Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 210

Sophia slept until five in the afternoon, mainly because she had woken up very early and exercised a lot that morning. Even the alarm she had set couldn’t wake her up.

The curtains in the room were drawn. When she opened her eyes, before her mind was fully awake, she was stunned to see Alexander approach her.

“Are you awake?” he asked.

Glancing at the clock, Sophia realized it was already twenty minutes past five. She arched a brow and asked, “Didn’t you say you’d wake me up at five?”

She had a bedhead, as she had just woken up. Strands of hair were stuck to her cheeks, which Alexander helpfully removed. “I couldn’t bear to.”

Sophia looked at him as his warm fingertips touched her face. “I’m gonna go and wash up.”

It had been a while since she had taken a nap that long. She didn’t expect to sleep for almost three hours and was a little embarrassed about it.

Upon washing her face, Sophia felt refreshed.

The sky was still bright at half past five. Alexander said he had booked a table in a restaurant, so she changed into a more appropriate outfit. When she stepped out of the house, the sky was already turning red.

The weather was good, and the evening sunset was pretty.

By the time they arrived at the restaurant, it was almost half past six. The moment Sophia alighted from the car, she saw a large flaming red cloud on the horizon.

While she was distracted, Alexander held her hand.

Sophia withdrew her gaze and turned to him. “What if we meet someone familiar here?”

Looking at the ghost of a smile in her eyes, Alexander said, “No one will ask about it.”

More importantly, no one would dare to.

Sophia smiled. “They don’t need to ask to know our relationship if you hold me like this.”

Alexander fell silent for a moment. “I’ll let go later.”

“Let go of me at the door.”


Sophia’s concerns weren’t entirely unfounded, as it was pretty easy to run into someone familiar at Mirage.

In fact, just as they arrived on the second floor, they saw Kristen and Thalia, whom they hadn’t met in a long time.

Ever since they were chased out of the Xenos residence by Alexander, Kristen no longer had the nerve to mess with Sophia, and Thalia had behaved a lot.

When they saw Sophia and Alexander together, their first thought was that the couple had gotten back together.

Of course, Kristen and Thalia no longer had the courage to scold Sophia in front of Alexander or question him.

Alexander merely glanced at them. He had no intention of greeting them. Needless to say, Sophia had no intention of greeting them as well.

Kristen looked at Alexander, seemingly wanting to say something. However, she ultimately refrained from doing so out of fear. All she could do was scowl at the couple as they entered a private room.

Only after the couple was completely out of her sight did Thalia speak. “Mom, Alex isn’t really getting back together with Sophia, is he?”

In reality, Kristen couldn’t understand her son at all. Mixed emotions could be seen on her face when she heard Thalia’s words. “Why do you care so much? It’s been more than two months. Have you found a job?”

Thalia frowned when that topic was brought up. “There are many positions in Odyssey, Mom. Why don’t you ask Alex to make me a manager or something?”

Kristen looked daggers at Thalia. “Your brother chased us out of the Xenos residence. Do you think he’ll let you into Odyssey?”

Thalia pursed her lips, then turned to look at the private room Alexander and Sophia went into. “This is all because of Sophia!”

Although Kristen didn’t respond, she thought the same, too.

Meanwhile, Sophia didn’t think about Kristen or Thalia at all. She had had a feeling that Alexander’s relationship with his mother wasn’t great, and what he said that night had only solidified her theory.

After making the orders, she raised her head and noticed Alexander staring at her. “Is there something on my face?” she asked, cocking an eyebrow.

She was pretty certain there weren’t any, as she had looked at herself in the mirror before she left home.

“My relationship with them isn’t great. You don’t need to mind them.”

Sophia smiled. She didn’t expect him to say that. “I don’t. I have never.” Then, recalling something, she asked teasingly, “Is that why you intentionally put me in the Xenos residence back then?”

The next day after they were married, Alexander told her he usually stayed in the condominium near his company and that she should live in the Xenos residence.

Not only did he stay at the condominium, but he also rarely returned to the Xenos residence. It was the reason they only met a handful of times during their three years of marriage.

Alexander detested recalling the three years of his marriage with Sophia. He was somewhat at a loss for words when she brought it up.

Seeing that he didn’t reply, Sophia snorted and asked, “Have you ordered yet?”

“I have.” Alexander placed the menu down and asked the server to come in.

After dinner, Sophia glanced at the time and noticed Alexander staring at her again. “You’re not full?”

“Didn’t you say you would tell me where to buy the slippers after you woke up?”

Sophia was taken aback when she heard that. It had totally slipped her mind, and she didn’t expect him to be hung up on it for the whole afternoon. “Do you want me to bring you there now?”

“Yes.” Alexander was the type of person who refused to postpone any matter to the next day if it could be done on the same day.

And since he could buy a pair of slippers that matched Sophia’s that day, he naturally wanted to go then and there.

Upon leaving Mirage, they drove to Wanda.

Sophia brought him to a shopping mall where she bought the slipper. Last year, after divorcing Alexander, she moved into the mansion straight away. Her original slippers felt uncomfortable, which was why she had taken the time to browse for new ones.

Her slipper was pink because she was a woman, and a woman would always have a girl’s heart. She wasn’t an exception.

As for him, he picked a pair of light-blue slippers. In the past, he would’ve frowned at the color. A dense man like him wouldn’t be able to appreciate pretty colors like that.

However, at that moment, when he thought about how the blue slippers would pair well with Sophia’s as a set of couple’s slippers, he found the blue slippers to be pretty pleasing to the eye.

Alexander and Sophia were both attractive individuals with extraordinary temperaments. It didn’t take long before they drew a lot of attention to themselves.

Sophia disliked having photos of her taken. She glanced at Alexander and urged, “Let’s go.”

Upon noticing the woman hiding in the distance taking pictures with a camera, Alexander grabbed Sophia’s hand. “Okay.”

It was almost eight in the evening when they exited the mall. They got into the car and returned to the mansion.

Sophia had a habit of sleeping early. She prepared a plate of fruit and said, “Have some fruit and get going.”

“You’re chasing me away?” Alexander looked up at her with a slight frown.

Sophia placed a piece of peach next to his lips. “Open up.”

Alexander opened his mouth obediently and ate the peach.

Then he gazed at Sophia. “It’s sweet, but not as sweet as you.”

Sophia’s face flushed. “Then you should eat more.”

“Feed me.”

“How old are you, Alexander?” Alexander’s shameless request amused her.

“I’m thirty-three years old, the ripe age to get married, Sophia.”

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