Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 299

Alexander approached Sophia with the plate of fruits. “Here you go.”

After glancing at the plate, she picked up a slice of apple and ate it. “It’s sweet.”

“Let me try it.”

While Sophia was puzzled by what he meant, Alexander wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips against hers in the next second.

A grunt escaped her mouth, and his refreshing fragrance enveloped her.

His pleasant scent slowly invaded her nose as he pulled her close till she was pressed against his burning chest. In fact, his body was so hot that it felt as if he had just been tossed into a bucket of hot water.

Their kiss was so intense and long, making Sophia run out of breath. Just as she thought she would suffocate, he suddenly let her go and whispered in her ear, “Has your period ended, Precious?”

Her mind went blank, as though a bomb had gone off in her head.

Shooting Alexander a sidelong glance, she replied, “Not yet!”

However, he was unconvinced of her answer because of her reaction.

Hence, he kissed her again. With their tongues remaining intertwined, he carried her to the bed.

That night, soft moans sounded in their bedroom.

The next morning, Sophia slowly woke up. At the sight of the arm on her waist, she was reminded of the previous night’s event, which brought a deep blush to her face.

Feeling a little thirsty, she tried to leave the bed to drink water. Just as she lifted Alexander’s arm off her, he hugged her from behind, pulling her back into his embrace. “It’s still early.”

He was not wrong, considering the sun was still on the horizon. It was barely six in the morning.

Sophia gulped before she responded, “I’m thirsty.”

Her hoarse voice prompted Alexander to open his eyes. “I’ll get you a glass of water.”

As he spoke, he left the room and headed downstairs.

Moments later, he returned with a glass of warm water.

After downing the glass of water, Sophia felt that the discomfort in her parched throat was relieved.

In truth, she was still quite sleepy as she did not get a good night’s rest. Even though she did not stay up too late, the “intense exercise” made her feel as if she had gone boxing for the whole day.

Thus, she fell back asleep soon after she drank the water.

When she woke up again, Alexander was no longer on the bed. Sunlight streamed through the windows, but it was not glaring, thanks to the curtains.

Sophia sat up and drew back the curtains. Having taken a moment to compose herself, she grabbed her phone to check the time.

Huh, it’s half past eight. Thank goodness I don’t have a morning meeting today. Otherwise, I’d have to rush to Sunshine Group soon.

From what she remembered, the bathroom had been very messy the previous night. However, to her surprise, she saw that everything was already cleaned up when she walked in.

Blushing, she patted her face with a bit of cold water in an attempt to make herself stop thinking about what had transpired the previous night.

Just as Sophia exited the bathroom after washing up, Alexander came over with a tie in his hand.

“I have a meeting this morning,” he explained, placing the tie in her hand.

Raising her eyebrow, she replied, “I don’t know how to tie a tie.”

At that, he lowered his head to gaze at her and uttered nonchalantly, “Just do it however you can.”

Sophia smiled. “Then I will.”

Despite her words, she still properly tied a Windsor knot for him.

The truth was that she was not lying about not knowing how to tie a tie, but the Windsor knot was simple and easy. Once, she saw Katherine’s stylist doing that with Katherine, and she memorized all the steps. Never did she expect that bit of knowledge to come in handy.

After making sure the knot was perfect, she raised her head to glance at Alexander. “All right, it’s done.”

The man’s twinkling eyes bore into hers. “And you said you don’t know how to do it.”

“Just because I’ve never tied a tie doesn’t mean I’ve never seen someone do it.” Sophia paused, then continued, “Isn’t it a good thing that I don’t know how to do it?”

If I do know how to do it, he’ll wonder when I had the chance to practice it.

Alexander pecked her on her lips and encouraged, “You can take your time to learn the other knots.”

Turning pink, she gazed at him with her alluring eyes. “Okay.”

At that point in time, he was getting late for his meeting scheduled at half past nine. While he wanted to prioritize his love life over his work, he was confident that his devoted secretary would call him until either his phone exploded or he arrived at the company. Hence, in the end, he drove out of the mansion under Sophia’s gaze.

The weather was very nice that day, with a blue sky and a cool breeze, as it always was when summer arrived at Jadeborough.

Anyone would feel great as they went about their day in that weather.

Katherine acted exceptionally fast. Sophia asked her not to release the audio recording in the morning, afraid that Bruno would pass out from fury.

Thus, Katherine picked the golden period to release it, which was sometime after five in the evening, near the end of a workday.

After all, during that period, most office workers were either absurdly busy or waiting in boredom to get off work, which meant they would most likely be on their phones.

Megan and Jessica were not celebrities, so it was not easy to make the audio recording hit the headlines. However, due to the former’s online apology last time, it did not take long for the netizens to recall who she was.

Since that piece of news was not anything major, it took some time for it to gain people’s attention. Nevertheless, it worked well enough for the Queen family to learn the existence of the audio recording.

When Megan heard the audio recording, her expression froze. At that point, she had not gotten off work yet, so she was in the restroom feeling angry and embarrassed.

As expected, the moment she stepped out of the restroom, she saw the looks people were giving her.

Considering that she did not rightfully earn her position, it was only natural people would look down on her even further after the audio recording was made public.

Sophia’s gift was frankly appropriate for her relationship with the Queen family. Any other family would have been grateful for it, but the Queen family complained about it.

Worse yet, their complaints were recorded and posted on the internet. The whole situation was so awkward that everyone familiar with the Queen family was feeling secondhand embarrassment.

Charlize, as one of the people who personally witnessed the exchange in the audio recording, did not think Sophia was wrong for doing that. In fact, she was thrilled with it.

My goddess used to be bullied all the time. What she did was just a little payback. It’s nothing egregious at all!

Overwhelmed with excitement, she called Sophia just as the latter was about to call her to ask for her cooperation.

When Sophia saw Charlize’s name on her phone, she grinned and answered, “Charlize.”

“I saw the news, Ms. Yarrow! Haha! I bet this is driving Megan and her mom crazy right now!”

“I wouldn’t say that, but they probably won’t have an appetite for dinner tonight!”

“You should’ve retaliated like this in the past, too, Ms. Yarrow! There’s no need to show them mercy! My brother told me that if other people don’t mess with us, we don’t mess with them; however, if they pick a fight with us, we have to make sure that they regret it!”

Charlize had long disliked Megan, who constantly looked down on people.

That was why she thought what Sophia did on that day was an act of justice.

Sophia still remembered what she wanted to tell Charlize. After exchanging a few more words with her, she said, “However, we need to get our stories straight, Charlize.”

“What story?”

“While I’m the one who released the audio recording, I’ll be telling everyone that you’re the one who did it.”

Charlize was confused. “So you’re saying I released this audio recording to the public? But I didn’t do that. You did… I don’t mean anything else by that, Ms. Yarrow. I just don’t understand.”

Her response elicited a chuckle from Sophia. “It’s fine. In any case, if anyone asks you about it, just tell them you’re the one who released the audio recording.”

“All right. No problem!”

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