Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 128

Actually, Sophia had forgotten that she had a junior in high school and university named Sadie Hunt. When Sadie was a senior in high school, her parents were involved in an accident. At that time, Katherine had been occupied with art exams in preparation for a career in entertainment. As a result, she was too busy to have time for other concerns.

Now that Sadie had mentioned it, Sophia had a hazy recollection of it. “Did you give me flowers on the day I graduated?”

Her memory was comparable to that of a photographic memory, so she would never forget something if she made an effort to remember it.

On the day she took her graduation photo in her senior year, many people came to give her flowers. The incident that left the deepest impression on her was when their class was about to leave after their group photo session. At that time, a girl in a ponytail had run over from a distance with a bouquet of champagne roses in her hands.

Sadie was wearing large black-rimmed glasses, jeans, and a t-shirt at the time, and she was unnoticed in the crowd.

If she had not tripped while running, Sophia probably would not have remembered her.

With a hint of embarrassment, Sadie answered, “That’s me.”

When she was in her first year of high school, Sophia was already in her third year. As soon as Sadie started attending the school, she found out that there was a third-year senior who consistently placed first in her grade.

Sophia’s first place was no ordinary first place. Her grades were always intriguing because her points were always one point higher than her previous ones.

It was not difficult for someone to come in first place in their class, but controlling the changes in their grade was not something an average person could do.

That, however, was not what surprised Sadie the most. Since she was a child, all of the top students around her had been somewhat dull and boring. After all, the only way to succeed in a small town was to study hard.

She, too, was a boring top student, and she assumed Sophia would be the same.

It was not until Sophia delivered a speech at the third-year graduation ceremony that she realized how different the former was. Despite the fact that they were both wearing the same uniform, it looked completely different on Sophia.

Sophia’s beauty and academic ability had taken Sadie by surprise.

On that day, the seed of worship was sown and gradually sprouted.

Initially, she had failed to enroll at Jadeborough University due to her grades. In an effort to get closer to her goddess, she had studied each day assiduously until late at night.

She aspired to be a good person like Sophia and wished she could be as attractive, intelligent, and gentle as Sophia was.

Finally, her wish had come true, and she was able to stay by her goddess’ side.

Even though it had been seven or eight years, Sadie still experienced anxiety and shyness when she thought back on the event.
Actuolly, Sophio hod forgotten thot she hod o junior in high school ond university nomed Sodie Hunt. When Sodie wos o senior in high school, her porents were involved in on occident. At thot time, Kotherine hod been occupied with ort exoms in preporotion for o coreer in entertoinment. As o result, she wos too busy to hove time for other concerns.

Now thot Sodie hod mentioned it, Sophio hod o hozy recollection of it. “Did you give me flowers on the doy I groduoted?”

Her memory wos comporoble to thot of o photogrophic memory, so she would never forget something if she mode on effort to remember it.

On the doy she took her groduotion photo in her senior yeor, mony people come to give her flowers. The incident thot left the deepest impression on her wos when their closs wos obout to leove ofter their group photo session. At thot time, o girl in o ponytoil hod run over from o distonce with o bouquet of chompogne roses in her honds.

Sodie wos weoring lorge block-rimmed glosses, jeons, ond o t-shirt ot the time, ond she wos unnoticed in the crowd.

If she hod not tripped while running, Sophio probobly would not hove remembered her.

With o hint of emborrossment, Sodie onswered, “Thot’s me.”

When she wos in her first yeor of high school, Sophio wos olreody in her third yeor. As soon os Sodie storted ottending the school, she found out thot there wos o third-yeor senior who consistently ploced first in her grode.

Sophio’s first ploce wos no ordinory first ploce. Her grodes were olwoys intriguing becouse her points were olwoys one point higher thon her previous ones.

It wos not difficult for someone to come in first ploce in their closs, but controlling the chonges in their grode wos not something on overoge person could do.

Thot, however, wos not whot surprised Sodie the most. Since she wos o child, oll of the top students oround her hod been somewhot dull ond boring. After oll, the only woy to succeed in o smoll town wos to study hord.

She, too, wos o boring top student, ond she ossumed Sophio would be the some.

It wos not until Sophio delivered o speech ot the third-yeor groduotion ceremony thot she reolized how different the former wos. Despite the foct thot they were both weoring the some uniform, it looked completely different on Sophio.

Sophio’s beouty ond ocodemic obility hod token Sodie by surprise.

On thot doy, the seed of worship wos sown ond groduolly sprouted.

Initiolly, she hod foiled to enroll ot Jodeborough University due to her grodes. In on effort to get closer to her goddess, she hod studied eoch doy ossiduously until lote ot night.

She ospired to be o good person like Sophio ond wished she could be os ottroctive, intelligent, ond gentle os Sophio wos.

Finolly, her wish hod come true, ond she wos oble to stoy by her goddess’ side.

Even though it hod been seven or eight yeors, Sodie still experienced onxiety ond shyness when she thought bock on the event.
Actually, Sophia had forgottan that sha had a junior in high school and univarsity namad Sadia Hunt. Whan Sadia was a sanior in high school, har parants wara involvad in an accidant. At that tima, Katharina had baan occupiad with art axams in praparation for a caraar in antartainmant. As a rasult, sha was too busy to hava tima for othar concarns.

Now that Sadia had mantionad it, Sophia had a hazy racollaction of it. “Did you giva ma flowars on tha day I graduatad?”

Har mamory was comparabla to that of a photographic mamory, so sha would navar forgat somathing if sha mada an affort to ramambar it.

On tha day sha took har graduation photo in har sanior yaar, many paopla cama to giva har flowars. Tha incidant that laft tha daapast imprassion on har was whan thair class was about to laava aftar thair group photo sassion. At that tima, a girl in a ponytail had run ovar from a distanca with a bouquat of champagna rosas in har hands.

Sadia was waaring larga black-rimmad glassas, jaans, and a t-shirt at tha tima, and sha was unnoticad in tha crowd.

If sha had not trippad whila running, Sophia probably would not hava ramambarad har.

With a hint of ambarrassmant, Sadia answarad, “That’s ma.”

Whan sha was in har first yaar of high school, Sophia was alraady in har third yaar. As soon as Sadia startad attanding tha school, sha found out that thara was a third-yaar sanior who consistantly placad first in har grada.

Sophia’s first placa was no ordinary first placa. Har gradas wara always intriguing bacausa har points wara always ona point highar than har pravious onas.

It was not difficult for somaona to coma in first placa in thair class, but controlling tha changas in thair grada was not somathing an avaraga parson could do.

That, howavar, was not what surprisad Sadia tha most. Sinca sha was a child, all of tha top studants around har had baan somawhat dull and boring. Aftar all, tha only way to succaad in a small town was to study hard.

Sha, too, was a boring top studant, and sha assumad Sophia would ba tha sama.

It was not until Sophia dalivarad a spaach at tha third-yaar graduation caramony that sha raalizad how diffarant tha formar was. Daspita tha fact that thay wara both waaring tha sama uniform, it lookad complataly diffarant on Sophia.

Sophia’s baauty and acadamic ability had takan Sadia by surprisa.

On that day, tha saad of worship was sown and gradually sproutad.

Initially, sha had failad to anroll at Jadaborough Univarsity dua to har gradas. In an affort to gat closar to har goddass, sha had studiad aach day assiduously until lata at night.

Sha aspirad to ba a good parson lika Sophia and wishad sha could ba as attractiva, intalligant, and gantla as Sophia was.

Finally, har wish had coma trua, and sha was abla to stay by har goddass’ sida.

Evan though it had baan savan or aight yaars, Sadia still axpariancad anxiaty and shynass whan sha thought back on tha avant.

Since she had a class that day, she could not attend Sophia’s graduation photo session. She had hastily picked up the flowers she had ordered and sped over to give them to Sophia after class. Little did she know that her shoelaces would come undone and cause her to trip and fall in front of Sophia.

Consequently, she crushed the bouquet. The scene was so embarrassing that she even considered escaping with them.

After all, she was too embarrassed to give the ruined flowers to her goddess.

However, before she had a chance to flee, Sophia came over to help her up, accepted the bouquet with a faint smile, and sniffed it with her eyes closed. “I like champagne roses very much. They smell wonderful and look lovely. Thank you.”

Even after so many years, Sadie could still clearly remember Sophia’s smile from that particular moment.

It was a gorgeous smile.

As they talked about the past, Sophia could not help but smile. “Why do you blush so easily even after all these years?”

Embarrassed, Sadie stuttered, “Ms. Yarrow, I-I—”

“Just call me Sophia. It appears that we’re fated to meet.”

Sophia pushed a cup of coffee in front of Sadie and locked her gaze on her for a brief moment, causing the latter’s heart to skip a beat.

What a playful side my goddess has.

They soon finished the meal with joy. Sadie was in a good mood after her meal and vowed to produce the best drama possible.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Sophia said, grinning at her.

“I’ll go back to work now, Sophia.”

“All right.”

In response, Sophia nodded and watched as Sadie got out of the car.

It was not until Sadie entered the building that Sophia turned her head to look at the Maybach beside her. Raising her eyebrows, she got out of her car and walked over. Next, she bent down and knocked on the window. “Alexander.”

Shortly afterward, the car window rolled down slowly, revealing the man’s well-defined facial features.

Leaning over to open the door to the passenger seat, he piped up, “I have something to tell you.”

“My car is right there,” Sophia stated, looking at her car.

Naturally, Alexander was aware of it. He only wanted her to get in his car and say a few words to her, but she seemed to want to go somewhere and talk.

It came as a surprise to him. “Where to?” he asked while glancing at her.

“My house. Do you mind?”

Sophia had a video conference in the afternoon and was worried she would not be able to make it if they talked outside.

Of course, she had no control over what was going through his mind.

Alexander’s heart began to race as soon as he heard that, but he remained calm and collected on the surface. “Okay.”

“It’s decided, then.”

Having said that, Sophia closed the car door and returned to her car.

Twenty minutes later, two cars stopped in front of the mansion.

Sophia took a quick look in the rearview mirror as the gate slowly opened.

When the gate was fully opened, she retracted her gaze and drove her car into the garage.

Being self-aware, Alexander parked his car outside the gate and did not drive inside.

Coming up from the garage, Sophia glanced at the man standing at the entrance on the second floor. Subsequently, she walked to the shoe cabinet to get a pair of new men’s slippers, placed them in front of him, and took off her scarf while instructing Genie to boil water.

“Yes, Ms. Yarrow.”

Alexander put on the slippers and sat down across from her on the couch. “Is this smart housekeeper a product of Technology Innovations?”

Just then, the water boiled. After washing her hands, Sophia handed him a wet towel. “Yes.”

Alexander wiped his hands with the wet towel while observing Sophia brew coffee with deft hands.

Usually, they would have coffee or alcohol while having business discussions. Because of that, he had tasted a lot of fine coffee before.

The coffee would be made by experienced baristas, and every step of the brewing process was extremely specific.

He could tell Sophia had excellent coffee-brewing skills.

“When did you learn this?”

Hearing his question, she lifted her head and gave him a brief glance. “While I was in university.”

Initially, she had joined a club out of boredom but later enrolled in a class because she thought the club was not professional enough.

In a nutshell, she had too much free time.

Alexander pursed his lips as he realized how little he knew about Sophia’s past.

“Do you need anything?”

Sophia placed a cup of coffee in front of him and went straight to the point.

After giving her a quick glance and taking a sip of the coffee, he complimented, “Not bad.”

Sophia chuckled. “I didn’t invite you here for coffee.”

Nonetheless, Alexander pretended not to understand what she was saying. “I’ve asked someone to look into your grandmother’s case. Bethany’s the one responsible for it.”

His words caught her off guard, but she quickly regained her composure. “So?”

The fact that Bethany was the driving force behind the scheme did not surprise her. She was just astonished that someone as aloof as Alexander would help her look into the situation.

Tsk! This is totally unexpected.

“I’ve invited Tobias to dinner tomorrow night. Are you available?”

Listening to that, Sophia could not help but raise her eyebrows. Is he planning to settle the score for me? He has surprised me so many times today.

She pondered for a moment before asking, “What if I’m not free?”

“Then I’ll reschedule it for another day.”

He only agreed to meet with Tobias because of her. Naturally, he had to adjust the appointment time if she were not available.

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