Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 11

Things on the internet took a turn at three o’clock in the afternoon after Bethany posted a statement using her personal social media account.

Her statement consisted of nearly a thousand words, but there were only two main points. Firstly, she proclaimed that Alexander was only a good friend of hers, and she did not do anything that could destroy his marriage with Sophia. Secondly, she didn’t understand why Sophia, who had already divorced Alexander, would appear at her art exhibition.

Those who were smart enough would know that the statement was very pretentious. The clarification seemed relatively objective on the surface, but in reality, it was not sincere. The second point implied that Sophia had not gotten over her failed marriage by mentioning her appearance at the art exhibition because she knew her ex-husband was there.

As a celebrity who had spent many years immersed in the entertainment industry, Katherine was outrageous after seeing the statement. Instantly, she used the ultimate move Sophia had given her.

As a result, her involvement turned the tables in less than half an hour.

Meanwhile, Felix was dumbfounded when he knew about the incident from his assistant. He quickly ordered his subordinates to tell him everything about it. Then, he knocked on the door of Alexander’s office.

Sitting in front of his desk, Alexander asked without even raising his head, “What’s the matter?”

“Mr. Xenos, do you want to clarify the rumors about you and Ms. White on the internet?”

“What rumors do you mean?” Alexander frowned as he grew impatient.

For a moment, Felix did not know whether those accusations were true or purely rumors. He did not have the guts to tell Alexander that his intimate photos with Bethany were all over the internet.

In the end, he decided to put his tablet directly in front of Alexander. “Ms. White’s art exhibition was livestreamed this morning. It happened that Ms. Yarrow was at the exhibition too, and it caused an uproar on the internet.

Alexander wasn’t interested in the posts on the internet. However, the photos on the tablet were so eye-catching that he noticed them at a glance.

It was a photo taken by Bethany using the front camera, and it captured him leaving the bathroom wearing only a bathrobe in the background. Although they did not physically touch one another, the photo was ambiguous indeed.

That day, he was out on a business trip to another city when he met Bethany by coincidence during a dinner meeting. As she had drunk a lot that night, he asked Felix to send her back to her room for the sake of the White family. Yet, she puked all over Alexander as soon as she left the dining area, leaving the latter infuriated on the spot. He quickly ordered Felix to get her out of here while he returned to his room to clean himself up.

When he was finally out of the shower, Bethany was already in his room wearing only a bathrobe. She claimed she was there to apologize, but he chased her away before she could finish saying her sentence.

“Where did the photos come from?” Alexander asked while scrolling the tablet.

After he read the comments, his expression became as cold as the wind in winter.

Goosebumps appeared on Felix’s arm out of nowhere. “We haven’t found out yet.”

“Why are there suddenly so many articles that mention me?”

It wasn’t purely mentioning him; those articles were criticizing him.

Felix lifted his hand to wipe away the sweat on his forehead. “We found out that these media received the news from the public relations department of Specter Entertainment.”


All of a sudden, Alexander slammed the tablet onto the desk with the screen facing down. Then, with a dark frightening gaze, he bellowed, “Contact the person in charge of Specter Entertainment! Order them to remove all the articles!”

“Y-Yes, Mr. Xenos. I’ll contact them at once!”

Felix hurried out of Alexander’s office, searching for the number of the person in charge. I wonder what Mr. Xenos saw just now for him to show such a gloomy expression! He looked as if he would kill everyone in his way! How horrifying!

Alexander sat in his office, wearing a seething expression. Then, all of a sudden, a thought struck him. He reached out and called Felix’s internal landline. “You don’t have to contact the person in charge of Specter Entertainment anymore!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, he hung up the phone immediately. Holding his phone in his hand, he walked toward the floor-to-ceiling window and phoned his ex-wife, whom he had never called in the past three years.

Sophia had long memorized Alexander’s number. A glance was all it took for her to know that it was a call from him even though she didn’t save his contact number.

The phone kept ringing, but she just stared at it without intending to answer it.

Sitting beside her, Katherine glanced at Sophia after sensing something was amiss. When she saw that Sophia was still enjoying her grapes, Katherine couldn’t help but probe. “Is it a call from Alexander?”

“Yes,” Sophia replied after spitting out the skin of the grape.

“Aren’t you going to answer it?”

Alexander doesn’t seem like a man to be trifled with…

Upon seeing that, Sophia shot her a look calmly. “You’re finally afraid, huh?”

Needless to say, Katherine would never admit it. “Nonsense! I’m just surprised that he would call you. Now is the perfect moment for you to chide him!”

Just as she had finished speaking, Sophia picked up the call and passed the phone to her. “There you go. Go ahead.”

“Don’t do this, Soph…”

Sophia chuckled and put the phone next to her ear. “Is there anything I can help you, Mr. Xenos?”

Alexander felt a lump in his chest at once. He had just asked a question but didn’t receive any answer from the other end.

“Are you the one who post the picture?”

“You can say that.” Sophia did not deny it.

“Did you hire someone to stalk me?”

Does he know what he’s saying? This is absurd!

Sophia sneered coldly, “You’ve thought too highly of yourself, Alexander.”

With that, she hung up the phone.

At the same time, Katherine applauded subconsciously. “That was cool!”

Sophia wanted to laugh, but she no longer found it amusing. “All right. Find Joshua if you’ve nothing else to do here. Don’t do this in the future. It’s pointless.”

After all, it was a lose-lose situation.

Looking at Sophia’s sorrowful expression, Katherine felt a bit guilty. “What did he say?”

“He asked if I’ve sent someone to stalk him.”

“Where does he get the nerve to ask such a question?”

“Well, I might be the one who gives him the nerves,” Sophia responded after a brief silence.

She was young and ignorant in the past, and she gave him her heart. Now that they were divorced, he still thought she was the pushover she used to be. At the end of the day, she was the one who allowed it to happen at first.

Katherine sighed. “Don’t be sad. I’ll give you a hug and let you lay your head on my big boobs!”

Sophia laughed in exasperation. “You should go now. If I’m not wrong, Alexander’s secretary has already arrived at Specter Entertainment with his men.”

Just as Katherine was about to say something, her phone suddenly rang. She glimpsed at the caller ID and discovered it was Jonice. Left with no choice, she picked up the phone and asked, “What’s wrong, Jonice?”

“Alexander’s secretary is here to see you. Come back here as soon as possible, or you’ll see them in court.”

“I-I’ll be back at once!”

Katherine glanced at Sophia, who had just predicted the future correctly. “Are you a psychic, Soph? Your ex-husband’s lapdogs are now at the office. I have to go.”

Sophia waved her goodbye. However, after considering it for a while, she still couldn’t trust Katherine’s intelligence. “If Felix threatens you, tell him Bethany was the one who sent them to me.”

Although Katherine was puzzled, she decided to listen to Sophia’s advice. “All right. I know. Let me handle Alexander’s lapdogs first. Don’t be sad when you’re alone!”

Sophia did not even spare her friend a glance, so Katherine could only leave in embarrassment.

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