Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 285

Inside the mansion, Sophia glanced at her phone and didn’t see a reply to the message she had sent Alexander half an hour ago. She wasn’t sure if his dinner hadn’t ended or he had gotten himself drunk.

She was already yawning as it was ten thirty. Unable to stay up any longer, she sent out a “good night” message before turning off the lights and closing her eyes to sleep.

By the time he arrived at the mansion, Alexander knew that Sophia had gone to bed. It was ten minutes to eleven and the lights on the second and third floors were already off.

On the screen of his phone was the good night message Sophia had sent half an hour ago.

He was so engrossed in the words Perrin said to him that he didn’t check his phone on the way back.

Once he paid the designated driver, Alexander used the backup house key Sophia had given him and gradually drove the car back in.

“Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow is already asleep.”

Alexander heard Genie’s voice the moment he emerged from the parking lot.

He then raised his hand to give his forehead a rub. “I know.”

“Rest early, Mr. Xenos.”


After grunting in acknowledgment, Alexander felt his way up to the third floor with the help of the handrail.

Sophia had left the door unlocked, allowing him to open it with a gentle twist of the doorknob.

Despite the darkness, he could see the obvious bump underneath the blanket.

As he trod softly up to the bed, he turned on the night light by his feet.

Sophia, illuminated by the dim light, was sleeping on her side.

As Perrin’s words seemed to have thrown him back into the past, the sight of Sophia reminded him that their reconciliation was real.

Unable to help himself, he gently ran his fingers over her eyes which had long eyelashes and were tightly shut. When she was awake, her eyes looked like miniature crescents, filling him with the urge to make her his.

Feeling a slight itch on her face, Sophia moved slightly. The sight of her luscious red lips caused Alexander’s Adam’s apple to bob before he leaned in to kiss her.

Awoken by the kiss, Sophia felt his burning hand caressing her entire body.

Her lust was quickly ignited by his advances due to the summer heat.

Subconsciously, she threw her arms around his neck and began to reciprocate with a passionate kiss.

Alexander’s eyes darkened as he stared at the half-asleep Sophia and whispered, “Precious, I missed you a lot.”

Just as he spoke, he carried her entire body in his arms. As his lips parted with hers, he leaned in to kiss her chest while swimming his other hand underneath her top.

All of a sudden, his bite caused Sophia’s body to tremble as if she had been jolted by an electric shock.

Now that she was fully awake, she felt her cheeks burn and blush when she saw Alexander’s face buried in her bosom.

“Precious, raise up your hands.”

Alexander was in the midst of taking her pajamas off when he looked up to give her a glance.

With her hands wrapped around his shoulders, Sophia could smell the alcohol on him. “Were you drinking?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Alexander responded while kissing her at the same time.

The warmth of Alexander’s body was exactly what Sophia—who was feeling cold—needed, amalgamating perfectly when their bodies pressed against each other.

As his lips roamed across her chest, his hand ventured down and quickly found its destination.

With her hands clasped tightly around him, a tinge of red descended upon her porcelain white skin, a sight that caused Alexander’s eyes to turn red.

Given that his shirt was still on, Sophia bit her lip before she brazenly pulled it off for him. When the tip of her fingers inadvertently brushed across his spine, he felt as if lines of ants were crawling up his back, fanning the flames of his desire.

By the time Alexander raised his head again, one could see the raging fire in his eyes. All of a sudden, he picked her up and straddled her over his lap to enter her gradually.

With Sophia moaning in reflex, he began kissing her on the neck. Sophia, unable to maintain her balance, had no choice but to hang on by grabbing his arm.

In their moment of passion, she didn’t dare to make eye contact, for his eyes looked as if they were going to swallow her whole.

At the same time, the temperature of the room rose alongside the growing lust in the air. Despite the air conditioning working diligently to cool the room, it failed to diminish the sweltering heat.

Finally, Alexander carried Sophia into the bathroom more than an hour later.

As the jarring white light flashed at her eyes, Sophia raised her hand to shield them. Through the gaps in her fingers, she could see her reflection in her mirror. There wasn’t a spot on her entire body that wasn’t tinged in red.

As Sophia’s already reddened face blushed with greater intensity, she averted her gaze from the sight. “I’ll wash up by myself.”

After turning on the shower, Alexander remained silent.

With warm water drizzling down both their heads, Sophia stared blankly at Alexander’s chest. However, she could barely stand and was solely relying on his arm for support.

Engulfed by the steam in the shower, Alexander felt his urges reignited by the sensuous look on Sophia’s face.

With one arm around her waist, he couldn’t help but give her a kiss before whispering in a deep voice. “Precious, you never fail to tempt me.”

Meanwhile, Sophia’s heart was pounding furiously as blood coursed rapidly through her veins. Curling her toes in reflex, she attempted to lift her hands to push Alexander away but failed to muster any strength.

“You… Mmm!”

As a large hand turned her face around, Alexander planted a kiss from behind.

Thereafter, the pitter-patter of the shower was interspaced with the sound of feminine moans, filling the air with an amorous atmosphere.

By the time they emerged from the shower, half an hour had passed. Once Alexander put her down after carrying her out, Sophia bit down on his shoulder before glaring at him. “You’re too much, Alexander!”

However, her look was devoid of any authority under such circumstances. Instead, it seemed to be filled with repressed coyness.

Alexander reached out to stroke her face. “Precious, don’t look at me that way. I won’t be able to help myself.”

Breaking out an exasperated smile, Sophia grabbed a pillow and whacked him with it. “You had better cook some pasta for me. I’m hungry!”

Alexander caught the pillow and put it aside. “Okay. What would you like to have?”

“What else can we have at this hour?”

Since it was close to midnight, Sophia threw him a grumpy look.

“I’ll get someone to deliver it.”

She didn’t like the idea. “Just pasta will do.”

Anyone who delivers the food at this hour might get the wrong idea.

“I’ll cook pasta then.”


Upon grunting in acknowledgment, Sophia picked up the phone by her side and began surfing on it. It wasn’t until she entered the main page that she realized she was holding Alexander’s phone instead of her own.

Even the passcode is the same!

Curling her lips into a grin, she hesitated briefly before checking Alexander’s WhatsApp.

When she saw that she was labeled as “Precious,” the irritation she had felt earlier quickly dissipated.

She then exited the app and switched back to her phone.

Subsequently, Sophia was yawning when Alexander returned with the cooked pasta. Waving his phone at him, she asked, “Why is your passcode the same as mine?”


He hummed in response before putting the bowl in front of her. “It’s still hot. Wait for it to cool down before you dig in.”

Sophia raised her brows slightly at him. “I took a look at your phone just now, Alexander.”


She couldn’t help but chuckle. “Aren’t you worried that I will discover a secret of yours?”

“In that case, have you found any?”

Sophia responded with a snort. “Not yet.”

He lowered his head to gaze at her, eyes glistening with glee. “Let me help you find some.”

With that, he picked up his phone and tapped into the photo album.

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