Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 158

The smile on Sophia’s face soon faded as she realized that the woman was ill-intentioned. However, she smiled and said nothing to Skyler, who was standing before her.

Skyler thought that she had exposed Sophia’s plans, and so the latter was getting embarrassed about it. Hence, she grew more audacious. She smirked mockingly and chided, “I’ve seen my fair share of gold diggers like you! You’re after the money, and you want to marry into a rich family. It’s good to have dreams, but there’s a fine line between dreams and delusions! You’d better keep in mind that the Swain family is not a family that you can simply marry into. Haven’t you realized that already after pestering Alexander for so many years?”

Sophia truly did not recognize the woman before her. However, she could already guess her identity from the way the woman kept bringing Horatius up.

Back in the hotel, Katherine had already briefed Sophia on Horatius’ relationships, ranging from Horatius’ exes to his childhood sweetheart. This woman must be the youngest daughter of the Schmidt family – Skyler.

Almost everyone in the same circle knew that Skyler liked Horatius. However, her temper was notoriously rotten, so he had never once considered being in a relationship with her. Hence, there was no way he would contemplate marrying that woman.

However, using her affluent family background, she had harassed plenty of Horatius’ ex-girlfriends. Even though Horatius was a playboy, he still treated each and every one of his girlfriends seriously.

Thus, Horatius openly criticized Skyler’s behavior a few times. Although the Schmidt family was not as affluent as the Swain family, the former was not to be taken lightly as well. Darrell did not wish to sour the ties between the two families, and the old man resorted to sending Horatius abroad for studies to avoid any potential conflict.

It was even rumored that Horatius hid away in Jadeborough in an attempt to avoid Skyler altogether.

Of course, there was no way to verify the authenticity of the rumors. However, one thing was for sure—Skyler hated seeing any woman around Horatius.

Sophia had made an appearance alongside Darrell, and the former had already engaged in a seemingly delightful conversation with Horatius for over five minutes.

Skyler had been watching them intently from some distance away. Her eyes were green with envy as she almost peeled her nails off out of jealousy.

If it were not for her brother, Dustin Schmidt, holding her back, Skyler would have dashed over and clawed Sophia away from Horatius’ side.

She’s only a meager entertainment company’s boss. Does she think that she’s become a socialite just because of that? Is she aiming for the Swains because she couldn’t get anything out of the Xenos family?

Skyler would not have given a d*mn about who Sophia was trying to seduce, as long as it was not Horatius. The most that she would do would be to laugh it off as a joke. However, it appeared as if Sophia was going to snatch Horatius away. Hence, she could not just sit idly by.

Moreover, Horatius knew for a fact that his ex-girlfriends were no decent women. At the very least, he would not bring them home to meet Darrell. It was different with Sophia, however. Horatius has already brought her home to meet Darrell!

Skyler had a hunch that Sophia was shrewder than any of Horatius’ ex-girlfriends, and in turn, more difficult to deal with.

Skyler’s chiding remarks had actually voiced out many of Alenvista’s socialites’ concerns. Even though Darrell himself had brought Sophia along, they did not deem her worthy to appear alongside him as they thought of her as a woman who had only managed to get where she was by buttering up Darrell.

Even though Alexander and Sophia were already divorced, and Sophia was an accomplished woman in her field, they still thought of her as a gold digger who sought to elevate her social status.

Women’s jealousy was a formidable force, and it would blind them from seeing the whole picture objectively.

Sophia was different from the socialites. After all, she was raised in a different background. A beautiful and accomplished woman like her had broken social barriers and entered their circle with her own capability. That fact was a hard pill to swallow for most of the socialites in the city.

The crowd did not look favorably upon Sophia as they merely stood and watch as Skyler reprimanded her. Nobody stepped up and defended her either.

Sophia actually did not wish to stir trouble, especially not on a day like that.

However, she had never been a magnanimous person. Just when she was about to retort, a man’s voice rang from outside the crowd. “You’ve got one thing wrong. She’s not the one pestering me; I’m the one hounding her.”

The crowd traced the direction of the voice, and they were flabbergasted by the sight of Alexander.

His remarks were unbelievable, even when they came straight out of his mouth.

Sophia raised a brow and noticed Alexander approaching her, step by step.

“Is this how the Swains treat their guests?”

Alexander was being presumptuous. After all, Skyler was not one of the Swains.

Sophia furrowed her brows. She did not wish to make things difficult for Darrell as she had a myriad of ways to deal with Skyler herself.

Right as she was about to speak, Skyler said, “You’re really something else, huh? Your ex-husband is still defending you even when the two of you are already divorced. Sophia, you do have a way with men, don’t you?”

Someone had notified Horatius right away when they noticed the commotion, especially when it involved Skyler.

Darrell was together with Horatius right then. His face fell when someone reported that Sophia was being reprimanded.

I deliberately made an appearance with Sophia today. Who has the audacity to humiliate her? Is that person an idiot?

Horatius was already cursing under his breath as he made his way to the crowd’s side. He almost hurled the glass in his hand when he listened to what Skyler said upon arriving at the scene.

Even before Horatius’ arrival, Darrell had rushed to the scene with a grim look. “Skyler, Sophia is my honored guest today, and it is my sixtieth birthday party. Do you take me for nothing when you humiliate my honored guest in front of everyone?”

Even though Darrell’s voice was not loud, it was dangerously low and intimidating. His old age had made him all the more formidable. The Schmidts and the public alike shuddered as they heard his words.

Then, Darrell ordered, “Please see Ms. Schmidt and her family out the door!”

The Schmidt family members were shocked. They were about to speak up when they noticed the forbidding look on Darrell’s face. Thus, they had no choice but to swallow their words and scurry out of the hall while dragging Skyler along.

The Schmidt family members were shocked. They were about to speak up when they noticed the forbidding look on Darrell’s face. Thus, they had no choice but to swallow their words and scurry out of the hall while dragging Skyler along.

After Skyler was taken away, Darrell scanned the crowd and said, “Silly rumors stop with the wise. Sophia is an outstanding woman. I’ve always wanted a daughter, but I have only been blessed with a son—Horatius. I believe all of you must have your own presumptions about the reasons I’ve made an appearance together with Sophia today. I would be delightfully pleased if Sophia could be my daughter-in-law. However, we’re no longer living in a traditional society, and she doesn’t need to get married to Horatius for her to become my daughter. I will not force Sophia to be together with Horatius either, seeing as how she has no feelings for him. However, I would very much like her to become my goddaughter instead. After all, Horatius has never made me feel at ease. They say that daughters are bundles of joy that could brighten up your life.”

Then, he turned to look at Sophia. “Sophia, if you don’t mind, you may call me Dad, and my dream of having a daughter will finally be fulfilled.”

His tense expression eased as he flashed a smile at her. “Don’t worry; I am not expecting an immediate answer. You may want to consider your decision carefully. It’s entirely up to you, though. Please don’t mind what we might make of the decision.”

Sophia had certainly not expected Darrell to make such an announcement and was touched. Not only did he clear her name, but he had also offered to be her backup. Even though she did not need it, some people would definitely think twice before they decide to cross her in the future.

After that, Darrell approached her and patted her on the shoulder. “Good child. Come along and cut the cake together with me.”

Darrell was kind enough to not demand an immediate reply and gave her a way out of the situation.

Sophia cast a glance at the old man. It had been so many years since her parents passed, and she had almost forgotten how it felt like to be protected.

It does feel nice having someone to back me up.

Nobody at the scene expected things to take such a turn. One moment, Sophia was being ridiculed; in the next, she became the person whom everyone envied.

The Swains were no ordinary family.

Even those who were slightly closer to Horatius would be treated with the utmost respect by society, let alone his goddaughter.

Sophia could only nod and smile. She then said softly, “Don’t get angry, Old Mr. Swain. I’m not even mad about what she said.”

Darrell broke into a chuckle listening to her. “I really have no idea how you put up with that. How could you still be smiling when someone’s pointing at you and reprimanding you like that?”

Sophia let out a soft chuckle. “I remember every insult she throws at me, though.”

Darrell was taken aback at first. However, he laughed after realizing what she meant.

The crowd surrounding them did not understand what was going on. However, they did notice that Darrell was laughing all the way. It seemed like Sophia really had a way of making the old man happy.

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