Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 118

When the commotion happened downstairs, Sophia was busy reading a few novels that were suitable to be adapted into dramas or movies. She wanted Specter Entertainment to invest in a web drama this year.

After reading the summary of the novels, she was about to go into the details when the intercom beside her rang.

Sophia raised her head and answered the call. “What is it?”

“Ms. Yarrow, this is Sadie Hunt. There is an old lady at the entrance claiming to be your grandmother. She wants to see you.”

My grandmother?

It had been ages since Sophia heard that. She actually had a few relatives who were still alive.

However, they didn’t deserve to be called her relatives.

She cut off contact with me over ten years ago but is here now. With that thought in mind, Sophia raised her brow and ordered, “Don’t let her come to my office.”

At once, Sadie realized what Sophia meant. “Got it, Ms. Yarrow.”

After hanging up, Sadie glanced at the elderly lady who was accompanied by a middle-aged man. “Ma’am, you’ve got the wrong person. Ms. Yarrow doesn’t have any living relatives.”

Delilah Macbee roared, “What do you mean by she doesn’t have any living relatives? I’m her grandmother! How dare that brat refuse to acknowledge me? What an ingrate!”

Rupert Sharp chimed in, “What are you talking about? Sophia is my sister’s daughter! Tell her to come down now. If she refuses to do so, we shall head upstairs now. If you dare to refuse me entry, I shall complain to my niece. She’ll fire you all!”

Sadie was a manager in the company. This might be her first time dealing with such a situation, but she wasn’t about to let an old lady and a shameless man stop her from taking action.

Sophia told her not to let them upstairs, so she would definitely carry out her order.

They were at the entrance of the company, so Sadie cast a look at two security guards at the door.

Specter Entertainment, as its name suggested, was an entertainment company. It wasn’t home to a lot of celebrities, but most of its celebrities were famous. Katherine Quinn, Mason Queen, and Drew Powell were among the popular celebrities in the company. Many paparazzi would surround the company every other day, so the security guards knew what to do.

Sadie merely shot the security guards one look, and they immediately took action by kicking the elderly lady and the shameless man out.

“Ma’am, you shouldn’t try to scam Ms. Yarrow. She isn’t a pushover.”

“Ma’am, you shouldn’t try to scam Ms. Yarrow. She isn’t a pushover.”

Delilah spat. “Just you wait, watchdog! When I reunite with my granddaughter, I shall ask her to teach you a lesson!”

Rupert also spat at Sadie before getting to his feet. He turned to Delilah and asked, “Mom, what should we do? We can’t get in, and Sophia refuses to acknowledge us. If I can’t repay the money, I won’t get to keep my hands!”

Delilah panicked when she heard that her son’s hands were about to get chopped off. However, she was more experienced than her son. “Calm down. It’s useless to panic right now. How dare Sophia refuse to see us? She’s really heartless! It has been years since she got rich, but she never came back home to visit us. Her conscience must be all gone. The influence of public opinion is popular right now, right? She’s the owner of a huge company. If we tell the reporters that she refuses to acknowledge me as her grandmother and kick up a huge fuss to show the entire country, she’ll definitely welcome us back!”

It took a moment for Rupert to return to his senses. He gave Delilah a thumbs-up. “Great idea! Mom, this will definitely work!”

“Of course. Who am I?” Delilah snorted.

Rupert answered proudly, “You’re my mom!”

He wasn’t a fool and soon realized there was a problem. “Mom, we don’t know any reporters! Besides, who will pay attention to us if we don’t have money to manipulate public opinion?”

Delilah gave him an angry punch. “Are you a fool? Remember the reporter who often helps people that you see in the videos on your phone? Get her to do the job!”

“Oh, that’s right. Mom, wait up. I’ll contact her now!”

“Hurry up!”

At noon, Sophia felt tired after reading almost half of the novel.

Sadie came into her office to deliver lunch, so she asked, “Ms. Hunt, how did you deal with the matter this morning?”

Hearing that, Sadie explained how she told the security guards to kick the unwanted visitors out. “I told security to keep an eye so they wouldn’t get to enter the company.”

Sophia chuckled. “If they insist on coming up, you won’t be able to stop them anyway.”

It had been almost twenty years since they last met, but Sophia could never forget how unreasonable and bossy Delilah was.

After twenty whole years of not seeing each other, Delilah and her son showed up out of the blue. It was obvious that something fishy was going on.

Sophia pondered over the matter briefly before giving Yvonne a call.

Yvonne thought the call was about Elise. Now that Elise had lost her patron, there was no need for Sophia to take action. Those whom Elise had offended back then would definitely take their revenge on her.

According to recent rumors, Elise had been trying to butter up a famous director to get the role of the female lead in “Divine.”

As a responsible secretary, Yvonne kept an eye on Elise’s recent updates just in case Sophia would ask about her one day.

She was wrong, for Sophia wasn’t about to ask about Elise.

“Your grandmother?” Yvonne repeated dumbly.

She had been working for Sophia for around six to seven years, but this was the first time she heard of Sophia still having relatives.

Stunned, she failed to react in time.

Sophia replied, “Mm. I have a grandmother. Besides, my uncle and his wife are still alive. I think they have a son or two.”

After her parents brought her back to the city, she stopped paying attention to that family.

Yvonne had worked for Sophia long enough to discern the mockery in the latter’s voice. Knowing that Sophia most probably hated this family, she answered, “Got it. I shall get someone to investigate them now.”

“Thank you.” Sophia’s lips curved.

“I’m just doing my job, Ms. Yarrow.”

After hanging up, Sophia took a sip of her coffee.

As Delilah had ignored her for years, Sophia could guess why she suddenly showed up.

If her useless uncle hadn’t run into trouble, Delilah would never come to her. After all, Delilah had always seen her as a worthless granddaughter.

She rarely went back to Coldbridge and would only visit her parents’ grave once a year. Usually, she would fly there in the morning and leave at night by plane. Most of her relatives and acquaintances there had no idea where she was now.

Thus, she was surprised that Delilah was capable enough of tracking her down.

Sophia tutted gently and raised her brow. She then threw the first original work proposal aside.

Ugh, that was horrible. The plot doesn’t even make sense. I heard a few companies are vying to buy the filming rights for this novel. They can have it.

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