Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 215

It was already dawn when Sophia woke up, and the approaching month of May meant summertime for Jadeborough.

Her phone was vibrating annoyingly. She frowned slightly as she reached out for the device. One of her eyebrows raised when she saw that it was Katherine calling. “What is it?”

“Did you just wake up, Soph? You’re trending again! Check it out! I almost died laughing because some idiots probably created fake accounts just to leave comments about you dating Horatius before moving on to Lukas. They even said you met with Lukas’ parents, only to get back with Alexander now!” informed Katherine before bursting into laughter. “If these people are trying to murder me by making me laugh to death, it’s working! What’s going on inside their heads? How did they even come up with all this?”

Sophia logged on to Twitter, and as expected, she got the fifth position in the list of top trending searches with the hashtag “womanyoucantbuy.”

Tsk! If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were trying to flatter me.

After tapping one of the search results, Sophia saw the old photos posted by the fake accounts to prove that she was seeing Horatius in February. In less than two months, she broke up with Horatius and moved on to Lukas. Then after she met with Lukas’ parents, rumors of her getting engaged began to spread. However, that did not last long because people started suspecting that she and Alexander had gotten back together when they saw photos of her shopping with the man the night before.

Katherine is right. The people who posted these comments and photos are idiots because they acted as if they knew the truth. I bet they’ll lose their minds when they find out about my relationship with Lukas. I’m not wasting my time on this nonsense.

With that thought in mind, Sophia logged out of Twitter.

“I saw it,” uttered Sophia calmly before getting out of bed and into the bathroom. “I have no idea how simpletons think.”

“Hahaha! Me too!” For the first time, Katherine did not feel like a simpleton. I can’t believe how stupid these people can get!

“I’m going to hang up.” Sophia ended the phone call and began to wash up in the bathroom because it was a Monday, which meant she had a meeting to attend.

Alexander, too, saw the trending search early in the morning, so he immediately called Felix to have the man remove it.

Sophia doesn’t even have anything to do with Horatius. These people just enjoy spewing nonsense.

Alexander’s mood turned sour because of the posts, and only after seeing Sophia opening the door for him did his face soften up.

Sophia, who wore a pink formal skirt and light makeup to bring out her alluring eyes that day, looked gorgeous to Alexander.

“You’re beautiful,” praised the man.

In response, Sophia turned to smile softly at Alexander. “Thank you.”

After they both entered the mansion, Alexander prepared breakfast. “Did you see what was trending?” inquired the man hesitantly when he saw Sophia coming out of the kitchen with water.

“I did,” replied Sophia with an eyebrow raised, and only after taking her seat did she lift her head to look at Alexander. “Why? Do you believe them, Mr. Xenos?”

“Horatius is trying to pursue you.” Since Alexander was a man himself, he knew what Horatius was thinking.

Chuckling, Sophia responded, “As you said, he’s trying.”

Sophia could tell Horatius had feelings for her, but since Darrell proposed to take her as his goddaughter, Horatius had never contacted her again. Now that I think about it, we have not been in touch for more than a month.

“I had Mr. Lane remove it,” said Alexander.

Glancing at the man, Sophia said, “Okay.” I guess that’s for the best. It was all just nonsense anyway.

After breakfast, Alexander got into his car and followed Sophia as usual.

Only after watching the woman drive into the Sunshine Group parking lot did he leave for Odyssey.

“Mr. Xenos,” greeted Felix while handing Alexander the documents for a meeting as soon as the man stepped out of the elevator.

After going through the papers, Alexander remembered the matter from the night before. “Did you get the transaction history of the card?”

“I can only get that when the bank is open for business.”

“I want it after the meeting,” demanded Alexander, glancing calmly at his secretary.

“Yes, Mr. Xenos.”

Half an hour later, Felix returned to Alexander with the information the man requested for. “Mr. Xenos, I already have the transaction history with me, and it shows that the card has a balance of ten million and eight hundred thousand. On the third of June last year, there was a spending of eight hundred thousand, and a week later, there was a spending of more than three million. The remaining balance was transferred to another account the next day.”

Alexander easily went through all the transactions since there were only a few of them. “Whose account was it transferred to?”

“Ms. Xenos’.”

“Tell Thalia that if there’s even a cent gone from the account after I return from my business, I’ll see her in court.”

Both the card and the money on it were meant for Sophia.

Had she not mentioned it, Alexander would have thought she had used up the money.

However, the truth was that Sophia had never even used a cent of Alexander’s money in the three years they were married.

When they divorced, Sophia took nothing of his with her nor used the money he had given her over the three years of their marriage.

Alexander did not care what Sophia did with the money he had given her since it belonged to her. However, he would not allow anyone else to use it without consent.

Startled by Alexander’s grim expression, Felix immediately nodded understandingly. “Got it, Mr. Xenos.”

Sophia was somewhat reluctant to part with Alexander when she learned that the man would be going away for three days.

After hanging up, she looked at the document in front of her in a slightly sour mood.

Sophia disliked how emotional she got, so she rubbed her forehead while suppressing her thoughts. After going through the document and signing it, she passed it to Yvonne before grabbing her jacket and leaving Sunshine Group.

Shortly after Sophia got into her car, the phone inside her handbag rang.

With a raised eyebrow, Sophia took the device out and was shocked to see the name on display. “Granddad?”

Sophia assumed Perrin was calling about the trending search in the morning.

“Have you been busy recently?”

“Not really.”

“Then you should play a game or two with me.”

“Sure. I’ll go back in two days to keep you company,” promised Sophia.

Perrin could not help but sigh when her granddaughter responded so sensibly to him. “Sophia, I’m not trying to control you or anything, but did you and Alexander get back together? I saw people posting about it online this morning.”

Perrin knew about the three years Sophia had spent with the Xenos family and was convinced that Alexander was a fool for not treasuring her granddaughter.

To him, no man was worthy of Sophia because she was not only beautiful but also smart.

It was almost impossible for Perrin to keep quiet after learning that Sophia and Alexander could be back together.

Pursing her lips, Sophia decided to tell her grandfather the truth. “Not yet, Granddad, but he’s pursuing me.”

Perrin turned red with anger after hearing Sophia’s reply, but he suppressed his emotions to avoid making her granddaughter sad. “Sophia, there are many good men in this world. You’re still young; there’s no need to rush. Whoever you choose to be with, their family background doesn’t matter as long as they’re good to you.”

Sophia was touched when she heard that because she knew Perrin only wanted the best for her. “I understand, Granddad.”

“Remember to visit me when you have the time. I’ll let you get back to your business now!”

“Okay, Granddad. Take care of yourself.”

After hanging up, Sophia could not help smiling as she looked out the car window. It’s time for Alexander to get a taste of what I’ve been through all those years ago.

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