Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 280

The sun outside the window was already shining bright when Sophie woke up. The room was particularly quiet as the daily alarm set at seven in the morning had been turned off. Alexander was no longer in the room.

Last night’s incident played in Sophia’s mind like a classic silent film. She could not help but blush upon remembering all the details.

After feeling the warmth on her cheeks with her hands, she looked in the window’s direction. “Genie, draw back the curtains.”

Her voice was hoarse when she spoke.

Sophia froze for a moment before getting off the bed and walking to the washroom.

After washing up, she checked the time on her phone and realized it was almost nine in the morning.

By the time she went downstairs, the sun outside the mansion had already brightened the sky. She heard Alexander’s voice coming from the living room and walked toward him.

Sophia could see him talking on the phone in front of a full-length window through a divider. Oh, he’s still here. I thought he had left for the office.

Upon sensing someone was watching him, Alexander turned around. His eyes darkened for a bit when he saw her from a distance.

“We’ll talk later. Postpone the meeting to the afternoon.” He immediately ended the call and walked up to Sophia. “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Sophia glanced at him as she became flustered. “No.”

Instead of continuing on the topic, she walked to the dining table and saw a few bags of food. “These are for breakfast?”

Alexander walked over, grabbed the bags, and opened them. He then lifted the covers of the meal boxes and placed them in front of Sophia. “We have warm cinnamon-banana granola and muesli with wild berries.”

“I’ll take this.”

Alexander hummed in response while unpacking the other snacks and laying them in front of Sophia.

Sophia was famished. She lowered her head and started munching on the food quietly.

Alexander noticed her flushed ears but chose not to say anything.

The mansion was tranquil and cozy as the sun permeated the building. The morning breeze swept in and gently ruffled Sophia’s hair.

Before she could tidy her hair after putting down the spoon, Alexander, who sat opposite her, had reached out his hand and tucked the errant strands behind her ears.

Lifting her head, she gazed into his eyes and grinned. “I thought you had a meeting in the morning?”

She asked a question that she obviously knew the answer to. Alexander gave her a snack and replied, “I postponed it to the afternoon.”

Sophia glanced at the snack, lowered her head, and smirked. Well, well, well. What has become of the great Alexander Xenos?

After breakfast, Yvonne called Sophia to find out if she was all right.

Sophia had recently been going to Sunshine Group almost every morning, so Yvonne was worried about her since she did not turn up today.

Sophie responded awkwardly, “I’m fine. I’m taking a day off since I’m a little tired.”

Upon hearing that, Yvonne heaved a sigh of relief. “If that’s the case, I shall not disturb you further, Ms. Yarrow.”


After ending the call, Alexander called her name to get her attention. “Sophia.”

She tilted her head and met his gaze, arching her brows. “Yes?”

Alexander paused for a moment and stroked her head. “What would you like to have for lunch?”

In truth, that was not the question he had in mind. Upon recalling last night’s experience, he held his tongue instead of pushing his luck.

Sophia knew that was not what he wanted to ask, but since that was his question, she decided to play along.

An idea popped into her mind when she was looking into his eyes. “Can I request you to prepare lunch for me, Mr. Xenos?”

Someone once told her a man would do anything for a woman after he had taken her as his partner.

Alexander looked at the grin on her face and gulped. “All right.”

After a short hesitation, he added, “But I’ve never cooked before.”

Though Alexander had experience in frying eggs and preparing finger food, he had never cooked a proper meal.

“I have faith in you.”

“All right.”

Half an hour later, Sophia stood outside the kitchen and was at a loss for words when she saw Alexander in an apron.

She was even more stunned when she found out he had ordered his subordinates to deliver the ingredients to the mansion. She did not expect him to take her request so seriously.

Sophia’s mother was not a good cook, so her father was the one who cooked for the family. Sometimes, her mother would get her to learn cooking from her father, but she would always burn the food or turn the ingredients to mush.

Sophia’s mother would always observe her from the counter and express her concern jokingly. “How can you marry someone if you can’t cook?”

Her father would step in and defend her. “Our precious daughter is smart and pretty. I bet no man would have the heart to make her stay in the kitchen. Besides, she can always find a husband who’s willing to cook, can’t she?”

Sophia believed her dad would be fond of Alexander if he were still alive. But too bad…

“What are you thinking about?” Alexander’s deep, masculine voice rang out.

Sophia came to her senses upon hearing that. She lifted her head and noticed the man was standing in front of her, wearing the light blue cartoon character apron she had chosen for him.

Alexander looked so awkward in the adorable protective garment that Sophia burst into laughter. “You look funny in that apron.”

Alexander lowered his head and stared at his apron. He felt helpless but still gazed at her affectionately. “You wanted me to put it on, right?”

Sophia snorted. “Is lunch ready, Chef Xenos?”

“Not yet.”

“What are you doing here then?” she questioned.

Alexander immediately stuffed a slice of tomato into her mouth. “Is it sweet?”

Sophia munched on it and replied, “Yeah.”

“How sweet?”

“Why don’t you try it yourself, Mr. Xenos?” she responded. How am I supposed to describe the taste to him? I don’t even know how to cook!

“Oh. I guess I’ll have to taste it myself then.” With that said, he wrapped his hands around her waist, lowered his head, and planted a kiss on her lips.

Alexander then pried her lips open with his tongue and started enjoying the “taste” in her mouth.

Half a minute later, he reluctantly pulled himself away and wiped the corners of her lips with his thumb while staring at the woman with dark eyes. “You’re right. It’s sweeter than sugar, indeed.”

As he returned to the counter, Sophia smiled and ran her fingers across her lips to feel the lingering warmth of his lips. She could not help but shiver at the almost burning temperature.

Sophia retracted her hand and cleared her throat. “My phone is ringing.”

She did not make that up. Her phone was indeed ringing. It was a call from Katherine.

After walking to the balcony, she looked at the sycamore trees downstairs as the sun at eleven in the morning began to warm up the streets. She regained her composure and asked, “Is everything okay?”

“Soph, do you still remember what you promised me last time?” Katherine whined.

Sophia thought about it and replied, “Yes, I do. What about it?”

“The recording will begin next weekend. Make sure you make time for the session. Love you!”

Sophie chuckled. “Got it.”

She thought Katherine had called her to talk about something else. What makes her think I’ll bail on her?

Upon getting reassurance from Sophia, Katherine ended the call.

Suddenly, Sophia recalled what Lukas had told her a few days ago and arched her brows. Will Granddad throw a fit if I bring Alexander back on his birthday?

She began to see the problem.

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