Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 253

It was a heart-wrenching sight. Sophia was stumped for two seconds before she finally came back to her senses and asked, “Mrs. Gomez, what can I do for you?”

“The medicine, Ms. Yarrow. Please help me fetch Tanya’s medicine.”

The problem was, Sophia didn’t know where the medicine was. Hence, she walked over and reached out to hug Tanya instead. “Tanya, don’t be afraid. It’s me, Sophia. Nobody will be able to hurt you. Believe me.”

Tanya was taken aback and froze.

Meanwhile, it only took Tanya’s mother, Laura, a while to fetch her medicine, and Tanya quickly felt sleepy after her mother fed it to her.

Sophia and Laura took Tanya back to her room. There was nothing else in it, save for a wooden bed and a wooden study desk.

Tanya lay on the bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

It was painful for Tanya’s mother to see her daughter in such a state. She wiped away her tears and left the room.

Sophia trailed behind her and said, “Mrs. Gomez, I need to talk to you for a moment.”

Though surprised by Sophia’s request, she said, “Okay.”

The two of them went back to the living room. Sophia, who was holding a glass of water in her hands, felt a heavy weight bearing down on her chest. “Mrs. Gomez, I’m Sophia Yarrow. Tanya might not have mentioned me to you before, but I’d like to let you know that she saved my life five years ago. Connor had wanted to target me back then, and Tanya was the one who alerted me about it. That was how he got locked behind bars.”

Sophia felt a lump in her throat as recounted the incident. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Gomez. I didn’t know something like that would happen.”

Tanya’s mother was deep in her own thoughts and said nothing.

Sophia wiped away the tears brimming in her eyes and said, “Mrs. Gomez, I wasn’t the one who put Tanya in this state, but I certainly played a role in this. I feel the obligation to take care of her.”

Laura could vaguely sense what Sophia was getting at and asked, “Ms. Yarrow, what are you trying to say?”

“Firstly, I would like to apologize for not asking for your consent. I asked my secretary to find out about you and Tanya’s living conditions these few years. Tanya’s alert back then saved my life. She’s not doing well now. Besides, you and her father are also getting old. I hope this doesn’t come off weird. I wish that Tanya can recover as soon as possible, as I am very much looking forward to seeing the lively and bubbly Tanya again soon.”

As Sophia talked, she took out a card from her bag.

It was the card that she used for her daily expenses, and there was not much on it⁠—only about three hundred thousand. However, it was enough to support Tanya’s family for the time being.

“There’s about three hundred thousand on the card, and here’s the key to a small unit I own in the city. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, Mrs. Gomez. I really hope you would accept my help,” Sophia added.

“Ms. Yarrow⁠—”

Sophia interjected Laura. She already knew what Laura was going to say and had already thought it through in the car when she was on the way there. “I’ll ask my secretary to come to help you and Tanya move tomorrow, and she’ll bring along an agreement. Just tell Tanya that I’m not just giving away the money and the house. They’re actually on loan. The agreement will state that you have to return them eventually. As long as Tanya can recover, this amount of money is actually not much to her at all.”

Laura’s eyes brimmed with tears in response. “Ms. Yarrow, I really don’t know how to thank you. Even though Tani did save you back then, I know she must think that she was only doing what was right as a friend.”

Sophia was touched by her remarks. Only kind and loving parents like Laura and her husband could have raised an outstanding woman like Tanya.

Unfortunately, Tanya’s life had been nothing but one hardship after another. However, Sophia was positive that Tanya’s life would only get better from then on.

“There is one more thing that I’d like to ask for your opinion, Mrs. Gomez,” Sophia added.

“Ms. Yarrow, you’re a true friend to Tanya. Just ask away. As long as it is beneficial for Tanya, I’ll surely agree to it.”

Laura only had a daughter. She couldn’t bear to see Tanya in such a miserable state, not especially when Tanya’s best days were still ahead of her.

Sophia pursed her lips before saying, “I’ve investigated Tanya’s marriage. Her husband is not a good man. If you trust me, I can arrange for Tanya to get divorced from him.”

“If the scoundrel hadn’t vehemently opposed to the idea, Tanya would have divorced him long ago! Ms. Yarrow, if you really have a way to let Tanya divorce that b*stard and liberate her from that living hell, I’ll be eternally grateful to you!” Laura said.

“Mrs. Gomez, please don’t feel obligated. I just want to help Tanya,” Sophia said.

Sophia actually blamed herself for what happened to Tanya. If she had asked Yvonne to keep tabs on Tanya for a few more days, Tanya wouldn’t have ended up like this.

“Ms. Yarrow, you’re a kind woman, and you’re surely going to be rewarded for your kindness. It’s getting late. Let me make you something to eat. I don’t have much to offer, but I can cook quite well,” Laura suggested.

“Sure, Mrs. Gomez. Take your time. Don’t rush. I’ll leave after having lunch,” Sophia reassured her.

“Sure! Do watch the TV for a moment. I’m going to prepare the dishes. It’ll be ready in no time.”

Sophia did not turn on the TV. Instead, she went to Tanya’s room.

She seemed to have fallen asleep after taking the medicine.

Tanya looked peaceful in her sleep. Nobody would have guessed that she just had a sudden mental breakdown and went hysterical.

Sophia was actually glad that they were around when Tanya had a breakdown. She dared not think about Tanya attempting to take her own life when she was all alone in her room in the middle of the night.

After having lunch, Sophia left after leaving Laura her private number.

On her way back, she contacted Yvonne to arrange for Tanya to meet a psychologist, as well as to help her and Laura move.

When she was almost done, Sophia suddenly recalled something and said. “As for Tanya’s father… Let’s employ another security guard for the office.”

Yvonne understood Sophia’s intention right away and said, “I’ll ask an assistant to arrange for her to meet a psychologist.”

Sophia paused for a moment and said, “Find out about Tanya’s husband, Liam Mill, and while you’re at that, get me information on the Mill family as well.”

The Mill family was relatively well-off and had good connections too. Thus, Liam was able to establish a small company. In Tanya’s hometown, the Mill family was considered a rather affluent family.

“All right, Ms. Yarrow.”

At night, after Sophia was done having dinner, she wiped the corners of her mouth and asked Alexander, “Could you help me make an appointment with Mr. Schild?”

Alexander did not query her intention and merely asked, “Tonight?”


Sophia smiled in response. However, it was apparent that she was not in a good mood.

Alexander held her hand and asked, “What happened, Sophia?”

She cast him a glance and briefly told him what happened to Tanya. “If she hadn’t alerted me back then, Connor would have gotten his way that night. I went to visit her today. She’s not doing well. Her eyes were so hollow, and it seemed like she had lost all her spirit. What’s left of her is merely a miserable ghost of her past lively and bubbly self.”

“Sophia, don’t blame yourself. You and your friend are both the victim of that incident.”

Sophia pursed her lips. “You’re right, Alexander.”

She vowed to make Connor pay for what he did.

“I’m going to settle the scores with Connor.”

“Let me help you,” Alexander chimed in.

Sophia looked at him. This time, she did not reject him and said, “Okay.”

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