Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 292

The sailor was evidently someone who often took people out to sea, for he knew the exact spot suited for deep-sea fishing.

Ten minutes later, the yacht sailed to a small bay in the north of a nearby deserted island. According to the sailor, reefs were abundant there, and the current was rapid, making for more fish.

There were some differences between deep-sea fishing and bay fishing on land. Sophia had only fished once. After her divorce from Alexander last year, she went to Epea to enjoy herself for a few months, during which she went out to sea with a group of blond-haired and blue-eyed young Epeans. That was also one of the reasons spurring her to buy that yacht.

Meanwhile, Samuel might be amateurish at everything, but he was a connoisseur of feasting, drinking, and having fun.

Alexander had been dragged out to sea by the man countless times in the past, so he had experience in snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and the like.

He hadn’t much interest in snorkeling and surfing, but he found deep-sea fishing bearable. As such, he fished alone every time they went out to sea.

If he were lucky, he might catch a seabass, which he would then take to the hotel on the island and have the kitchen cook it, making it the main dish for dinner.

On the other contrary, it was Perrin’s first time out to sea, and he was a complete novice at deep-sea fishing.

The three of them had cast their fishing rods out for more than ten minutes, but none had anything to show for it.

The weather that day was extraordinarily good. Even the surface of the sea was calm without any waves.

Coming out with juices and fruits, John placed them on the small dining table at the side.

Sophia had just taken a piece of watermelon and handed it to Perrin when Alexander at the side started reeling in his fishing rod.

“You’ve gotten a fish already?”

Perrin poked his head over in disbelief.

As Sophia studied Alexander, who was reeling his fishing rod in calmly, her lips curved into a faint smile. Nevertheless, she didn’t interrupt him.

Alexander had really gotten a fish. It was a seabass that weighed almost two pounds.

Back when Sophia went deep-sea fishing previously, the group of young people hadn’t much experience. Consequently, they didn’t catch any fish despite being in the sun for half the day.

That was her first time seeing a successful catch during deep-sea fishing, so she was exceedingly intrigued. Walking over to the fish bucket, she stole a peek before turning and saying to Perrin, “It’s a seabass, Granddad.”

Perrin eyeballed the fish for a moment. “It’s quite small. I noticed that the fish others catch at sea usually weigh ten to twenty pounds.”

Hearing the remark that dripped with jealousy, Sophia chuckled. “Yes, it’s quite small. You’ll definitely be able to catch a big fish weighing more than ten pounds, Granddad! Go for a leopard coral grouper!”

At the teasing from his own granddaughter, Perrin harrumphed. “Whose side are you on, girl?”

“Yours, of course! Our dinner tonight hinges on you, Granddad!”

Sophia continued pulling on her grandfather’s chain while giggling away, making Perrin let out an angry snort and take a huge bite of the watermelon. “Just wait. I’m going to catch a leopard coral grouper later!”

He had eaten leopard coral grouper in the past, but he didn’t know that it wasn’t easy to catch one.

Hmm, it’s pretty delicious, so it’ll be good if I can catch one for her to try. Then, I can turn the tables, lest she finds him incredible just because he caught a fish!

“Okay! Good luck, Granddad!” Sophia replied, chortling.

That aside, she even made a corresponding gesture at him.

“Stop teasing your granddad, Precious.”

I’m still the one bearing the brunt of the consequences if he gets mad.

Alexander’s deep and mellow voice sounded beside Sophia’s ear just when she was feeling mischievous for once.

Worse still, he called her “Precious” right in front of Perrin.

Although her grandfather didn’t hear it, her heartbeat still sped up inexplicably.

In a flash, Sophia’s face flushed bright red. Lowering the brim of her hat, she raised her eyes and shot Alexander a glare. “Have you lost your mind?”

Alexander glanced at Perrin. Seeing that the latter wasn’t paying them any mind, he dipped his head and pecked Sophia on the lips. “You’re a little imp who sows discord!”

Sophia’s hand flew up to cover her lips, and she hastily turned and looked in Perrin’s direction.

Fortunately, Perrin was focused on catching a “leopard coral grouper” for her then. Otherwise, his fishing rod would’ve undoubtedly landed on Alexander if he had witnessed that scene.

At her panic, a smirk bloomed on Alexander’s face. “He didn’t see it.”

Lifting her hand, Sophia swiftly pinched him at the waist before dropping her hand and instantly running over to Perrin. “Are you thirsty, Granddad?”

While saying that, she glanced over her shoulder and regarded Alexander smugly.

Alexander stood rooted to the spot, the numbness at his waist lingering. His Adam’s apple bobbed, and his gaze darkened as he stared at her moist and rosy lips under the sunlight.

She’s lucky she took off in time!

It was uncertain whether Alexander was lucky that day or had exceptional skills, for he caught a tigerfish in another ten minutes.

Conversely, Perrin didn’t even manage to catch a small fish or prawn, much less a leopard coral grouper.

After tossing the tigerfish into the bucket, Alexander called out to Sophia, “Come here, Sophia. I need you for something.”

“What is it that you can’t say out here?”

Perrin was promptly up in arms upon seeing that the man wanted to take Sophia into the yacht.

Alexander threw him a look. “Something you wouldn’t want to hear.”

At that, Perrin snorted. “There’s nothing I don’t want to hear! Just spit it out if you’ve got something to say. I’m tight-lipped and won’t go spreading your secrets.”

Casting a look at Sophia, who was watching the show with a smile on her face beside the man, Alexander lifted his hand and massaged his temples. “Come here, Sophia. I’ll teach you deep-sea fishing, and you can teach your granddad later,” Alexander uttered, deferring to Perrin’s wishes.

Perrin, who was holding a fishing rod in hand, flew off the handle. “You brat!”

Noticing that the man was about to go off the deep end, Sophia hurriedly interjected, “Granddad, he knows deep-sea fishing while neither of us knows a thing. Hence, isn’t it normal that we didn’t catch any fish, right? To be fair, he naturally has to teach us!”

Perrin felt that his precious granddaughter was absolutely right. Yet, he didn’t want Alexander to teach him the ropes personally.

He contemplated for a while before stating, “In that case, go and learn from him. When you’ve mastered it, come back and teach me.”

Sophia found that watching her grandfather and Alexander squabbling was rather interesting. Finally, she could understand why Katherine loved reading gossip.

“Sure! Wait for me, Granddad!”

“Go ahead.”

Perrin waved a hand, making for a stark contrast from the way he had stopped Sophia from going over to Alexander.

It’s broad daylight now anyway, and I’m right beside them. Would he dare do anything right in front of me?

Unexpectedly, Alexander dared all right.

As soon as Sophia went over, he took her hand.

Perrin was a heartbeat away from yanking his fishing rod out of the water and swinging it at Alexander when the man placed his fishing rod in Sophia’s hand in the next second and started teaching her how to attach the bait to it.

Perrin held his fishing rod down, suppressing the impulse to hit the man.

It was a little over four o’clock in the afternoon then. The bay next to the small deserted island was shady without being enveloped by the oppressive heat. In fact, it was cool when the sea breeze blew past.

However, Sophia still felt hot. Shooting Alexander a look, she arched a brow. “Are you doing this deliberately?”

Why would he need to hug me just to teach me deep-sea fishing?

Alexander trained his eyes on her, asking the obvious, “What do you mean?”

In response, Sophia gave a bark of furious laughter. “You’re simply too gutsy, Alexander.”

“Really?” Alexander murmured.

Sweeping his gaze over Perrin, who had his head lowered while looking at his phone, the man pecked her lightly on the cheek. “What about this?”

Shock deluged Sophia. “Alexander Xenos!”

No sooner had her words rang out than he abruptly dropped his hold on her. “All right. Give it a try yourself.”

As he said that, he appeared incredibly solemn. It was as though the man who kissed her earlier was an entirely different person.

Sophia swung her gaze at Perrin. Upon seeing that the latter was looking down at his phone, she tsked. “No wonder my granddad doesn’t like you. You’re a downright scoundrel.”

“Yeah. I’m a man with needs.”

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