be too expensive for it.

Therefore, she wouldn’t continue raising the bid if Megan dared to do so.

“Two million one hundred thousand!”

When Sophia saw Megan raising her paddle, she chuckled softly. “Ah, never mind.”

I’ll let her win for once.

The price was rather exorbitant, so no one present continued fighting with Megan.

An imperceptible frown marred Alexander’s countenance. “Don’t you want it anymore?”

“Since Ms. Queen is raising the bid, it’s probably because Mr. Queen wants it. I’ll let her have it this time.”

No matter what, Jessica is Samuel’s aunt. I’ll just do Samuel this favor.

While saying that, Sophia paused momentarily. Fixing her eyes on Alexander, she divulged smilingly, “I’m doing this in consideration of Mr. Schild.”

“You don’t need to take him into consideration.”

At Alexander’s disdainful retort, Sophia burst out giggling. “Well, it’s still necessary once in a while.”

Ultimately, I can’t always show him such blatant disregard.

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