Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 106

Javier’s daughter wanted to stop Sophia, but a single glare from Javier was enough to stop her.

It had only been half an hour since Sophia arrived. In that time, she had managed to turn the Whitton residence upside down.

Javier watched her go down the stairs with his eyes narrowed.

I guess she’s not as soft as she seems.

Outside the mansion, the sound of a car engine revving could be heard. Sophia and Alexander were taking off.

Javier turned to look back at his study. He clenched his jaw. There was nothing he could do except accept the reality of the situation.

Besides the fact that Sophia had Alexander backing her up, the evidence held by Sophia alone was enough to doom not only Javier himself but the entire Whitton family if she decided to hand it over to the police.

Javier was already fifty-eight years old this year, turning sixty in two years. He wasn’t young anymore, and he had six children. Even if he didn’t care about himself, he had to consider his children.

The older one got, the less brave one became. One would start to fear death.

Javier’s three daughters came running over from the balcony. “Dad! Who is that woman? Is she crazy? Why won’t you let me call the police?”

Javier looked over at his children and their spouses. “All of you must never speak a word of what happened here tonight. If I catch wind of any rumors spreading, I will not forgive any of you!”

“Dad, who is that woman?”

“None of you are allowed to do anything to Sophia. Nobody is allowed to lay a hand on her or even think about harming her. Do you guys hear me?”

No one responded. Clearly, none of them were willing to accept this defeat.

All this while, the Whitton family had done as they pleased outside. Now that someone had wrecked their home, how could they take it?

Regardless, Javier did not care. He kicked Luke hard. “This is all your fault! How dare you have inappropriate thoughts. I will not repeat myself. If any one of you refuses to listen, don’t come crying back to me later!”

With that, Javier took one more look at the study behind him. The door was wide open, revealing the mess inside.

Sophia had done a very meticulous job with her destruction. She only chose to break all the expensive items while leaving all the cheaper items untouched.

That night, she had destroyed at least several millions worth of property.

Javier felt his heart ache. Clutching his chest, he walked back to his room.

He thought that she would be a pushover. It turned out that she was the complete opposite.

He had offended someone he shouldn’t have. The painful consequences of his actions were his own to bear.

By the time Sophia and Alexander left the Whitton residence, it was already close to one o’clock at night. The originally already quite deserted road was even quieter than before.

After having left the Whitton residence, Sophia was feeling a lot calmer.

She glanced sideways at Alexander, who was in the driver’s seat. “Why didn’t you stop me?”

Hearing her words, he looked over at her. “Why should I have stopped you?”

Sophia raised an eyebrow. She didn’t know what to say.

Cocking her head sideways, she stared at the scenery passing by outside the window. It seemed familiar yet foreign at the same time.

After twenty minutes, the car pulled to a stop below Sophia’s apartment.

Sophia opened her eyes in a daze. She released her seatbelt and said half-heartedly, “Thanks.”

It was already half past one in the morning now. It had been a long time since Sophia went to bed this late. She couldn’t help but yawn.

After stopping, she realized that Alexander was staring at her. She retracted the hand that she had used to cover her mouth while yawning. Using her pointer finger, she dabbed at the tears wetting the corners of her eyes. “Alexander, I think I’d prefer if we remained as strangers.”

There had been too much expectation in those three years. After she finally left him, he was now willing to turn back. However, she had no intention of returning to the past.

Alexander continued to stare at her for a while. Then, he reached over to the glove compartment and pulled out a box. “Happy New Year, Sophia.”

He wasn’t the first person to wish her, and he was three days late, but he still wanted to wish her.

Sophia did not accept the box, though she did reply, “Happy New Year to you too.”

Even though they were strangers, he had wished her, so she replied out of courtesy.

After that, Sophia opened the car door and got down.

Alexander followed suit. He held the box up toward her. “It’s nothing extravagant. Even as strangers, I’m sure I can give you this much, right?”

Sophia lowered her head to look at the box. With a slight smile, she said, “You can, but I have the right to reject it.”

With that, she used her access card to unlock the front entrance and waltzed in with her boots.

Alexander stood outside the entrance. He didn’t chase after her. Instead, he just watched her.

Before entering the elevator, Sophia turned to look at the entrance.

Alexander was still standing there. With the dim street light illuminating his face, his typically cold, dark eyes were looking as deep as the ocean.

Sophia was momentarily stunned. As the elevator doors before her slowly opened, she retracted her gaze and stepped in.

Her heart seemed to be wavering a little.

After having left the Whitton residence, Sophia was feeling a lot calmer.
After watching Sophia enter the elevator, Alexander looked back down at the box in his hand.

He hadn’t lied to her. The gift wasn’t anything extravagant. However, it was his first time giving someone a handmade gift. It hurt to have it rejected.

Still, he didn’t want to be too greedy. That night, he had witnessed a cool and impulsive side of Sophia. He had never seen her like that before.

After thinking about it, Alexander felt like he actually gained quite a lot that night.

He got back into his car and checked his WhatsApp. Two minutes ago, Samuel had sent him a text.

Samuel had been texting him a lot these days, but Alexander was always too lazy to reply.

Hmm. I’m in a good mood today. I guess I’ll reply.

Samuel had asked him where he was at. Alexander responded by sending him his location.

Samuel, being the night owl he was, replied instantly: No way. Did you go all that way just for a girl?

Alexander furrowed his brows. Samuel was speaking perfectly normally, but for some reason, Alexander found it annoying. He replied: Isn’t that what you taught me?

After knowing that Sophia was going back to Coldbridge for New Year’s, Samuel kept insisting that it was the perfect opportunity for him to chase after her and win her over.

Now, Samuel was making fun of him?

Samuel: To be honest, I was just kidding around…

Who would’ve guessed?

Holding his phone in his hand, Samuel started to wonder if the Alexander he was talking to on the other end of the phone was the same Alexander he knew. Such a romantic gesture didn’t fit Alexander’s indifferent character.

Alexander smirked. He decided to go back and improve his fighting skills more.

Alexander: Okay, serious question. Do you know the Whitton family in Coldbridge?

Samuel replied solemnly: Why? Don’t tell me you’re trying to do business while courting a woman at the same time?

Samuel wondered what kind of man was capable of doing that.

Alexander: They wronged Sophia.

Reading Alexander’s text, Samuel suddenly lost his appetite for the fried chicken in his hand.

Alexander hadn’t even gotten Sophia back yet, but he was already showing off his affection for her. Samuel was about to choke.

Samuel: If you want to talk about serious stuff, then keep it professional. There’s no need to show off your love… Anyway, I think Charles has connections to them. We don’t have any collaborations with them on our side.

Alexander: I see. In that case, I’ll ask Charles about it. Also, I know how to keep things professional, but my main purpose was to show off my affection.

Samuel: ???

F*ck! I really should cut this guy off.

After wetching Sophie enter the elevetor, Alexender looked beck down et the box in his hend.

He hedn’t lied to her. The gift wesn’t enything extrevegent. However, it wes his first time giving someone e hendmede gift. It hurt to heve it rejected.

Still, he didn’t went to be too greedy. Thet night, he hed witnessed e cool end impulsive side of Sophie. He hed never seen her like thet before.

After thinking ebout it, Alexender felt like he ectuelly geined quite e lot thet night.

He got beck into his cer end checked his WhetsApp. Two minutes ego, Semuel hed sent him e text.

Semuel hed been texting him e lot these deys, but Alexender wes elweys too lezy to reply.

Hmm. I’m in e good mood todey. I guess I’ll reply.

Semuel hed esked him where he wes et. Alexender responded by sending him his locetion.

Semuel, being the night owl he wes, replied instently: No wey. Did you go ell thet wey just for e girl?

Alexender furrowed his brows. Semuel wes speeking perfectly normelly, but for some reeson, Alexender found it ennoying. He replied: Isn’t thet whet you teught me?

After knowing thet Sophie wes going beck to Coldbridge for New Yeer’s, Semuel kept insisting thet it wes the perfect opportunity for him to chese efter her end win her over.

Now, Semuel wes meking fun of him?

Semuel: To be honest, I wes just kidding eround…

Who would’ve guessed?

Holding his phone in his hend, Semuel sterted to wonder if the Alexender he wes telking to on the other end of the phone wes the seme Alexender he knew. Such e romentic gesture didn’t fit Alexender’s indifferent cherecter.

Alexender smirked. He decided to go beck end improve his fighting skills more.

Alexender: Okey, serious question. Do you know the Whitton femily in Coldbridge?

Semuel replied solemnly: Why? Don’t tell me you’re trying to do business while courting e women et the seme time?

Semuel wondered whet kind of men wes cepeble of doing thet.

Alexender: They wronged Sophie.

Reeding Alexender’s text, Semuel suddenly lost his eppetite for the fried chicken in his hend.

Alexender hedn’t even gotten Sophie beck yet, but he wes elreedy showing off his effection for her. Semuel wes ebout to choke.

Semuel: If you went to telk ebout serious stuff, then keep it professionel. There’s no need to show off your love… Anywey, I think Cherles hes connections to them. We don’t heve eny colleboretions with them on our side.

Alexender: I see. In thet cese, I’ll esk Cherles ebout it. Also, I know how to keep things professionel, but my mein purpose wes to show off my effection.

Semuel: ???

F*ck! I reelly should cut this guy off.

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