Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 193

Sophia felt that Alexander was truly despicable. Every time she spent three to five days calming herself down, he would show up and affect her emotions.

She had trouble sleeping those two nights because of the strange hug he gave her that day and the things he said to her while he held her hostage on the couch.

Since she could not sleep well, she was in a bad mood and was not keen on being nice to Samuel.

When Samuel saw her come in, he wanted to greet her, but he felt strangely guilty the moment he saw the half-smile in her eyes.

Why does her gaze resemble Alexander’s so much? But I didn’t offend her!

“Are you on your period?”

Women tend to have bad tempers during their menstrual period. If that’s the case, I’ll restrain myself at the dinner later.

His abruptness and shamelessness made her chuckle angrily. “What a unique way to greet someone. How could you ask a woman about her period right away?”

Samuel nearly choked on his saliva. “Don’t get me wrong. It’s just that you have a bad complexion today.”

Actually, he intended to say that she had a short fuse.

“Oh? That’s because you have terrible eyesight. My subordinates complimented me for looking good today.”

After knowing them for a long time, Sophia felt that she had become more and more thick-skinned and could lie without batting an eye.

As expected, one is the sum of who one surrounds oneself with.

“Perhaps it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep,” Samuel said, clicking his tongue.

Gazing at him, Sophia gave him a meaningful smile but did not respond.

Soon, the two of them entered the elevator. Samuel was the type of person who could not stop talking. “I have something to say, but I’m unsure whether I should say it.”

“Don’t say it, then.”

Why does she behave in the same volatile manner as Alexander?

After a momentary silence, he piped up, “I think I should say it. Melissa and Alexander’s relationship isn’t what you think it is.”

A while back, it was widely reported that Clara was Alexander’s secret lover. However, the day before, Alexander’s new lover was revealed to be the well-known supermodel, Melissa Stevens.

He was seen holding Melissa in the airport the day before in a photograph that quickly went viral online. Additionally, the internet users revealed that they were both longtime friends. Even Katherine, who wanted Sophia and Alexander to reconcile, referred to him as a jerk.

Sophia would be lying if she claimed she felt nothing.

It was not necessarily a bad thing, though. In those days of confusion, she at least had a direction.

Later, she put that thought behind her and smiled at Samuel. “What do you suppose I’m thinking?”

“Same as what the netizens said.”

“No, I don’t think the same way as they do.”

All of a sudden, Samuel was bereft of speech. “Oh, you’re so smart.”

“Thank you. Everyone is aware of this fact.”

Despite having no evidence, Samuel thought Sophia was making fun of him.

The elevator opened as they were talking.

He motioned for her to go out first, which she did.

Both of them were investors. Even if they were running late, no one would dare to say anything, let alone that they were just arriving a little bit slower than others.

Samuel was the heir of Midway Media. Almost all of the women in the entertainment industry wanted to win his favor.

As for Sophia, the title of Alexander’s ex-wife was more intriguing than that of the CEO of Specter Entertainment, a brand-new business that had suddenly appeared.

Those who could survive in the entertainment industry were not ordinary people. When they first arrived, Sophia was ignored, but after Samuel kept bringing her up in conversation, no one at the dinner dared to belittle her.

However, Sophia had never been a fan of those kinds of dinners and only occasionally answered a word or two when the producer or even Samuel spoke to her.

Given that she had always treated him in that way, Samuel did not mind at all. He feared he might not live to see another day if Sophia suddenly showed a lot of enthusiasm for him.

Nevertheless, not everyone shared that viewpoint. Samuel and Alexander had a remarkable relationship, and Sophia was Alexander’s ex-wife. The fact that Samuel was not enraged even when Sophia acted indifferently toward him led the others to believe that their relationship was complicated, but even if they had any thoughts, they dared not express them in front of Samuel.

After Sophia was full, she wiped the corners of her mouth and sipped coffee while listening to them butter Samuel up.

Samuel was an eloquent speaker, but since he was the heir of Midway Media, it was always others who ingratiated themselves with him on occasions like that.

He was also adept at taking compliments well.

Smiling, Sophia looked at the watch on her wrist. It was still early, as it was not even seven o’clock yet.

“Huh? Do you want to leave?” Samuel noticed her movements and inquired.

Tilting her head, she glanced at him. “You’ve got a problem with that?”

“No, but it’s still early. Why don’t we go out for a drink later?”

Initially, she had not planned on leaving so soon, but since he had said it, his concern for her would be in vain if she stayed.

Grabbing her bag, she asked, “What would you like to drink? Do you intend to drive while intoxicated?”

Their voices were not too loud, and everyone was conversing during dinner. While it might have looked like nobody was watching them, in reality, there were quite a few people who did.

As soon as Sophia said those words, many people thought Samuel would get angry, but he only said, “Fruit juice should be fine, right?”

Raising her eyebrows, Sophia responded, “No, I’m allergic to fruit juice.”

Her reply rendered Samuel speechless.

I haven’t even mentioned what kind of fruit juice!

The next moment, Sophia said to everyone present, “Please have a good time tonight. I must first leave because I have something to attend to.”

Having said that, she stood up, and no one dared to stop her because she had been very adamant when she rejected Samuel earlier.

Turning his head to look at Sophia’s back, Samuel constantly felt that something was not right. Abruptly, he slapped his thigh and uttered, “Enjoy your meal. I have something to do as well!”

After he had finished speaking, he went after Sophia.

No matter how he looked at it, he felt that Sophia was angry. Then, he gave it some thought and concluded that what he said about Melissa was probably what upset her.

If she actually misunderstood, and Alexander finds out, I’m doomed.

He hurriedly chased after her because he did not want that to happen. “Sophia, hold on a second!”

Nevertheless, Sophia did not pay him any attention, but he quickly caught up with her because she was always walking slowly. “It’s not even seven o’clock yet, and you’re leaving?”

“I’m getting older and want to sleep earlier,” she replied while walking.

Samuel, who was four or five years her senior, was at a loss for words. “You sound like you’re in your seventies.”

“What do you want from me?” Sophia inquired, raising her brows.

Rubbing his nose awkwardly, he remarked, “It’s not a big deal, but I have to make it clear. I was distracted by you and forgot to mention that Melissa has nothing to do with Alexander. As far as I know, she’s one of his subsidiary company’s products’—”

“Mr. Xenos, I like the flowers very much. Thank you.”

Samuel fixated his gaze on the couple coming out of the elevator in front of him. The man was Alexander, whom he had known for more than thirty years, and the woman was Melissa, who had been trending online alongside Alexander since the previous night. Melissa was holding a large bouquet of red roses in her hand.

Anyone who was not a fool would be able to determine who gave her the roses after adding what she just said to the equation.

In an instant, the word “ambassador” stuck in Samuel’s throat. For once, he experienced burning pain in his face and thought Alexander was a jerk.

Following their exit from the elevator, Alexander and Melissa made a left turn. Samuel and Sophia just so happened to be in the corridor to the right. Thus, Alexander did not see them as they were seven or eight meters apart.

The two gradually walked away. As Samuel turned his head and wanted to say something, he saw Sophia looking at him with a half-smile. “What were you trying to say again?”

Without a doubt, Alexander and Melissa’s appearance was a slap across the face to Samuel.

I must be dreaming, right?

“I don’t actually believe in rumors, Mr. Schild.”

I only trust what I see.

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