Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 203

Sophia was awakened by her alarm the following morning. Sunlight was already streaming through the curtains when she opened her eyes, and she could tell it was a pleasant day.

She pushed herself up into a seated position. Her cheeks grew warm upon recalling Alexander’s kiss the night before.

If it weren’t for that phone call, Alexander would probably have ravished me.

“Heat up some water, Genie.”

“Yes, Master.”

Giving her head a little shake, Sophia got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

I have much to do at Sunshine Group today. There’s also that lunch appointment.

The doorbell rang just when Sophia was done washing up.

She frowned. Who’s here this early in the morning?

Sophia checked who was outside via her surveillance cameras and froze in surprise when she saw Alexander at the entrance before going downstairs to answer the door. “What are you doing here so early?”

“I’m sending my girlfriend to work.”

Alexander exited his car, which he had driven here himself.

Sophia turned to grant him entry. “Oh. Come on in.”

As soon as she turned around, Sophia felt something warm enclosing her hand. She looked down and saw it was tightly in Alexander’s.

It was her first time being in such close proximity to a man and her first time having her hand held.

Sophia could not put her finger on that feeling rising within her. It was a mixture of embarrassment and also of warmth.

She looked up at Alexander and found him staring at her.

Sophia blushed. “Don’t look at me like that, Alexander.”

“Why not?”

He frowned as if he did not understand.

Sophia pursed her lips. “It’s not proper.”

“How is it not proper?”

Alexander hardly used to speak back then. Now, he’s as inquisitive as Katherine.

Sophia was annoyed by his questions. “It’s just not proper. Why would there be any reason for it?”

She did not dare tell him that the way he looked at her made her feel like a slab of tasty meat.

As they were all adults, Sophia did not dare employ suggestive innuendos.

Alexander noticed her ears were tinged pink. He tightened his grip around her hand, swallowed hard, and averted his gaze with difficulty. “All right,” he said softly.

Once they were up the stairs, Sophia retracted her hand to serve the drinks.

Alexander pursed his lips at his empty hand before placing the food he had brought on the dining table. He then received a mug she slid over while gazing at the one in her hand. “I like your mug.”

Sophia’s mug had been bought from a trip abroad with Katherine several years ago. It was a painted mug with a unique design.

“I got it abroad.”

“I see,” Alexander answered. “Can I take a picture of it?”

Sophia shot him a look before sliding the mug over.

Wow. Alexander was not lying. He really is taking a picture.

Sophia recalled how he used to stare at her mug and realized with a start that she may have misunderstood him.

Could he be purely interested in my mug without a motive?

She had not considered that.

Alexander had come with a lot of food. He must have bought a little of everything because he did not know what she liked.

Sophia surveyed the dozen or so varieties on the table. “I like oatmeal and not pasta.”

“I’ll get you some oatmeal tomorrow,” Alexander said at once.

“All right.”

It was half past eight when they finished their breakfast.

“I’ll drive myself to work.”

If I went in his car, anybody with half a brain would know that we were in a relationship.

“All right. Would you like to have lunch together?”

Sophia giggled at that. “Are you that free these days?”

He did not even have time for lunch back then!

“I always have time for you.”

Sophia stared at him. The tinge of red that had subsided once again rose to her ears. “What has Samuel been teaching you?”

Alexander shook his head. “He didn’t teach me anything. I’m speaking from the heart.”

He never understood how one could say such nauseating things, but now he knew.

Words tend to form themselves when one gazes at the one they love.

Sophia lowered her head to take a sip of her water. Alexander is different from how he used to be. Now, I can’t even last two sentences against him.

“Have you had enough to eat?” he asked suddenly.

Sophia looked up at him and nodded. “I have.”

She did not usually eat large breakfasts, so it only took a few of the many buns and pastries Alexander bought to satiate her.

He leaned over suddenly. “Can I kiss you, Sophia?”

Though he posited it as a question, his lips were already upon hers as soon as he spoke.

Sophia grunted. Her grip around the mug tightened before slowly relaxing.

After forcing apart her lips, he began his assault. An instant later, all Sophia could taste was his breath.

His kisses were assertive and forceful, and she feared that he was about to swallow her whole.

Her body became warm due to the heat radiating from Alexander, as if her blood was boiling.

Sophia momentarily regained her composure when he lifted her off the chair. “Al—”

She tried calling his name, but he stifled her.

When it finally ended, Sophia felt as limp as a blade of grass in the aftermath of a tempest.

She clung onto Alexander’s shoulders with her eyes closed. Between her breaths, she could hear him panting softly.

His skin was searing, like a freshly boiled egg.

Sophia attempted to slide off him, but Alexander maintained a firm grip. “Stay put, Sophia.”

He bent down to gaze at her with his deep, dark eyes. Sophia blushed at the memory of being pressed beneath him not long before and did not dare move again.

After a long while, she could not take it anymore. “Alexander?”

Soft by default, her voice did not convey the sternness she intended, and it made him weak at the knees.

Alexander’s heart raced when he heard his name uttered in such a manner. His heat, which had just dissipated, began to rise again.

However, he knew he could not continue.

Alexander bent down to kiss Sophia on the forehead. “All right, I won’t torment you any longer.”

After placing her back onto the chair he had picked her up from, he rose to his feet. “Wait for me.”

As she stared at his back, she touched her forehead and smiled surreptitiously.

We’re pretty good together.

After that, Alexander tailed Sophia and only drove away after watching her enter Sunshine Group.

Felix noticed Alexander’s excellent mood that morning and, taking advantage of his employer’s good humor, hastened to tell the latter about Kristen.

Alexander frowned after Felix finished. “Ignore her.”

“Yes, Mr. Xenos.”

Felix was about to leave when Alexander called after him.

“Yes, Mr. Xenos?”

“Have somebody make me a blue mug like the one in this picture. I want it to look like a set with this one,” Alexander added after a pause.

Felix peered at the photograph on Alexander’s phone and wondered what possessed the latter to acquire such a specific mug.

As a secretary worth his salt, he was primed to obey his employer’s wishes.

“Of course, Mr. Xenos.”

“One more thing. Send the finished product to Sophia.”

“Ms. Yarrow?” Felix was astonished.

Alexander glared at him. “Who else?”

Flustered, Felix hurriedly sent the photograph to himself before saying, “Yes, Mr. Xenos. Noted.”

His thinking cleared after leaving the office and Alexander’s dominating presence.

Suddenly, his eyes widened in disbelief upon arriving at a conclusion.

Could Mr. Xenos have won Ms. Yarrow back?

As Alexander’s secretary, Felix was sharp as a tack.

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