Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 257

Alexander finally achieved his goal of staying over for the night. The clothes he had left here a few days ago on purpose finally came in handy.

After taking a shower, Alexander felt refreshed and no longer tipsy.

The moon was shining brightly outside, and the inside of the house was quiet. Sophia was currently in the same house as him.

Sophia had just stepped out of the shower when someone knocked at her door.

She stopped drying her hair and went to answer the door. A half-smile nudged her lips as she remarked, “Mr. Xenos, this isn’t the guest room.”

Alexander looked at Sophia in silence. She had just stepped out of the shower, so her cheeks were rosy. When she blinked, the water droplets on her long lashes fluttered and seemed to land in his heart.

Alexander looked at Sophia intently and swallowed hard. “I want something, Sophia.”

“What do you want?”

Sophia couldn’t help but blush when she met his gaze, which seemed to be ablaze. She looked away but caught sight of the chiseled torso underneath his loosely tied bathrobe.

Her face felt warmer than before.

“A goodnight kiss.”

With that, he reached out to pull her into his arms and gave her a kiss.

Alexander had just showered, so he no longer reeked of alcohol and smelled like the shower gel. The fresh citrus scent made Sophia crave more while the minty taste in his mouth cleared her head. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but become lost in the moment.

Her legs went limp as she clung to Alexander.

The room was quiet save for their kissing sounds, racing heartbeats, and heavy breathing.

The temperature in the initially cool room rose as he slipped one hand into her pajamas.

Sophia didn’t wear any bra inside as she had just taken a shower.

The man’s palm was burning. It landed on her breast and burned her last shred of control away.

A romantic relationship between two grown adults would definitely involve sex. Under the moonlight, Alexander slowly lost himself in her softness.

Suddenly, he pulled away from her and stared at her intently.

Before Sophia could react, he picked her up and strode toward the bed.

As soon as Sophia was placed on the bed, she came to her senses and saw that Alexander was having a hard time controlling his desire, as the veins on his forehead were bulging.

“Sophia,” he called out as though he had sensed her hesitation.

When Sophia’s alluring eyes blinked, the last shred of sanity in Alexander’s heart finally snapped.

He bent down as his mouth covered her in a dizzying kiss that was far more passionate than the previous one. Sophia felt as though he was swallowing her whole.

The top two buttons of her pajamas were undone amidst their kiss. Her neckline gaped open, revealing the voluptuous curves underneath.

Sophia was prepared to take one step further when Alexander suddenly came to an abrupt stop.

He rolled away and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. “It’s late, so you should sleep.”

His voice was deep and seductive. Sophia lowered her gaze and panted softly, her cheeks as red as a tomato.

Alexander lay beside her and wrap an arm around her.

Sophia rested against his chest, listening to the thumping heartbeat that could belong to either of them.

The room fell silent as the night grew darker.

Soon, Sophia fell asleep.

Alexander calmed down and looked at Sophia, who was sound asleep. His hands, which were pulling the blanket up, froze when he noticed the low neckline of her pajamas.

The following day, Sophia was woken by the alarm.

She frowned and was about to summon Genie to disable the alarm when it went off.

Sophia turned around to see Alexander lying in her bed.

It appeared that he had just awakened, as his arm was still wrapped around her waist. There was a blanket covering her body, and his arm was lying on top of it.

The scene from last night flooded her mind. Sophia glanced at Alexander and asked, “Didn’t you ask to spend the night in the guest room?”

Alexander fixed his gaze on her as he lied through his teeth. “I was too sleepy and fell asleep.”

Hearing that, Sophia snorted out loud. “Liar.”

Her hair might be disheveled, and her eyelids looked heavy, but she was undeniably attractive when her lips curled into a grin.

Seeing that, Alexander couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her.

However, Sophia put both hands up to stop him. “You haven’t brushed your teeth yet!”

She pushed his face away and hopped off the bed. “I’ll go wash up now!”

It was the first time that Sophia had ever spent the night in bed with a man.

They slept next to each other without doing anything, of course.

No one would believe that they actually did nothing.

After washing up, Sophia went downstairs. Alexander poured milk and toasting bread in the kitchen.

Sophia stood outside the kitchen, watching him fry eggs skillfully. “Alexander, can you cook?” she asked in amazement.

As a kitchen destroyer, Sophia found it hard to learn how to cook.

“Mm.” Alexander nodded.

Sophia couldn’t believe it, but the fried eggs were too perfect. They didn’t look like they had been cooked by someone who couldn’t cook.

As she remained silent, Alexander turned over his shoulder to ask, “You can’t cook?”

“The housekeeper does that,” came Sophia’s calm reply as she went aside to get a glass of water.

Alexander turned off the stove and came out with the sandwiches he made. “From now on, I’ll do the cooking.”

Sophia sat down across from him and took the milk. “Thank you.”

She was thanking him for taking over the responsibility and also for giving her the milk.

Alexander glanced at her. “You’re welcome.”

After breakfast, they went to work at their respective offices.

Alexander mentioned Leland’s eightieth birthday party last night. That very afternoon, Yvonne delivered the invitation from the Fletcher family to her.

Sophia usually wouldn’t attend such events. For the past few years, the Fletcher family never stopped sending her invitations. To be exact, they sent Suny invitations.

However, Sophia never bothered attending them. After all, only a selected few in Jadeborough deserved her respect.

However, this event was an exception, for Casper had chosen that day to teach Kayla a lesson. Sophia wanted to see what he had in mind.

She also wanted to see Kayla getting flustered and embarrassed in public.

Taking the invitation, she said, “I’ll go with Alexander.”

It was clear what she meant. Yvonne contacted the Fletcher family and told them Suny wouldn’t be there.

On the day of Leland’s eightieth birthday celebration, Alexander arrived at around five in the evening to pick Sophia up and take her to dinner.

After having dinner, they went to the hotel where many guests had already arrived.

Samuel, Charles, and Justin had arrived earlier. They were chatting together, and no one else could join them. When Samuel saw Alexander and Sophia, he raised an eyebrow and went over to them directly.

Leland’s health had declined in the past two years, so he had not yet made an appearance. It was Kayla’s parents, her older brother, and her male relatives who were greeting the guests.

Kayla immediately noticed Alexander and Sophia when they walked into the venue.

The couple didn’t act intimately, but Kayla still remembered what Alexander said in the private room that day.

Clenching her jaw, she tamped down her irritation and turned to Casper. “Let me go and greet Ms. Yarrow.”

Casper sipped on his wine. “Sure.”

He glanced at her retreating figure as his gaze turned cold.

I wonder if Kayla will still be able to smile after what happens tonight.

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