Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 251

Following the video of Sophia brewing coffee at Jadeborough University’s anniversary celebration, some netizens found out that Sophia and Joshua were actually invited to attend the event as the university’s outstanding graduates.

Although Jadeborough University’s standards weren’t on par with Quadfield University, the former was still one of the top ten academic institutions in the nation.

Sophia’s excellence was implied since she was invited to attend Jadeborough University’s anniversary celebration as their exceptional graduate.

Soon, someone also dug out news about Sophia, the top student of her state, rejecting Quadfield University’s offer and was dedicated to entering Jadeborough University in the past.

Initially, there were some negative comments below the video, such as criticism about her disrespecting others for brewing coffee on such an occasion. However, after her qualifications of being a top student were exposed, only surprised reactions and praises for her achievements were left on the internet.

Meanwhile, Kayla, who had been waiting for Sophia to be rebuked by the public, grimaced in fury after seeing all the compliments directed at Sophia flooding the internet.

She had heard about the matter related to Sophia being invited back to Jadeborough University a few days ago from her cousin. It was also said that the university had purposely organized a forum for Sophia, and the topic of discussion was mainly to interview Sophia and Joshua.

Kayla figured there would be a lot of reporters attending Jadeborough University’s anniversary celebration, so after she was informed of that matter, she secretly looked for someone to do her bidding.

Since it was a forum, there would undoubtedly be a question-and-answer session.

Hence, Kayla hired someone to sneak into the hall and ask Sophia embarrassing questions. She would then record a video and upload it on the internet so that the netizens would jeer at Sophia.

Kayla thought her plan would work well. However, four to five hours after the forum ended, Sophia was eulogized by the public, yet the person Kayla hired failed to make any move.

She tossed her tablet to the couch and picked up her phone to contact that person. “What are you doing? Why isn’t there any news on the internet?”

“Ms. Fletcher, I’m sorry. When I asked that question earlier, those students demanded to know which class I studied in. They immediately found out that I wasn’t a student of Jadeborough University and chased me out of the hall at once. My subordinate recorded a video of the entire forum. After I was kicked out of the venue, the audience merely acted as if nothing happened. Sophia didn’t even answer the question you told me to ask.”

Kayla grew more furious as she listen to his account. “You’re useless!”

Right after she hung up the call, Felix was done investigating that matter.

“Mr. Xenos, I’ve discovered the identity of the person who deliberately asked the question.”

Alexander glanced up at Felix. “Who’s that?”

“It’s Kayla.”

It’s Kayla again?

Alexander’s face darkened slightly as his eyes gleamed. “The Cooper family hasn’t taken any action yet?”

Felix nodded. “Mr. Casper and Ms. Yarrow’s relationship seems to be quite good.”

His subordinate had informed him that Casper and Kayla had been seen to be hanging out together recently.

“In that case, you need to feed Casper with more juicy information.”

Taking in the look in Alexander’s eyes, Felix felt chills traveling down his spine. Kayla is such a daredevil for repeatedly targeting Ms. Yarrow with her schemes.

“Yes, Mr. Xenos.”

Felix had served Alexander for so many years. Naturally, he knew what he needed to do.

Soon, his subordinate sent the juicy information to Casper’s inbox.

Casper, who had just finished a meeting, frowned when he noticed the sender’s name on the email. He grasped his mouse and opened the email. When he saw the attached pictures, Casper angrily threw his mouse away. This Kayla sure is capable!

Compared to the incident of her being put in a tight spot during the question-and-answer session in the hall, Sophia was more concerned about what had happened to Tanya.

Two days had passed by the time Yvonne was done investigating that matter. After Sophia read through the complied information, she fell silent for a long while. “I got it. Thank you for the hard work.”

Sensing the wavering smile on Sophia’s countenance, Yvonne thought it would be best for her not to remain inside the office. “I shall take my leave first. Please let me know if you need anything, Ms. Yarrow.”

“Okay,” Sophia responded in a daze while staring at Yvonne’s leaving figure from behind.

She didn’t expect the incident in the past wasn’t just as simple as her avoidance of a tragedy.

Back then, after Connor’s plan failed, someone told him Sophia had received word in advance, prompting her to know about his ploy to drug and take advantage of her.

After he was released from prison, the first thing he did was instruct his men to locate Tanya.

Connor’s family’s house was met with demolition, so their family became very wealthy overnight after receiving a huge sum of relocation compensation. Hence, he was able to enter Jadeborough University as an athlete.

During his years at Jadeborough University, he got into relationships with different girls almost every month as he was relatively good-looking and came from a loaded family.

Although Connor pursued Sophia for three years throughout their four years of university life, he continued engaging in his frivolous lifestyle.

In his opinion, he could win every girl’s affection using his wealth.

Unfortunately, Sophia was an exception. Yet, he took a liking to her. Thus, he wanted to make a move on Sophia on their graduation day. Unexpectedly, not only did he fail to accomplish his wish, but he also had to spend ten days in jail.

When Connor knew Tanya had exposed him, he simply wanted to beat her up to vent his anger. However, that day was her birthday. She wore a white dress and put on light makeup. Tanya, who Connor wouldn’t even be attracted to on normal days, seemed surprisingly appealing to him.

Moreover, even though Tanya wasn’t exceptionally gorgeous, she was still considered easy on the eye with her pure and ordinary appearance. Connor threatened her and caused her to burst into tears with just a few sentences. Taking in her tear-stained delicate facial features, Connor, overwhelmed by lust, forced himself on Tanya inside a small room under a staircase.

After that, Tanya and her family filed a lawsuit against Connor, but their graduation certification and relevant academic qualifications were already handed to them. Therefore, strictly speaking, although that unlawful act happened in the school, it had little to do with the university anymore. Besides, his offense was considered a criminal case, so the school didn’t have much jurisdiction over that matter.

Sensing her family members’ reluctance to give up, Connor hired many thugs and gangsters to threaten them. He even told them if they were firm on pursuing that matter, he would ask his subordinates to spread rumors at the village Tanya lived, saying she had shamelessly seduced him.

When Tanya’s mother heard his threat, she suffered a heart attack on the spot and was admitted to the hospital to receive emergency treatment which lasted over eight hours.

Subsequently, Tanya’s father had a fracture when he accidentally fell down the staircase at the hospital.

While her parents were bed-bound due to their health conditions, Connor brought three hundred thousand, a letter of understanding, and an agreement to withdraw the lawsuit and forced Tanya to sign it.

Tanya’s family wasn’t well off. In addition, they spent a considerable amount of money to pay for her mother’s emergency treatment for her heart attack and another thirty to forty thousand for her father’s surgery. The savings of over one hundred thousand was used up just like that. As her parents would need to recuperate, Tanya had no choice but to take the money and sign the agreement.

Two years ago, she married someone, but her husband was a terrible person who violently abused her. Half a year ago, after learning from an unknown source about Tanya’s past experience of being sexually assaulted, he insulted and rebuked her daily. She was diagnosed with major depressive disorder after six months. Just two months ago, she was rescued after an attempt to end her own life by cutting her wrist. Tanya was now staying with her parents and being cared for by them.

That was the complete account of details about Tanya, which Yvonne managed to find out. After Sophia finished reading the report, indescribable emotions churned within her chest.

Although Sophia was not responsible for the subsequent events, she was the indirect reason Tanya’s initially promising future had taken such a dark and unfortunate turn.

Suddenly, Sophia’s phone on the table vibrated. She regained her senses, put away her thoughts, and picked up the device before striding toward the door.

Yvonne was slightly stunned when she saw her exiting the room. “Are you going back, Ms. Yarrow?”

Sophia shook her head. “I’m going out for a while.”

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