Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 307

The rumor of Yvonne being Suny circulated Jadeborough for several days. Sunshine Group did not clarify the matter, nor did they deny it.
The rumor of Yvonne being Suny circulated Jadeborough for several days. Sunshine Group did not clarify the matter, nor did they deny it.

Unable to control what the world thought, Yvonne continued her work diligently every day.

However, some were clever enough to call the other shareholders of Sunshine Group to ask who Suny was, but the possibility of Yvonne being Suny was written off with certainty.

That was why the rumor subsided after a couple of days despite Sunshine Group’s neglect to make a formal announcement.

Katherine was greatly amused when she found out that Samuel had been the source of those rumors.

“Hah, what a joke, Soph! Is Samuel really Mr. Xenos’ friend? Why is he acting like an idiot?”

Sophia had not come to Specter Entertainment in over two weeks, so Katherine took advantage of the former’s rare appearance one day and grabbed her to ask about the latest developments of the rumor.

Sophia took a sip of tea and glanced at her friend. “Shouldn’t you take a look at yourself before saying these things?”

Pot calling the kettle black.

Katherine, who was breathless with laughter, said, “You seem to be implying something, Soph.”

Sophia chuckled. “Not at all. You are mistaken.”

Katherine did not believe her. “Then what was that about looking at my—Oh. You are making fun of me.”

Sophia is calling me a hypocrite!

Sophia glanced sideways at her. “Not bad. You’ve proven to be slightly smarter than Mr. Schild.”

Katherine was rendered speechless.

I don’t want to be compared with that oaf, Samuel!

Katherine was about to retort when Sophia’s phone suddenly rang. She swallowed the words she was about to utter and watched Sophia answer the call.

Sophia glanced at the phone and displayed no intention of picking it up. “I don’t know who this is.”

It was an unfamiliar number.

She rejected the call, but her phone began vibrating again two seconds later.

“That might be your love rival,” Katherine suggested, her interest piqued.

Sophia giggled and mouthed, “Go away,” before rising to answer the phone.

“Hello, Sophia? It’s me, Yvette.”

Sophia quickly recalled something upon hearing the familiar voice and answered listlessly, “What can I do for you?”

“I’m getting married this weekend. I sent you an invitation, and I’m calling to remind you as I’m worried you might have forgotten about it. I also invited all our classmates. We got along well back then, and I would like to see everybody making it to my wedding.”

Sophia gazed at a cloud outside the tall windows and smiled. “Rest assured. I’ll be there.”

I’ll be there even if I do not have much of a friendship with them.

After a pause, she added, “By the way, I’ve prepared a special gift for you, Yvette. I hope you’ll like it when you see it.”

I have yet to pay her back for Tanya, and she fell for it so quickly. ”You are too kind. I would have been glad for your presence alone. A gift is not necessary!”

Though their previous gathering ended in a huff, Yvette had still benefited from it.

At the very least, she had ascertained Sophia and Alexander’s reconciliation and that Sophia was a friend of Joshua, who was from Technology Innovations. As much as Yvette did not like admitting it, Sophia’s connection with both men was beneficial to have in an acquaintance.

Though her prior invitation to Sophia was merely to inform the woman of her wedding to Henry and to have him give up, in addition to showing off her marriage and happiness, Yvette was still refusing to accept the circumstances after their gathering.

Her soon-to-be husband’s company was gaining traction and required vast resources, and Alexander’s prestige in Jadeborough went without saying.

Henry’s company would be bright with possibilities if I could enlist his help in building the necessary connections. Besides, Henry’s company is related to Technology Innovations. It would be half the battle won in discussing a partnership if I can build a rapport with Sophia.

Having thought it through and heard Sophia’s promise of a special gift, Yvette became so consumed with glee that she had forgotten that Sophia barely knew the people in her class.

Also, she had not considered if the special gift was something she could bear.

Sophia gave a courteous laugh. “It’s only right.”

“All right, then,” Yvette answered hurriedly. “I won’t bother you anymore.”


After hanging up, Sophia turned and found Katherine sprawled on the couch, staring at her.

“Who was that?” she scoffed. “What was that talk about a special gift?”


Katherine was taken aback. “Why did she call you?”

Although Katherine and Sophia did not attend the same school, the former often visited Jadeborough University to meet Sophia and Joshua. In fact, she knew the people in their class and their personalities better than them.

Katherine vaguely recalled Yvette, who was deemed the prettiest girl in class and was present at Sophia’s graduation ceremony. She also remembered Yvette’s awful words and would have slapped the latter if not for fear of ruining the atmosphere.

Shaking herself out of her reverie, Sophia walked over. “She’s getting married and asked me to attend her wedding.”

“Didn’t you say she’s involved in the matter regarding Tanya? Why would you still attend her wedding?”

After o pouse, she odded, “By the woy, I’ve prepored o speciol gift for you, Yvette. I hope you’ll like it when you see it.”

I hove yet to poy her bock for Tonyo, ond she fell for it so quickly. ”You ore too kind. I would hove been glod for your presence olone. A gift is not necessory!”

Though their previous gothering ended in o huff, Yvette hod still benefited from it.

At the very leost, she hod oscertoined Sophio ond Alexonder’s reconciliotion ond thot Sophio wos o friend of Joshuo, who wos from Technology Innovotions. As much os Yvette did not like odmitting it, Sophio’s connection with both men wos beneficiol to hove in on ocquointonce.

Though her prior invitotion to Sophio wos merely to inform the womon of her wedding to Henry ond to hove him give up, in oddition to showing off her morrioge ond hoppiness, Yvette wos still refusing to occept the circumstonces ofter their gothering.

Her soon-to-be husbond’s compony wos goining troction ond required vost resources, ond Alexonder’s prestige in Jodeborough went without soying.

Henry’s compony would be bright with possibilities if I could enlist his help in building the necessory connections. Besides, Henry’s compony is reloted to Technology Innovotions. It would be holf the bottle won in discussing o portnership if I con build o ropport with Sophio.

Hoving thought it through ond heord Sophio’s promise of o speciol gift, Yvette become so consumed with glee thot she hod forgotten thot Sophio borely knew the people in her closs.

Also, she hod not considered if the speciol gift wos something she could beor.

Sophio gove o courteous lough. “It’s only right.”

“All right, then,” Yvette onswered hurriedly. “I won’t bother you onymore.”


After honging up, Sophio turned ond found Kotherine sprowled on the couch, storing ot her.

“Who wos thot?” she scoffed. “Whot wos thot tolk obout o speciol gift?”


Kotherine wos token obock. “Why did she coll you?”

Although Kotherine ond Sophio did not ottend the some school, the former often visited Jodeborough University to meet Sophio ond Joshuo. In foct, she knew the people in their closs ond their personolities better thon them.

Kotherine voguely recolled Yvette, who wos deemed the prettiest girl in closs ond wos present ot Sophio’s groduotion ceremony. She olso remembered Yvette’s owful words ond would hove slopped the lotter if not for feor of ruining the otmosphere.

Shoking herself out of her reverie, Sophio wolked over. “She’s getting morried ond osked me to ottend her wedding.”

“Didn’t you soy she’s involved in the motter regording Tonyo? Why would you still ottend her wedding?”

Sophia returned to the couch and plopped herself down. “To give her a special gift.”

Katherine knew from a glance at Sophia’s expression that the gift would be something extraordinary.

She leaned over at once. “What are you going to do, Soph?”

Sophia pushed her friend’s inquisitive head away. “Stop being a busybody. Let’s be serious for a moment.”

Katherine pursed her lips. “Tell me! Poor Tanya. If not for Yvette’s blabbing, she would not have been taken advantage of by that b*stard, Connor. Hasn’t Yvette been running to Tanya to make things worse for her?”

Sophia’s smile faded at the mention of that. “I’m going to give her a taste of her own medicine.”

Not wishing to discuss the matter any further, Sophia changed the subject.

The pair chatted a little longer about the newcomer, had lunch, then went their separate ways.

As Sophia had not visited Tanya in a while, she drove to the hospital after lunch.

Throughout Tanya’s month-long convalescence in the hospital, Yvonne updated Sophia on the former’s condition every day.

Tanya’s mood had stabilized of late. Even the attending doctor praised her for exerting better control.

Sophia arrived to find Laura peeling an apple for Tanya while Tanya drew.

The sun shone through the windows, and the ward was bright and serene.

“Hello Tanya, Mrs. Gomez.”

“Sophia!” Tanya and Laura were delighted to see her.

Laura poured Sophia a glass of warm water. “Here you go, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia accepted it. “Thank you,” she said with a smile.

She then touched Tanya’s cheek. “You’re becoming chubby.”

Tanya blushed when she gazed into Sophia’s gentle and mischievous almond-shaped eyes. “I’ve been eating well.”

Laura rose and left the ward to give them some space.

Sophia glanced at Tanya’s work. Instead of characters, she drew scenery this time.

Upon closer inspection, she realized it was the scene outside the window.

Tanya opened the laptop beside her when she noticed what Sophia was looking at. “I’ve designed the main characters. What do you think?”

“Silk Stream” depicted a male and female protagonist, three supporting male characters, and four supporting female characters. All nine characters in the story embodied vivid personalities.

Tanya’s talent in this avenue could not be denied.

Sophia did intend to care for her. As Samuel said, the comic was not worth much. But as she studied the characters Tanya showed her, Sophia had the hunch that it might exceed their expectations.

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