Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 223

Sophia struggled to escape the man’s grasp. “Let go of me, Alexander!”


In his drunken stupor, he was a lot more shameless than usual.

Her temper spiked, and she let out a bark of laughter in exasperation. “Don’t you want to know why I went to Doveston all of a sudden?”

Alexander got up upon hearing what she said.

Sophia did the same and glowered at him, although her cheeks remained flushed. She then went into the kitchen and made him a cup of honey water. Placing it in front of him, she instructed, “Drink up.”

Alexander didn’t question it and gulped the beverage down in one go.

This was the very first time he thought honey water tasted good, and perhaps it was because she was the one who made it for him.

After finishing up the drink, he fixed his dark eyes on Sophia.

She snorted and pulled out the anonymous letter from her bag before handing it to him. “Have a look at it yourself.”

Alexander’s brows furrowed as he tore open the envelope and read the content of the letter within it. Following that, an insidious glint flashed across his eyes. “I’ll look into this.”

“I already have,” said Sophia.

The day before, she’d found out from Yvonne that it was Kayla’s handwriting, and the trending headline was also the latter’s doing.

“Who is it?”

“Why don’t you take a guess, Mr. Xenos?”

She bent down and cupped her face in her hands, glancing at the man with a grin.

Massaging his temples, he questioned, “Thalia?”


She shook her head.


Once more, Sophia shook her head. “This is your final guess. If you get it right, I’ll push your progress forward by fifty percent.”

Seeing the twinkle in her eyes, Alexander gulped and pursed his lips, thinking hard about who the culprit might be.

It wasn’t an easy guess at all. In the entirety of Jadeborough, only Thalia and Bethany came to mind when he thought of who might be on bad terms with Sophia.

If it wasn’t either of them, then he had no idea who it was.

He then looked back at the woman. Her gaze was oozing with smugness, which told him that the culprit was a person he would never expect.

Two months ago, Alexander had asked Felix to find out all of the people who mistreated Sophia, and he had already seen the list. Still, she was so gleeful, which indicated that it wasn’t one of the people on the list.

It wasn’t anyone who interacted with Sophia during the three years they had been married, but he knew this person, and the person was in Jadeborough.

As he pondered over the clues, a sudden realization struck Alexander. He shifted his gaze to the woman and said flatly, “Kayla Fletcher.”

Sophia was taken aback, for she didn’t expect him to figure it out so soon.

She snorted in dismay. “Fine, I’ll push your progress to fifty percent.”

Regardless, the remaining fifty percent will still be up to me to decide!

Alexander stood up all of a sudden, once again surprising her. He had already carried her in his arms before she could even react.

Stunned, Sophia hooked her arms around his neck and blurted, “Alexander?”

He didn’t say a word and merely carried her to the third floor.

She felt her heart race at the sight of him walking toward her room.

During the years they spent as a married couple, Sophia had been anticipating this moment every single day. Alas, he had never once laid a finger on her.

Now that they were together again, it was normal for them to seal the deal.

But this time, Sophia wasn’t prepared at all, not the slightest bit.

Alexander carried her to the bed, plopping her on the soft and cozy mattress. He then kicked his shoes off and, in one swift move, wrapped an arm around her waist. “Since we’re halfway there, I can cuddle you to sleep, right?”

She instantly blushed at the man’s words. “No!”

“We’ll just sleep. I won’t do anything else.”

He paused for a moment before adding, “Of course, if you want to do it, I’d be happy to comply.”

Letting out an angry snort, she reached out to pinch his face. “When did you become so shameless, huh?”

“I have to be shameless to win your heart, Sophia,” said the man as he pulled her into an embrace.

Sophia was easily embarrassed, and if he was the same, then they wouldn’t have a future together.

That said, her room was almost the same as how Alexander imagined it. Her scent filled the entire place, and the soft bed also smelled good. The moment he lay down on it, he couldn’t quite bring himself to leave.

Not only did he not want to leave, but he also wanted to do more things with her than just cuddling. Of course, those thoughts remained what they were—thoughts.

“I’m a little drunk, so I want to go to sleep.”

As soon as the words left his lips, Alexander’s eyelids fluttered shut, and he didn’t utter another word.

However, his arm was still tightly wrapped around her waist. For a while, Sophia tried to wriggle out of his grasp but eventually gave up.

She’d woken up at around six o’clock in the morning to catch her flight and hadn’t gotten much sleep since the plane was noisy, causing her to feel a little weary. Alexander’s steady breathing sounded beside her ear, and coupled with the fact that it was a lazy afternoon, Sophia quickly fell into a slumber after laying there for a moment.

By the time Alexander woke up, she was still asleep.

The sun was shining brightly outside the window. He reached over to grab the remote control and clicked on a button to draw the blinds shut. Immediately, the room dimmed.

He hadn’t gotten a good sleep ever since the divorce, and although his nap only lasted for slightly over forty minutes, it was still one of the best naps he’d ever had.

Alexander was completely sober after the brief shut-eye. When he recalled what Sophia had said earlier, his expression instantly turned glacial. He carefully loosened his grip around her waist and went downstairs to give Felix a call.

Felix’s voice was laced with surprise as he exclaimed, “Mr. Xenos?”

Knowing Alexander had left with Sophia, he didn’t dare to call the former the entire afternoon for fear that he’d be interrupting something.

Hence, Felix was rather taken aback to see Alexander calling him.

For the past couple of days, Mr. Xenos hadn’t been in the mood to work. Now that he’s with Ms. Yarrow, I thought he would rather not talk about work affairs. I didn’t expect him to call me himself!

He was surprised, and at the same time, slightly moved.

It seems that Mr. Xenos is really hardworking.

“Mr. Lane, find out what Kayla has been up to recently.”

“Ms. Fletcher?”

Alexander hummed an acknowledgment and swiftly hung up the call before Felix could ask if he was attending the meeting at four o’clock that afternoon.

Looking at the dimmed phone screen, Felix assumed his boss’ answer was a no.

Alexander went to take a bath after ending the call as he couldn’t stand the stench of alcohol on him.

By the time Sophia woke up, the room was dark. She furrowed her brows, thinking it was already nighttime.

“Genie, what time is it?”

“Three thirty-seven in the afternoon.”

Oh, it’s still early.

She then looked at the blinds, a smile spreading across her face. “Genie, open the blinds.”

“Yes, Master.”

Once the blinds were drawn, sunlight seeped into the room, causing Sophia to narrow her eyes.

Feeling a little thirsty, she put on her slippers and headed downstairs.

She thought Alexander had already left, but to her surprise, the man was headed for the kitchen while clad in a bathrobe, just as she was leaving after getting a glass of water.

After taking a bath, droplets of water dripped from his hair, and the bathrobe hung loosely on his body.

Sophia got a peep at his chiseled torso that was barely hidden underneath the bathrobe. The sight of it made her face flush scarlet, and she instantly averted her gaze. “Why did you take a bath?”

“I stank.”

Alexander furrowed his brows in disgust.

She chuckled at the man’s response before asking, “What do you want?”


As he spoke, he reached out and grabbed the glass in her hand.

“Don’t you have your own cup?”

He drank most of the water before handing it back to her. “I’m thirsty.”

Sophia shot a glare at him before turning around to fill up another glass of water.

When she came out, he was sitting on the couch in the middle of answering a call.

She stood aside and drank her water while looking at the man. Upon noticing her gaze, Alexander turned around and glanced at her.

After that, he ended the call. “Like what you see?”

Sophia pretended not to understand what he was talking about. “What?”

“Nothing.” Quirking his brow, he reached out and tugged at his already-loose bathrobe, rendering the woman speechless.

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