Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 287

Sophia’s kiss on Alexander’s neck lasted for about two seconds. The originally purplish-red hickey was then covered by her red lipstick stain.

Her lipstick was a classic red. Despite being a rich red, it wasn’t unduly garish. The lipstick stain was visible on Alexander’s neck, just above his collarbone. As a result, his shirt collar failed to conceal it.

“You’re not allowed to wipe it off,” Sophia ordered.

Alexander lowered his head to glance at the stain and hummed an agreement.

“Let’s go,” Sophia said after looking at the lipstick stain on Alexander’s neck.

I’m not the one who will be embarrassed anyway.

Despite her previous sentiments, Sophia could not help but ponder on the issue when they arrived at the garage. After some thought, there was no way she could let Alexander go to work with a lipstick stain on his neck.

After fastening her seat belt, Sophia’s gaze wandered to the lipstick stain on Alexander’s neck. “Alexander, come over here for a bit.”

“What’s the matter?” Alexander asked.

Sophia met the man’s dark orbs and replied sheepishly, “You should wipe it off.”

Your reputation would be tarnished if a CEO like you went to work with a lipstick stain on your neck.

“Didn’t you tell me not to wipe it off?” Alexander countered, his dark eyes filled with mirth as he looked at Sophia in amusement.

Sophia lowered her head. She did not give any response and instead took a wet wipe from her bag and pressed it on the lipstick stain.

However, she did not manage to wipe it off in one go. Sophia looked up and gave Alexander a look. “Crap, this isn’t coming off that easily. I’ll have to use some strength.”

After a few wipes, the lipstick stain was finally removed. Sophia tossed the used wet wipe into a bag and examined Alexander’s neck, which was red and raw due to her rubbing on it. At that, she could not help but feel slightly regretful for her impulsiveness earlier.

Hmm. I feel slightly sorry for him.

Sophia had just finished a weekly meeting when she received a call from Perrin.

The latter informed Sophia that he had arrived at Jadeborough and asked if she was free that afternoon as he wanted to have a meal with her.

Sophia was slightly taken aback. “Did you just reach, Granddad? Why didn’t you let me know? I would’ve gone to pick you up.”

Perrin laughed from the other side of the phone. “I arrived yesterday afternoon and went to meet a friend. Lukas has already arranged a place for me to live and my other expenses, so there’s no need for you to worry.”

Yesterday afternoon?

Sophia suddenly remembered how Alexander’s mood seemed to be off last night when he came back and kissed her awake. However, she did not give it much thought as she was preoccupied with his seduction.

After connecting the points, she reckoned the person whom Alexander met last night was not a business partner and instead was Perrin.

Sophia slightly pursed her lips before replying, “I’m free, Granddad. Where are you right now? I’ll go meet you.”

“It’s fine. You’re busy with work. You don’t have to come over. I’ll go to where you are instead.”

Sophia could never win against Perrin. Thus, they ended up choosing a private restaurant near Sophia’s office.

Upon ending the call, Sophia stared at her phone, her mind drifting elsewhere. She finally came back to her senses when Yvonne knocked on her door.

“Ms. Yarrow, this is the statistical report sent by Mr. Smith,” Yvonne reported.

Sophia nodded in response. “I’ll take a look at it later. Please free up my schedule for the next few days. My granddad came to visit.”

“Sure, Ms. Yarrow,” Yvonne replied.

After speaking to Yvonne, Sophia took her bag and left Sunshine Group.

She did not drive herself to work that day. Thus, she planned to call a taxi and get her car before driving back to the chosen restaurant.

Since Perrin had some leg issues, going without a car would be difficult.

It was already a quarter past twelve when Sophia arrived at the restaurant, and Perrin was already at the reserved table.

“Granddad,” Sophia greeted.

“Are you done with work?” Perrin asked.

Sophia nodded and hummed in response. She placed her bag down and looked at Perrin.

The older man, too, was looking at her without many exaggerated emotions on his face. However, Sophia could tell that he was in a relatively good mood.

Putting away her random thoughts, Sophia poured Perrin a cup of coffee.

It had been quite some time since the grandfather and granddaughter had met. Thus, many words were exchanged. Yet, Perrin did not bring up anything related to the past.

Since Perrin avoided the subject, Sophia did the same. It was as if the two were competing to see who could be more patient.

In the end, Perrin was the one to break first. “I heard that you and Alexander were trending not long ago, right?”

Perrin was not on Twitter and naturally did not know about trending headlines.

Sophia knew that the question was bound to be asked. After taking a sip of coffee, she nodded. “Yeah, someone took a picture of us.”

Perrin furrowed his brows upon hearing Sophia’s words. “That means the rumors online are true. Did you really get back together with that rascal from the Xenos family?”

“Yes,” Sophia replied with a nod of her head. A faint smile graced her lips as she continued, “Didn’t you already know about it, Granddad?”

With that said, Perrin snorted. “Well, isn’t it all your fault for trying to drag things out to see who has more patience?”

However, Sophia was not embarrassed after getting exposed like that. She glanced at Perrin and started slowly, “Isn’t it better for you to be the one asking me about this than the other way around, Granddad?”

“Is he really that good of a person?” Perrin asked.

“Maybe he isn’t, but he’s the only one I like, Granddad,” Sophia replied.

“Well, that’s because you’re still too young,” Perrin insisted. “I’ll temporarily not get involved in your issues. However, you must promise me you’ll try to meet more outstanding men.”

Sophia could not help but burst out in laughter after hearing Perrin’s words. “Granddad, we’re already together, yet you’re telling me to meet more men. Are you suggesting that I cheat on him?”

“The both of you were divorced once and merely got back together. Since you are not discussing marriage, it’s fine to look for other options, isn’t it?” Perrin reasoned.

If the topic of discussion was Lukas instead, and if he were to get involved with other women while in a relationship, Perrin would have snapped his legs in half.

However, Perrin felt it was okay if it was Sophia who did it, as in his eyes, Alexander was not a good person anyway.

“Granddad, were you also like this when you were with Granny?” Sophia asked.

“You brat! It’s for your sake,” Perrin said, exasperated.

Sophia poured Perrin another cup of coffee. “I’m twenty-seven this year, Granddad.”

She was no longer seventeen and easily deceived by men’s sweet nothings.

Getting back together with Alexander was a decision that she thought through.

In fact, she and Alexander had never started dating; since there was never a start, how was it considered an end?

Perrin feigned ignorance. “What about being twenty-seven? Is twenty-seven considered old in this new era?”

Sophia was taken aback. She did not expect Perrin to be as open-minded as he was. Well, I guess this explains why Lukas is still single at the age of thirty-five.

“Did Alexander say anything about you being twenty-seven?” Perrin inquired.

Sophia’s heart skipped a beat at Perrin’s sudden question. “No. He did not, Granddad.”

“Don’t you explain on his behalf! I know that Alexander is a bad apple! Don’t worry. Lukas and I know many remarkable young men. Take your time and get to know them. I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone better than Alexander,” Perrin promised.

At that moment, Sophia knew she could not continue the conversation as Perrin was being exceptionally persistent.

She could not help but laugh before switching the topic. “Why don’t you worry about Lukas, Granddad? He’s already thirty-five.”

As expected, switching the target was successful as Perrin stopped talking about Sophia. “Lukas, too, is an anxiety-inducing kid! He’s thirty-five, yet he doesn’t have a girl he likes!”

Sophia then recalled the rumors about Lukas’ first love. She arched an eyebrow before asking, “How do you know that he doesn’t have one, Granddad? Maybe Lukas is just waiting for his first love to come back to him. Don’t you think that girl’s sudden break up with Lukas was not as simple as it seems?”

After some thought, Perrin agreed, “I’m indeed unsure about the details regarding their breakup. You might be onto something since Lukas remained single even after so many years.”

“Why don’t you help Lukas find that girl?” Sophia suggested. “I heard that the girl was really into Lukas back then. Maybe her sudden disappearance was because she went into hiding to give birth to Lukas’ child!”

Perrin laughed in exasperation. “Nonsense!”

However, not long after, Perrin suddenly discovered that Sophia was not spouting nonsense.

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