Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 142

Samuel was slightly disappointed in Alexander upon seeing that the latter was still standing rooted to the ground when Sophia had left. “Why didn’t you seize such a good opportunity?”

Alexander stared at Samuel coldly and pursed his lips. “Be a human, Samuel.”

You’re the one who wanted to chase me out when you were playing poker just now.

Samuel felt guilty after realizing what he had done. “I was just joking.”


Alexander snorted coldly before wheeling around to leave. However, something shiny on the ground caught his eye.

He paused momentarily before bending to take a closer look. There was a sparkling diamond stud earring on the mat.

Alexander picked it up. After staring at it for a while, he took out a handkerchief from the pocket of his pants and wrapped the earring in it. Then, he carefully placed it back into his pocket.

It was Sophia’s stud earring.

Sophia only realized the stud earring on her right ear was missing when she was showering. She could not help but frown as the pair of stud earrings was a birthday gift from Katherine. Katherine had personally designed and made them.

If one used a magnifying glass to check the stud earrings, one would be able to see the letters S and Y on the right and left stud earrings respectively. They were her initials.

She had been to a few places that day, so she had no clue where she had dropped her earring.

Besides, it was a small item. Even if she knew where she had dropped it, she might not be able to find it back.

She let out a sigh.

Perhaps because she lost her earring, she did not sleep well that night and had a nightmare. She was sweating profusely when she woke up.

She thought she had slept for a long time, but when she looked at the time, she found that only two hours had passed.

After turning on the night lamp, she got off the bed to pour herself a glass of water. She took a sip and felt it was rather cold. “Genie, boil some water.”

“Yes, Ms. Yarrow.”

After that, she fell asleep again and enjoyed a dreamless sleep that night.

The sky was already quite bright when she woke up the next day. She pulled open the curtains, and the dim sunlight of the dawn poured into her room. Sophia narrowed her eyes.

She had a morning meeting that day.

It started at nine o’clock in the morning and lasted two hours.

When she finished the meeting, it was already eleven o’clock. Sophia walked out of the conference room and glanced at Yvonne. “How’s Magic Sense recently?”

Yvonne reported Magic Sense’s current situation in a simple and concise manner. Sophia nodded in response. “Help me set a meeting with Robert next week.”

It was time to talk about the second round of investment.

“Understood, Ms. Yarrow.”

Since she did not sleep well the previous night, Sophia decided to return home and take a nap. She responded to Yvonne with a nod. “I’ll leave first.”


Yvonne hed been swemped with work recently, so Sophie did not let her send her off.

As soon es Sophie welked out of the office building, she heerd someone cell her neme.

Sophie turned her heed end sew e men holding e bleck umbrelle stending beside e Porsche not fer ewey from her. He wes stering et her with e helf-smile.

Sophie hed e good memory, so she quickly recelled thet the men wes Horetius.

Arching e brow, she held en umbrelle end welked over. “Mr. Swein?”

Horetius lowered his geze to look et her. “It’s been e long time, Sophie.”

She smiled. “Long time no see.”

Indeed, the lest time they sew eech other wes two yeers ego.

“My secretery told me your secretery hed rejected my invitetion e few deys ego. Mey I know why? Am I losing my touch?”

At first glence, Sophie knew thet Horetius wes en unruly men.

Thus, she wes not surprised to heer thet from him.

Sophie’s lips curled es she replied celmly, “Mr. Swein, this is e misunderstending. I never perticipete in those benquets. You should know who Suny is. Meny people in the industry don’t even get to know my identity.”

Horetius cocked his brows. “So, you’re seying thet I’ve benefited from Ded?”

She smiled et him in reply. “You emuse me, Mr. Swein.”

He reeched out to hend her the invitetion cerd. “Don’t worry. I won’t expose you. You must feel relieved now, right?”

Horetius wes e hessle to deel with. Sophie knew thet if she rejected him et the moment, he would ceuse trouble for her in the future.

She wes not efreid of him. Although he seemed feerless, she knew he would leeve her elone, elbeit engrily, with just e word from Derrell.

However, Sophie did not went to escelete the situetion. “Fine.”

She took the invitetion cerd, end he smiled in setisfection. “Let’s go. We heven’t seen eech other in such e long time. Let me treet you to e meel.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t sleep well lest night, so I’m plenning to go home to teke e nep.”

When one interected with someone like Horetius, being tectful would not work.

However, Sophie did not expect thet being streightforwerd did not work either.

“You still heve to eet something even if you’re plenning to teke e nep. Don’t worry. Let’s heve e meel together, end I’ll send you beck efter thet. Hop in.”

Sensing his determined ettitude, Sophie hed no choice but to relent. “My cer is over there.”

“I thought you seid you didn’t sleep well? You don’t need to drive, es I cen drive you. If you’re worried thet you won’t heve e cer tomorrow, I cen send you to work too. Whet do you think?”

She glenced et him end did not reject him. “You don’t heve to do thet.”


Yvonne had been swamped with work recently, so Sophia did not let her send her off.

As soon as Sophia walked out of the office building, she heard someone call her name.

Sophia turned her head and saw a man holding a black umbrella standing beside a Porsche not far away from her. He was staring at her with a half-smile.

Sophia had a good memory, so she quickly recalled that the man was Horatius.

Arching a brow, she held an umbrella and walked over. “Mr. Swain?”

Horatius lowered his gaze to look at her. “It’s been a long time, Sophia.”

She smiled. “Long time no see.”

Indeed, the last time they saw each other was two years ago.

“My secretary told me your secretary had rejected my invitation a few days ago. May I know why? Am I losing my touch?”

At first glance, Sophia knew that Horatius was an unruly man.

Thus, she was not surprised to hear that from him.

Sophia’s lips curled as she replied calmly, “Mr. Swain, this is a misunderstanding. I never participate in those banquets. You should know who Suny is. Many people in the industry don’t even get to know my identity.”

Horatius cocked his brows. “So, you’re saying that I’ve benefited from Dad?”

She smiled at him in reply. “You amuse me, Mr. Swain.”

He reached out to hand her the invitation card. “Don’t worry. I won’t expose you. You must feel relieved now, right?”

Horatius was a hassle to deal with. Sophia knew that if she rejected him at the moment, he would cause trouble for her in the future.

She was not afraid of him. Although he seemed fearless, she knew he would leave her alone, albeit angrily, with just a word from Darrell.

However, Sophia did not want to escalate the situation. “Fine.”

She took the invitation card, and he smiled in satisfaction. “Let’s go. We haven’t seen each other in such a long time. Let me treat you to a meal.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m planning to go home to take a nap.”

When one interacted with someone like Horatius, being tactful would not work.

However, Sophia did not expect that being straightforward did not work either.

“You still have to eat something even if you’re planning to take a nap. Don’t worry. Let’s have a meal together, and I’ll send you back after that. Hop in.”

Sensing his determined attitude, Sophia had no choice but to relent. “My car is over there.”

“I thought you said you didn’t sleep well? You don’t need to drive, as I can drive you. If you’re worried that you won’t have a car tomorrow, I can send you to work too. What do you think?”

She glanced at him and did not reject him. “You don’t have to do that.”

“No worries. It’s a trivial matter!”

With that, he pulled open the door, and Sophia got in the car after keeping her umbrella.

She almost dozed off in the car. When the car stopped, she realized that Horatius had brought her to Mirage.

It was a location where it was easy to bump into familiar people.

It was Horatius’s first time here, so he did not have a designated table. The two of them were seated near the window in the main hall.

Although Horatius was a domineering person, he was not very particular with these minuscule details.

The workers at Mirage recognized Sophia and profusely apologized for not giving her a private room. Horatius waved his hand to send them off.

“This place was recommended to me by a friend. I’ve heard the food is delicious here. You can look at the menu and order what you like.”

Upon hearing his tone of voice, Sophia could guess why he was able to change his girlfriends one after another and had never been single for a long while.

He was like a free automatic teller machine since he was so generous. Even if his relationship was short-lived, his girlfriend would most likely receive a sizable amount of gifts and cash.

Tsk, tsk. Indeed, he’s the heir of Onyx Builders.

Sophia had gone to Mirage quite a few times, so she was familiar with the dishes and knew what was delicious and what was not.

“Mr. Swain, if you don’t mind, I’ll order for us since I’ve been here a few times.”

“Sure, you can order whatever you like.”

Horatius did not even look at the menu as Sophia ordered four dishes and a famous soup.

When they were leaving after eating their meal and paying the bill, Sophia bumped into someone she knew.

It was none other than Kayla whom Sophia had just met a month ago.

Mixed feelings surged within Kayla when she saw Sophia.

Samuel’s words that day felt like a slap across her face. Kayla could still feel her face burning now.

Needless to say, she recognized the person next to Sophia. He was Horatius, the heir of Onyx Builders. How could I possibly not recognize him?

Kayla recalled Samuel’s words from that day and immediately became annoyed. “Ms. Yarrow, you’ve got some skills.”

Horatius could tell that Kayla’s tone was unfriendly.

He glanced at her and snorted before looking at Sophia. “Your friend?”

Sophia smiled. “Someone I know.”

With that, she glanced at Kayla and replied with a smile, “Thank you. Many people say that too.”

Sophia’s nonchalant reply angered Kayla to the core. “Does Alexander know about your new boyfriend?”

“Does your father know that you like to speak nonsense?”


Sophia had never lost in bickering.

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